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The UNIT references Falun Gong as terrorists


Mediachannel.org reported on June 3 that, just last month CBS, on the entertainment side, referenced Falun Gong as terrorists in an episode of The UNIT, an international cop and intrigue show.

Read this Excerpt from THE UNIT, episode 20

Reporter "So you admit that [your government is] aiding the Chinese... But you admit they are identifying cult members around the world for the Chinese..."

Man "Look... We have reason to believe that the Falun Gong is working with Muslim Separatists to perpetrate an attack on Chinese soil. So we are not helping out the Chinese. We're being a good terrorist watchdog."

Falun Gong is asking that CBS withdraw the episode, run a disclaimer, and encourage its news division to report on the real story of Falun Gong. The program is scheduled to air on TV in England on July 29th. To date, the network has discussed its complaint and promises to fully respond to their appeal.

A Falun Gong practitioner told me what happened when he followed up with CBS "I just talked to xxx the 'vice Pres' of whatever who put me in contact with xxx the ‘senior vice pres' of whatever. I felt like both of them don't know what day it is." He said he was told his complaint is in the hands of "Program Practices," the protocol for shows that get complaints. I asked if he expects any action. His response "All in all the conversation went well, but again I hung up feeling that she is not the one in charge."

No one ever seems to be in charge, not even when it comes to an institution admitting they blew it.

(Facts.org.cn, June 3, 2009)