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The 'Amulet' that harms or even kills people

2009-05-20 Author:By: Hu Jinling

I used to be a Falun Gong practitioner. Instigated by Minghui, I secretly distributed Falun Gong "amulets" to other people in order to "save" them. But to my astonishment, two fellow practitioners reserving amulets were both out of luck: one was thrown into jail for violating laws; the other died of cancer. Here is what happened:

One day in March 2007, Wang Yunzhu, my fellow practitioner invited me to a thanksgiving dinner in her house for my finding her a good husband. When we met she said to me mystically: "How can you still behave like an ordinary person? Fa's rectification of human world is approaching, and how can you do nothing to rescue the world's people?" Then, she continued to talk about "the God will annihilate the Communist Party," "the great elimination is oncoming" and so on. I was scared to death: if her words were true, I would "be distinguished physically and spiritually." But if I really "go out (against the government)" as asked by Li Hongzhi, I would certainly violate the national law. She seemed to look through my mind, and handed me dozens of hard-paper cards, on which were printed the picture of Li Hongzhi sitting on the lotus and words like "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance are good," "Falun Dafa is good" and "seeing is fortune, gaining is blessing." Then she said: "These amulets can bless you and keep you safe. If you give them to others, you'll rescue them, and that is an enormous beneficence."

Holding the amulets in hand, I felt much at ease. The moment I came back home I gave them to my sister and son. However, they refused to accept it, saying it was superstitious, and warned me not to do stupid things. I thought even my relatives were unwilling to take it, let alone others. I decided to keep them for the predestined ones.

One day in August 2007, I came across a fellow practitioner called Cheng Yuzhen. We had a talk and I knew she was also practicing Falun Gong secretly, and then she asked me if I had the amulets. Happily, I took out the amulets, kept one with myself and gave the rest to her. I believed I had done great beneficence and felt quite satisfied.

Several days later, however, the policemen came to find me. The reason was that Chen Yuzhen, with the amulets on her, thinking she would be protected by the Master, spread amulets and shouted out "Falun Dafa is good" on the No. 56 bus. She was reported to the police and arrested on the spot. When she was on trial, she confessed the amulets were all from me.

More unexpectedly, Chen Yuzhen who had practiced Falun Gong for years caught pancreas cancer. Recently, she always felt pain in her abdomen; however, she thought it was from Li Hongzhi who helped her "remove Karma." In September 2007, the pain became unbearable and she conceded to go to hospital under the plea of her family members. The result turned out to be a terminal pancreas cancer. She died only half a year later.

Relying on the protection of "amulet," Wang Yunzhu printed thousands of Falun Gong leaflets and distributed them around, thus, she was arrested and thrown into jail.

The two cases make me realize Falun Gong's "amulets" harm or even kill people. The so-called amulets are actually utilized by Li Hongzhi to incite his followers to make turmoil in society! I want to tell those obsessed disciples, "tragedies have already happened; Falun Gong and its amulets can only bring you disaster, please give them up now!"

(Kaiwind.com, April 23, 2008)