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Analysis of main provisions of Falun Dafa MMC of public organizations

2011-08-05 Author:By Yu.B. Irkhin

Scientific Laboratory of Operation and Service Activity Psychological Support of the Home Affairs Department of Kyiv National University of Home Affairs on the results of psychological analysis of Falun Dafa MMC of social organizations to identify elements of neurolinguistic programming, signs of psychotherapeutic and psychological impact and manipulating of public opinion, particularly, spreading unreliable, fragmentary or preconceived data.


 Reason for research: the letter to the Institute of social and political psychology of the Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine from 20.05.2010 № 02-15/178-1 to participate in the international Round table "Information and psychological security of an individual, society and state: situations, problems and solutions".


Objectives: to make a psychological analysis provided by MMC, used in public movements of representatives of public organizations and Falun Gong adherents on the subject:


- availability of elements of neurolinguistic programming, psychotherapeutic signs and psychological impact;


- presence of signs of manipulating public opinion, particularly, spreading unreliable, fragmentary or preconceived data.


Aims: analysis of main provisions of Falun Dafa MMC of public organizations in the context of their legality of the use in them some special psychological technologies in the form of neurolinguistic programming and visually suggestive influence and unauthorized psychotherapeutic impact and psychological manipulation by means of spreading unreliable, fragmentary or preconceived data. Means of mass communication have been studied in implementing psychological analysis. They are used in public movements of representatives of public organizations and Falun Gong adherents provided by the NGO "Cults and Society":


1. Propaganda leaflets and booklets of Falun Dafa.

2. Newsletters of Falun Dafa.

3. Special edition of the newspaper "Great Epoch (Epoch Times International)".

4. Ukrainian Information newspaper "Falun Dafa in the world? № № 1, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 20.

5. Special Issue of Ukrainian Information newspaper "Falun Dafa in the world".

6. Newsletter of Ukrainian Falun Gong adherents.


MMC, in its purpose, serve to transfer or to lay the definite information. The key feature of the printed MMC is the ability to transfer the information of dual or hidden content. The possibility to obtain the certain information in a figurative sense, to read between lines and the effect of allegory or allusion is based on this, in particular. The printed MMC take an important place in manipulating of consciousness, in shaping public opinion and in making hidden psychological impact.


The first perception of information in any printed materials begins with the name or title. The related symbols have the leading substantial importance in producing the basic meaning. Any printed MMC don`t function without related drawn symbols, which built in the form of finished, semantically loaded logos.


Any printed campaign material aimed to transfer or transmit certain information (in the form of printed texts, or pictures) presents a complex of the phonetic-semantic structure, based on certain laws of formation of closed sign systems. A key function in any sign system plays a center symbol - logo.


Falun Dafa MMC of public organizations is not the exception of using the transmission of the hidden content. The special themed logo of Falun Dafa is presented in all Falun Dafa MMC prints, provided for research (in newspaper pages and in campaign leaflets and booklets).


The logo (emblem) of Falun Dafa is the centric sign of Buddha Falun system in the form of swastika placed in two centered circles in surrounding of four daoskyh signs "taiji". The main colors used in Falun emblem are: yellow, red, blue, black, white.


In order to select and use the colors on Falun Dafa emblem the signs of technology are clearly defined. According to physiological principles the additional combinations of yellow and red cause the feeling of situational danger and anxiety, which in it`s turn makes the feeling of tension and creates disturbing and timorous images.


In the common Falun Dafa logotype there is a combination of yellow, blue, pink or beige colors with inclusions of black or blue tones. The location of these colors also shows the signs of purposeful psychological impact. In particular, there is the image of lotus flowers used in light shades of pink and pastel colors that carries a positive sense. However, the direct connection of pastel colors with black and dark blue colors makes suppressive effect. The dark spectrum in the form of black and blue creates the false idea about the end of good that intuitively associated with pastel-pink tones.


Semantic-morphological analysis of campaign leaflets, printed in black and white colors, showed that they contain the hidden information which causes confusion in the minds of information users. In particular, it is because sentences are presented in the form of content speech patterns that carry a double sense. For example, the notion of peace and good is closely presented with the completely opposite meanings – aggression and violence:




The criteria for assessing good and evil, kind and bad, is the fundamental property of the universe: "Truth-Kindness, Patience"...

The effect from Falun Gong classes is in the treatment and recuperation of the organism. Falun Dafa saved my mother`s life.

Self-perfection and sports achievements.

Persons, accused of crimes against humanity will be the hosts of Olympics.

The enhancement of Terror in the eve of Olympics.

"Blood extraction of organs" living beings are taken inner organs for sale" in Chinese concentration camps. Modern crucifixion...


Application of double standards in information patterns is an integral part of neurolinguistic programming, based on the potential ability of the relational bases of opposing definitions which cause the pathological doubt in minds of users and think.


Therefore, the main task given to the study of campaign leaflets, printed in black and white colors is to urge Falun Gong adherents and supporters of cult to doubt regarding the correct world view, ideas and minds of those who don`t support views of Falun Dafa ideologues and adherents.


Worth mentioning there is the use of leading slogans in MMC, used in public movements of public organizations and Falun Gong adherents - "truth, kindness, patience - the fundamental property of the universe.


In particular, the consistent use of terminology of such notions as "truth", "kindness", "patience" has positive colors, makes a striking living impression. However, in combination with purely negative terms "holocaust", "conflict", "repression", "death" (and others) the semantics of these positive words actually looks sarcastic and clearly deceptive. When reading materials of any special issue of Falun Gong MMC, which has the slogan "truth, kindness, patience - the fundamental property of the universe", the user certainly creates the image of intolerance (sometimes even anger, hatred and irreconcilability) to anyone who does not a fan of Falun Gong cult. This is because the notions "truth" and "patience" are totally exclusive. Truth is in the sacred sense involves bringing of justice and truth, that in no case involves patience. Reaching the truth through patience in human life is almost impossible. The notion "truth" in general perception is identified with struggle, donations (for example, for the sake of truth) but in any case - not with "patience".


This method of neurolinguistic programming is almost everywhere accompanied with open calls for protest against Chinese government and governments of other countries (bodies, institutions, organizations or individuals) that expose fraud and quackery in Falun Dafa strategy, or those who conduct denunciative policy on illegal Falun Dafa practice. For example, open calls like "burning shame to the state and to the Chinese government" in no way are associated with obedience or patience, there is no tolerance in the context of kindness. This effect of twisted perception is achieved with specific and comprehensive technological frame of the building relational phrases in the slogan "truth, kindness, patience - the fundamental property of the universe. Moreover, a modern educated person knows that the fundamental property of the universe in the literal sense is harmony. However, Falun Dafa slogan "truth, kindness, patience - the fundamental property of the universe" completely rules out the possibility of harmony in the context of specific supply keywords.


 Thus, the hidden double meaning appears in the relational framework of the phrase in the slogan1 "truth, kindness, patience - the fundamental property of the universe" which is unusual (mostly – quite opposite meaning) interpretation of the proposed semantic meaning of sentences.


According to the psychosemantics bases it indicates the presence in printed media texts offered to users in Falun Gong movements of public organizations some signs of hidden and unauthorized psychological impact which deforms the consciousness of users, changes their current mental state and depresses the emotionally strong-willed sphere of an individual. As a result of the unlawful activity and unpredictability in general, such psychological influence is dangerous and environmentally harmful to the general mental state as an individual as the society in the whole. In addition to purely technical means of neurolinguistic programming as verbal or nonverbal nature of the mass media, offered ordinary citizens who are not educated on medical and sanitary Falun Gong practices, psychological technologies of manipulative impact are widely used.


In particular, the manipulative potential of printed communication services is actively used. All listed publications are filled with artificially created stereotypes, myths and allegations. The information is given in such a way that the user takes it unnoticeable to itself, so that the possibility is completely excluded from the potential resistance, opposition or any doubts from the side of users. Such effect is achieved only by using special psychological technologies in the form of unauthorized psychotherapeutic effects, neurolinguistic programming, visually-suggestive influence and psychological manipulation of consciousness. To achieve this, the names of non-existent organizations, positions or ranks, (i.e the given unreliable preconceived information which can`t be verified by an ordinary person) are used. There are a lot of non-existent facts you can find in the texts offered in Falun Dafa printed MMC. The assumption of universal recognition of Falun Gong hasn`t been proved, although his texts have the information that Falun Gong has been recognized by all governmental and non-governmental organizations around the world. In the context which contains such information, users have the impression that the recognition has taken place in all countries. Although there are no figures about the recognition in different countries (in 1000 countries, or in 100 countries or probably in 2-3?). Also, the vivid example of deliberate misrepresentation of information is given in the following saying from the letter "Make acquaintance with Falun Dafa": "... at the Eastern Health Exhibition in Beijing the Master received the highest award in the field of non-traditional sciences"...


Hardly in the street you can find an ordinary man who knows that "non-standard sciences" don`t exist. And even fewer ordinary people in the streets who are professionals and know that science itself is already a standard. So thanks to the profit from high professional expressions like "the sphere of non-standard sciences" the special meaning of mystery, scholarship and accuracy of the information is appeared, though there is no scientific proof that is based on the basic empirical research. This form refers to the psychological manipulation and one can observe the purpose of the manipulation - the creation of trustfulness, the atmosphere of openness and sincerity.


Through Falun Gong printed MMC the spreading of profitable information for organizers and leaders is controlled, the programming of ideologically colored patterns of information is accomplished in advance, the ideas and settings are formed which in general aimed at changing of the users (readers) behavior in the right for organizers way. All these points direct to the expressed unreliable, fragmentary and preconceived data.


For example, in the information letter "Make acquaintance with Falun Dafa" there is a clear mental set on the cult of physical health (quoted: "phenomenal health treatment effect", "self-perfection", "perfect yourself, your soul and your body") is strictly connected with ideological postulates of political nature (quoted: "The world tragedy of modern China", "Wreck the concert in Kiev ... Chinese diplomats", "Stop murders! Make free Falun Gong practitioners in China at once!)". It is interesting to know, that almost all issues raised in Falun Dafa printed MMC concern to ideological propaganda of irreconcilability to the policy of Chinese government. Due to this fact that the irreconcilability contextually combined with health and self- perfection of soul and body of users (which, in particular, creates a permanent readiness to do active protest actions), the discourse of this information is clearly provocative and socially dangerous at the same time.


The most common way used to manipulate consciousness of the users, Falun Dafa ideologists use the method of euphemisation (to replace words with negative meaning by positive or neutral words in the content). Euphemisms in Falun Dafa texts of newspapers and leaflets meet everywhere. Almost all publications are widely used lifelong philosophical postulates like "Who are we, where do we go and where do we go from?". It is natural that such questions don`t have any replies (the humanity has not invented them yet).


It is also known as for founders of modern policies and practices of Falun Dafa, as for all others. But in the discourse of euphemisation these postulates are used as active manipulator. When reading articles in Falun Gong MMC, it turns out that Falun Dafa learning is formed around these issues.


 The hidden meaning is put into the formal stem of the word, if you want to get the answer to the question "Who are we, where do we go and where do we go from?" – join our ranks, be a supporter of Falun Dafa. Worth mentioning the fact that to master the full sense of life the Falun Gong adherents is offered to master the universal healing (magic) complex of physical exercises (remarkable is the fact that this system reminds "Tsigun"). For psychological laws the forming of short-lived notions in human minds, the achievement or realization of unrealizable dreams or desires in minds must be accompanied with active exercises. With the help of activation of human endocrine system (hormonal intoxication) creates the false picture of prosperity and imaginary of virtual images (mirages) to achieve some success in the mind. But such states are fleeting. To come from the state of hormonal stimulation people "open eyes" it leads to psychological deadaptation. In order to overcome this negative mental state people tend to use "healing" active exercises. It is developed the physical dependence on active exercises in the form of five "magic" exercises which in every issue of Falun Gong newspapers are served as a compulsory element of Falun Dafa culture. In the common view the fact of interdependent possibility of obtaining health effect and without alternative doctrine of Falun Dafa study carries the indisputable manipulative nature, aimed at changing the minds of users of Falun Dafa practices.


Another active psychological manipulator in Falun Gong MMC which is imported for every person is the speculation on the following terms: health, prosperity, peace.


The following obvious signs can be observed: replacing the active mental attitude of the object of communication to the subject of this communication created by passive perception beforehand, particularly by diverting readers` attention from the explicated content which contains lots of distracting information regarding urgent issues of preservation and improvement of health, achievement of full peace and prosperity.


To activate the users subconscious aspiration for health, peace and prosperity in Falun Dafa verbal texts, newspapers and leaflets the substitutes with different depression sense are artificially created; lie, war, famine, tyranny, murder, fears, etc. In this way the effect of permanent intimidation is achieved. With the help of the substitution of the meaning of a symbol or a word in the text the special perception of prevention is given - "to prevent the tragedy, to gain freedom from fear, to get rid of illusions". The users are given the possibility to solve the problem beyond the proposed text "where is the real fear and where is the illusion of fear?" Such a double meaning in the form of the hidden question expresses the signs of unauthorized psychotherapeutic influence by placebo method. So, instead of accurate information the empty substitute (solid emptiness) is given to a person to think and to induce a person to a complete doubt.


According to the text, used in campaign leaflets, the substitute patterns are found. They are created with the help of removal or weakening the content sense of a symbol or a word and with the help of substitution of a symbol or a word (replacement or substitution with the help of antonym). They form the semantic content. Due to the use of special neurolinguistic technologies of the replacement of declared frames we can observe the unauthorized programming of the users of the cards (ordinary readers) on the negative attitude toward Chinese policy and toward the Chinese Government and some statesmen. Taking into consideration that negative attitude toward the Chinese policy is systematically formed in all Falun Dafa MMC, it can be concluded that this is the main aim of uncovered psychological manipulative technologies in all Falun Dafa MMC.


In key sentences which define the content of the covered material the frames of negative brands are dominated: violence and terror, lie to justify, dirty spirit, obsession, an angry ghost which contradicts human nature; foreign evil. All these frames are clearly distinct patterns aimed at suppression of the state of mind. The verbal use of these patterns is used with the help of the special type of speech psychological impact - psychotechnics of charming exorcism. The neurolinguistic feature of using these suppressive patterns which serve for the strengthening of the depressed state of mind of the users is their additional application with such patterns as "truth, kindness, patience". It is possible to use visual fear images in the form of pictures using horror content as additional elements of neurolinguistic programming such as doubt, hatred and irreconcilability.


Taking the above mentioned information, using the results of psychosemantic analysis of Falun Dafa printed MMC of public organizations to identify the elements of neurolinguistic programming, the signs of psychotherapeutic and psychological impact and the manipulating of public opinion, particularly by spreading unreliable, fragmentary or preconceived data, we`ve got the following conclusions:


1. In printed Falun Dafa MMC the exact signs of psychological manipulation of public opinion, particularly by spreading unreliable, fragmentary or preconceived data in MMC are used in public movements of public organizations and Falun Gong adherents.


2. The main aim of using psychomanipulative technologies in printed MMC offered to users in Falun Gong public movements is forming negative attitude to people who are not Falun Dafa adherents, deliberate negative policy of China as a country, injury of China prestige on the international level that generally carries separative tendencies and actual threat for the national security of Ukraine.


3. In printed MMC texts which offered to users at Falun Gong public movements, the special psychological technologies are applied in the form of unauthorized psychotherapeutic effects, neurolinguistic programming, visually-suggestive influence and psychological manipulation of consciousness that deforms consciousness of the users, changes their current mental state and depresses the emotionally strong-willed sphere of an individual.


4. Unauthorized and unpredictable nature of the hidden psychological impact, which is created by Falun Gong organizers of cult through MMC is dangerous and environmentally harmful to the general mental state as an individual as the society in the whole.


Yu.B. Irkhin

Head of the Scientific Laboratory

of Operation and Service Activity Psychological

support of the Home Affairs Department of Kiev

National University of Home Affairs

Candidate of Psychological Science