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I cheated by the instructor

2009-06-17 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Dai Hongjin

I am Dai Hongjin. I used to be a Falun Gong practitioner in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. My neighbors always praise my daughter, saying that she's getting more and more beautiful and smarter and smarter. That's true, because my sister, a kindergarten teacher, has taught her how to sing and dance since her childhood. Days before, my daughter was selected to attend the TV show Lovely Babies organized by the provincial TV station and she was awarded Lovely Baby. At that moment, being her mother, I felt I was the happiest woman in the world. I leant my head in my husband's arms and couldn't hold back my tears... My husband caressed my hair, because he knew exactly why I cried: We suffered too much to have such a lovely angel, and the woeful past recurred slowly to me.

In 1999, I was a senior in a university in Nanjing. Bewitched by the temptation of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance, I began to practice Falun Gong. One of my classmates, who was also my boyfriend then, told me that Falun Gong was a dangerous cult and asked me to stop at once. But I turned a deaf ear to his words, and tried to persuade him to practice with me. Being a faithful lover, my boyfriend refused the offer from an abroad university in order to save me. He married me soon after graduation since he believed family life would cut off the connection between Falun Gong and me.

When we walked out of the marriage register office, suddenly I saw my instructor of Falun Gong standing in the shade of the trees on opposite side of the street. He stared at me and walked away slowly after a while. I felt my soul was abstracted by him, so I said to my husband, "I have something to do," and then I followed the instructor away. When we arrived at the practice spot (his home), he asked me seriously about what I had done. I was afraid of telling lies to him, so I told him all. He told me calmly that he had already known about it. That made me so shocked that I couldn't utter a word. He said uncannily that the Master sent him all these messages by his magic power beyond the sea. It's so amazing that I couldn't believe it. He said, "You're a novice at the lower level; if you could reach my level, you could interact with Master, too." I believed him somewhat: He was a professor in the university and at a higher level, so I should learn from him. He detected my thoughts; he told me to discard all my feelings and devote all myself to the practice. He stared at me and added: "Although you registered your marriage, you should not sleep with your husband." I asked him why. He told me virgin would "get twice the result with half the effort" in the cultivation.

I followed his instruction and refused to sleep with my husband for more than two years after getting the marriage certificate. Naturally, there were quarrels in our daily life. When his parents knew about it, they asked their son to divorce me.

At a stormy night, the instructor called me to his home to practice. This time, he gave me the special course. During the practice, I found his eyes were emitting strange lights that I never saw, suddenly, he put his hands on my chest; he explained that was for transporting his power more quickly. So I let his hands moving all over my body. After a long time, he asked me to have sexual intercourse with him and called it "Male-Female Dual Cultivation," he told me that could help me reach Consummation sooner. I refused him instinctively and I asked him about the "virgin cultivation" he had preached. He was taken aback. Before he recovered I rushed out, staggered along like a somnambulist and returned home.

So I dared not practice Falun Gong in the instructor's home. One day, I heard his legs were broken in a car accident. I wanted to visit him with my husband, so I phoned him. He told me on the phone that nothing was serious, and he would recover soon by means of close-door practice. When I asked him the location where he was practicing, he refused, saying only the Master knew it. My husband overheard his words and, behind my back, asked relatives and friends to help, and soon pinpointed him. To my surprise, the instructor was at a private orthopedic clinic! I refused to accept it. My husband took me there by car. Through the glass, I found my instructor lying on the bed, legs fixed in the plaster cast and the nurse was measuring his blood pressure, and I saw pills bottle on the cupboard around him...

Seeing this, I felt cheated. It hurt me so much that I cried day and night, wishing I had already been dead. For my own good, my husband decided to send me to a law school run by the community. In a period of one month, the society gave me lots of help and love, and made me a normal person again. Three years after getting the marriage certificate, we became the real couple, and then I gave birth to our lovely girl.