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'Let go of fame, interest and emotion' ruins me


My name is Guo Rong, an employee of Yanan Civil Airport, Shaanxi Province. I started practicing Falun Gong in 1996 with other practitioners. Obsessed after reading Zhuan Falun, I started regarding Li Hongzhi as a Buddha who would respond to every plea. I considered Zhuan Falun as a Bible by learning which I could "save the all sentient beings and bring them to Paradise," and "drop out fame, interest and emotion" as the most important test. Finally I got inextricable bogged down in the dismal of Falun Gong. Recollecting the past, I find out that I was totally wrong in the following ten aspects.

First, I stopped taking care of my parents. Before practicing Falun Gong, I was filial, considering their health and comfort, taking good care of them every day. But after practicing, I took no notice of them, let alone cared to their living. They said indignantly, "Falun Gong has deprived us of our son."

Second, I became estranged from my wife, even like a stranger.

Third, I didn't care about my son. When he was ill, I thought his illness "resulted from his Karma." Neither did I take him to see the doctor nor concerned about his life. If anything unexpected had happened to him, I thought, it must have been predestined, because his whole life had been arranged by god in another space. Fortunately he was sent to the hospital by my family and cured, or I would have made an irremediable blunder.

Fourth, I no longer contacted relatives.

Fifth, I refused to join beneficial activities organized by my classmates. My classmates of high school organized the 10th graduation anniversary then. They sent the invitation and called me more than once, urging me to join them. But I thought it was worldly contact and simply would not go.

Sixth, I stopped showing mercy to beggars as I used to do. Since I was convinced of what Li Hongzhi said, I lost all compassion and saw the plight of beggars as "karma" that they had committed in the previous life, and they ought to suffer to repay the karmic debts. Therefore, I no longer gave them anything or help, believing it was the best for them.

Seventh, I stopped making donation to victims of natural disasters. I had been always ready and supportive when the Airport organized donation activities, contributing money or other stuff. But since I believed in Li Hongzhi, I became as cold-hearted as him and thought the victims deserved to the plight which was a divine retribution for their karma committed in the last existence. So I never gave a single dime again when called on to make a donation. Not even for the worst floods ever occurred along the Yangtze valley in south China and Songhua River valley in 1998.

Eighth, I didn't take part in the national higher education exams for self-taught adults. Before practicing Falun Gong, I was making efforts to pass exams for adults to gain a college diploma. I was also working hard in the hope of getting a promotion to section chief from team leader that I had served as for years. But I gave up all those hopes after practicing Falun Gong, regarding them as pursuit of fame and material interest. I became lethargic and degenerate, clinging to the illusion that I might become an immortal someday.

Ninth, I didn't work hard. At the Airport, my main duties were fireman and airstrip guard. I used to be a conscientious employee. But after I started practicing Falun Gong, I shrank from stopping my colleagues when they acted in breach of discipline, even though it was incumbent upon me as a team leader. I simply thought of such action as "committing karma," which was predestined by god. If I had prevented them, I thought, I would have been "immoral" by violating Falun Discipline.

Tenth, I stopped striving to be a model employee. I was unconcerned about the campaign to select model employees through public appraisal, and found such things as rendering meritorious service, striving to be model employee etc., loathsome.

The "Let Go of Fame, Interest and Emotion" trumpeted by Li Hongzhi is indeed a pernicious lie that turned me as hard as nails. And I came within an inch of becoming a good-for-nothing!

(Kaiwind.com, January 30, 2008)