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Mother becomes a stranger while master Li Hongzhi the dearest

2009-09-14 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Li Jie

Have you ever heard such a story that a man with a PhD didn't care his parents for more than ten years? He neither made a single call nor wrote a single letter to his parents. Even when his mother underwent mammary cancer surgery and OHE, he didn't make a call of comfort, let alone bear the medical treatment expenses for his parents.

This is the most scandalous behavior of PhD Zhu Xueye who managed to avoid helping his mother. However, PhD Zhu was not born different and impolite. He was ever a good son and a good brother. What on earth made a knowledgeable son and brother loss the virtues of man? All this is because of Falun Gong.

1997 saw that Falun Gong changed the human nature of Zhu Xueye

Mr. Zhu Xueye was born in 1965 in a village called Mabu, located in Hongbu Town, Gushi County, Henan Province. He was enrolled in Zhenzhou Engineering College (now the Engineering College of Zhenzhou University) in September, 1980 and majored in civil engineering. After graduation in 1984 he was retained in the college as a teacher. In 1986 he began on-the-job study to seek Master degree and was granted a Master degree in late 1989. He was promoted to associate professor.

In late 1997 Mr. Zhu Xueye went abroad to visit his wife who was in Canada, but he didn't return to China after his visa had expired. Mr. Zhu studied Doctorial courses in Structure Engineering in Concordia University and was granted PhD and then continued to work in this university in a post-doctor program.

Mr. Zhu began to practice Falun Gong in 1997 when he was in Canada and then became obsessed with it. Before this Zhu was a very responsible man who had undertook almost all the expenses of schooling for his older sister when she was a student in Zhenzhou Engineering College and gave great help to his younger sister in her schooling. Mr. Zhu Xueye gave his house to his older sister when she became jobless and homeless after graduation, a great help indeed.

However, he changed a lot after he was fantastic about Falun Gong. In early 2000 Zhu Xueye returned home and stayed for a couple of days, and from then he never contacted his parents. Even in 2001 and 2003 when his mother was hospitalized to have surgery, he didn't phone his mother to comfort her. His mother couldn't help tearing whenever the son was mentioned.

Zhu's father was a retired middle school teacher in a poor area and only had a small amount of pension each month. His mother was a farmer and suffered cancer and diabetics. His grandmother was over 90 years old and suffered senile dementia. The economic condition of this family was comparatively poor. But Zhu never gave a penny to his family after he went abroad. He even beggared 1,000 RMB from his parents when he returned home in 2000.

A merciless Doctor who avoids seeing his mother but is crazy about Falun Gong

In July 1999 China Government banned Falun Gong according to law. On December 18, 1999 Zhu Xueye returned to China in the name of visiting relatives, then he went to Beijing to "protect the Fa" and finally he was deported from China for violating Chinese laws.

It was on April 2, 2000 that the Zhu Xueye's name for the first time appeared on Falun Gong website. The "Minhui.net" declared: On April 1, 2000, the Canada Falun Dafa Buddhist Society would hold a press conference in Parliament Hill to call for Canadian Government to support US government's motion to accuse China for human rights violation in UN Human Rights Conference. Zhu Xueye delivered a speech in this press conference attacking China's human right situation. After that, Zhu Xueye appeared frequently on Falun Gong media and became an activist in oversea Falun Gong organization.

On January 20, 2001, Montreal Falun Gong organization held "A Thanks-Giving Tea Party" where Zhu Xueye was present and made a speech as a Falun Gong follower.

In November 2003 Zhu Xueye was present as a witness in favor of the accuser who accused The Chinese Press Eastern Inc.

On December 29, 2003 Zhu Xueye and other Falun Gong members gathered before the China Embassy in Canada to support and encourage the crimes committed by Jilin Province Falun Gong members who dared to damage public communications facilities and insert programs in the CATV. Zhu Xueye said that inserting Falun Gong program was what the media should do to spread Falun Gong over the world.

In November 2004, the "Epoch Times" under Falun Gong published Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Zhu Xueye went here and there to actively take part in anti-China activities. On December 4, 2004, he spoke a lot of nonsense at the seminar on Nine Commentaries at Concordia University that "the communist is the most vicious and it intends to exercise common-wife system," viciously attacking the Communist Party of China. He also spread the rumor that the Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident was fabricated by Chinese Police.

On January 8, 2005 he declared jointly with other "democratic movement" activists the so-called "Quitting the Communist Party Statement" to add fuel to fire for anti-China farces. In the signatures attached to the Statement Zhu Xueye ranked the 32nd.

On June 17, 2005, eight Falun Gong diehards including Li Xun and Zhu Xueye held a so-called press conference in the Parliament attacking China's policy to ban cult Falun Gong and spreading anti-China words.

On September 8, 2005 when the China President Hu Jintao visited Canada, Zhu Xueye and other Falun Gong members besieged and chased the China delegation at Ottawa and disturbed this high-level visit.

From February 2006 Zhu Xueye turned out to be the leader in charge of Canada Montreal Falun Gong Organization.

He frequently organized meetings at Zhongshan Park in China Town of Montreal, to spread rumors like "Sujiatun Concentration Camp" and express support for "Quitting the CCP" farce. He said in his speeches to "refuse, discard and disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party". He agitated hatred in the Chinese community and made frictions, saying that "the Communist China Embassy manipulates the Chinese community" and "prosecute the oversea Chinese."

From March to June 2006, for several times Zhu Xueye organized Falun Gong members to protest at CRTC and ruthlessly set obstacles "for Great Wall platform to land in Canada", smeared that the Great Wall Platform is "the propaganda tool of the Communist party of China."

In September 2007 Zhu Xueye established the "Falun Gong Divine Land Marching Band" in Montreal and acted as its director. This Band has become the major force to spread cultic fallacy and stage anti-China parades.

From 2008 Zhu Xueye has began to take part in some activities organized by Falun Gong Headquarters and become a backbone member of this organization.

In October 2008 Falun Gong held "The Chinese International Figure Painting Competition" and Zhu Xueye changed his identity into a member of the organizing committee.

On November 28, 2008, as reported by NTD TV, Zhu Xueye was assigned to be the manager of the "TIANTIBOOKSINC" at Falun Gong Headquarters. This bookstore was established in November 2007 and is located in New Jersey, USA. It sells exclusively Li Hongzhi's books and audio and video materials as well as Minghui series books to introduce and promote Falun Gong.

Since December last year, Falun Gong has held "the Chinese Spectacular" in the name of promoting Chinese traditional culture. Zhu Xueye appeared as a correspondent to the Epoch Times and wrote articles to lavish praises on this party.

Doctor Zhu's avoiding his mother is the automatic consequence of his practicing Falun Gong

Doctor Zhu has practiced Falun Gong for over ten years since 1997. He deeply believed in Li Hongzhi's teachings and operated a bookstore to sell Li's books.

Li Hongzhi, the ringleader of Falun Gong, definitely asked his followers to abandon the affiliations and not to care the parents. If the disciples could not remove affiliations through cultivation, they would not be successful in becoming "Buddha, Dao or God".

Li Hongzhi said: "the one who gives birth to your Primordial Spirit is your real mother." (Zhuan Falun)

"Your real parents are in the place where the universe created you. That is where your parents are…" (Lecture in Sydney)

"They (human beings) live just for this sentimentality. Affection among family members, love between a man and a woman, love for parents,…If this sentimentality is not relinquished, you will be unable to practice cultivation."(Zhuan Falun)

"When you show filial piety to your parents, that too is because of qing …as a cultivator, you have to get rid of this sentimentality gradually."(The Law of Zhuan Falun Explained

"Those who are attached to affection for family will definitely be burned, entangled, and tormented by it."(Cultivators' Avoidances

"Cultivate away fame, material interest, and emotion, Reach Consummation, ascending the firmament."(Reaching Consummation, Completing Gong

Doctor Zhu, who was obsessed with Falun Gong, followed the Master's teachings and thought that the parents who gave birth to him was not his real parents and his real parents were in the heavens. Only when he has given up sentimentality can he "reach Consummation and ascend the firmament".

It is known that Doctor Zhu's mother suffers cancer and diabetics. When his mother underwent operations in 2001 and 2003, he neither made a comfort call nor sent money to his mother. The Net friends accused him of not fulfilling his duty to care for parents and playing an immoral game to avoid the mother.

Doctor Zhu's attitude towards his sick mother can be explained by Falun Gong teachings.

Li Hongzhi thinks that the disease is not pathological changes; rather it results from the Karma or wrongdoings that one has done in his previous life. He opposes the patients to go to see a doctor.

Li Hongzhi said: "Karma resulting from past wrongdoing, one has illnesses or tribulations." (Zhuan Falun)

"Why do people have health problems? The root cause of their problem and all their misfortune is karma." (Zhuan Falun)

"Once ill, the person takes medicine or seeks various kinds of treatments, which in effect press the sickness back into the body again. This way, instead of paying for the sickness-karma from his wrongdoing in the previous life, he does some additional bad things in this life and hurts others; this brings about new sickness-karma and leads to different kinds of sicknesses." (Essentials for Further Advancement)

"Surgery can only remove flesh in the superficial physical dimension, while the sickness-karma in another dimension has not been touched at all—it is simply beyond the reach of modern medical technology." (Essentials for Further Advancement)

Doctor Zhu could draw a conclusion from Master Li's points that his mother suffering cancer and diabetics was because she had done too many bad things in her previous life and it resulted from great Karma, her suffering was to eliminate the karma and it was no use going to hospital to have operations. Therefore he opposed his mother's receiving medical help from the bottom of his heart.

There are many cases where Falun Gong believers ruined sentiments, became immoral and harmed their relatives, Doctor Zhu's case is just one of them. We now know that Falun Gong leads its followers to suicides, killing and death because of medical neglects, but do you know how many mental problems and family break-ups happened before Falun Gong was banned by China Government?

(Kaiwind.com, May 22, 2009)