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Falun Gong practitioners gang rape mental patient

2009-06-25 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Qing Yuan

On June 15, 2006, the People's Court of Fengxian County in Jiangsu Province put defendants Li Guangmin and Li Xingkui on trial as suspects of being involved in a gang rape.

The court found out that, the defendant Li Guangmin, also named Li Cifu, male, Han nationality, illiterate, peasant, was born in Fengxian County on July 10, 1945, residing in Zhangzhuang Village, Shizhai Town, Fengxian County; the defendant Li Xingkui, also named Li Tongju or Sanmao, male, was born in Fengxian County on September 25, 1977, Han nationality, illiterate, peasant, residing in Zhangzhuang Village, Shizhai Town, Fengxian County.

One noon in June 2002, Li Guangmin and Li Xingkui were wandering together, when they passed the field in the south of Zhangzhuang Village, they ran into their neighbor Ms. Shi who suffered mental illness. As no others were around, evil thoughts suddenly came into heads of the two suspects: they cashed in on Shi's helplessness and gang raped her. The People's Court of Fengxian County demonstrated that the proofs were unquestionable and the facts were irrefutable and thereby sentenced both of them to ten years imprisonment and deprived them of their political rights for three years. Now, they are in the jail serving their sentence.

Li Guangmin was a senior Falun Gong practitioner in his hometown. The long-time experience and exertion to Falun Gong practice made him famous among the local practitioners, so he was called "Li Cifu" (which means the one who gives good luck to others). He self-advertised himself as "a kind good man," going everywhere to preach the Fa, claiming "Falun Gong was a good thing." He always cited Li Hongzhi's word, "You can't have a good result unless you discard all your emotions and desires. To reach a higher level, you must get rid of all the bad thoughts that belong to the ordinary people. Leave emotion and desire behind, get into a higher level, to the highest Realm."

But being such a "noble" man, how could Li Cifu raped a helpless psychopath with others? During the questioning in the court, facing the accusation of public prosecutor, Li Cifu admitted his crime and showed remorse for the victim. He claimed being misled by Falun Gong and Li Hongzhi. Li Guangmin said, "Practicing Falun Gong for many years didn't make me a good man who really gave up evil thoughts and selfishness; on the contrary, taking advantage of my influence in cultivation, I blindly ran after fame and wealth, my desire and lust kept growing, too. Gradually, I thought I was at a high level and could break any laws in the world, so I finally lapsed into crime."