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Review: Whole story of Falun Gong diehards sabotaging CATV network to broadcast illegal programs

2009-07-06 Source:Xinhuanet

At about 19:00 on March 5, 2002, many families in Changchun City, Jilin Province were watching CCTV news program as usual. At 19:19, to their surprise, the signal was interrupted, and after a few seconds, the programs of the cult Falun Gong appeared dimly on the TV...

The evil broke the silent and peaceful night. The audience called the 110 Police Service... It didn't take long for the police to find out that it was a malignant crime made by Falun Gong practitioners who had been instigated, organized and directly instructed by Falun Gong. After investigation, the police found that more than ten Falun Gong diehards were involved in the crime. And they were Zhou Runjun (alias as Aunt Zhou), Liu Chengjun (alias as Tian Li), Liang Zhenxing (alias as Xiao Zheng), Liu Weiming (alias as Xiao Wen) and some others.

They confessed the plot that they invaded CATV network and preached the cult illegally was hatched at Li Hongzhi's indication and directed by Falun Gong organizations outside China. In January 2002, two Falun Gong diehards, 52-year-old Zhou Runjun and the other Liang Zhenxing who had learnt from Minghui how to insert illegal programs into CATV network, schemed to use TV transmission lines to go in for their activities of cult agitprop. And they asked help from the local Falun Gong diehards Liu Chengjun and Liu Weiming, so they prepared for it together on the stick.

Liu Weiming was working in an electronic company in Changchun, and he was very familiar with the CATV transmitting technology, so he played the role of engineer for the other practitioners. And Liang Zhenxing was the fund provider, spending more than 10,000 Yuan buying the equipments to play the Falun Gong disks. Then, Zhou Runjun and Liang Zhenxing gathered and collected more than a dozen Falun Gong diehards to join the team, including Liu Chengjun, Yun Qingbin, Lei Ming, Zhao Jian and Zhang Wen.

In the following two months, Zhou Runjun and other Falun Gong members began their illegal activities with various plots hatched at their rendezvous, a room rented in Kuancheng District of Changchun City. Liu Weiming led the technical training for plugging Falun Gong program disks; Liang Zhenxing was responsible for gathering hands and funds; Zhou Runjun acted as "logistics minister" – cooking for them; Liu Chengjun was the manager to allocate the members. After the training, most members were able to broadcast Falun Gong disks on the CATV network, and then they bought the tools such as VCD players, branch amplifiers, and electrician knives and so on. Zhang Wen and his partners draw the CATV main line sketch and the assembling order indication, and they made four sets of broadcasting equipment by themselves.

At about 19:00 on March 5, after furtive investigations, Zhang Wen, Lei Ming and five other members took a set of broadcasting device and tools to the area near Jingyue Hutong in Nanguan District of Changchun. Zhang Wen climbed up to the top of a wire pole, and then he cut off the main cable and connected the device which was broadcasting Falun Gong disks to it; the others were covering him. At the same time, Zhou Runjun and Liu Weiming were doing the same, and they cut off the main TV transmission lines near the National Revenue of Jilin Province and broadcasted the cult Falun Gong programs.

In that morning, Liu Chengjun, followed by Li Dehai and three other members, invaded the CATV network in Songyuan City, too; and they also caused serious consequences.

The police resources in Changchun told reporters that Zhou Runjun had made a detailed scheme for the crime. Before they did it, they had dispatched someone to examine furtively the spots in Yanji City, Jilin City and Tonghua City; because the condition didn't permit, they cancelled their plots in those cities.

Liu Weiming escaped from the first wave of arrestment, and he planned to use the radio transmitting device technique provided by Minghui Net to "introduce" the Falun Gong programs to places all over the country, so he bought 1,000 sets of devices. Fortunately, he was arrested by the police just in time.

During the questioning in the court, some suspects felt sorry for what they did. The 31-year-old defendant Li Xiaojie and one of the principals Liu Weiming were a couple. Thinking of the serious damages they had caused to the country and people, even to their own family, she couldn't help crying. But some members who mentally controlled by Falun Gong still refused to admit their crimes.

(Xinhuanet.com, September 20, 2002)