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Body-strengthening and health-improving traps of the heretic doctrine Falun Gong

2011-08-10 Author:By Shi Hua

Professor of Beijing University
of Chinese medicine Shi Hua



The main method of spreading Falun Gong among its followers is using some magnetic traps. General peculiarities of these traps lie in the fact, that what was heard seems quite verisimilar and, being employed, gives results. These traps are also able to satisfy some basic physiological and psychological needs. But, having been entrapped, the aggrieved person not only becomes a servant and an instrument of the anti-society, of the unscientific heretic doctrine Falun Gong, but he also extremely harms his physical and mental health. What is most important is that verities and promised gifts are  limited by themselves, not perfect up to being absurd. The traps are put not to bring people to verities and gifts but the gifts are used as a teaser, which later involves and controls the aggrieved person, making him participate in mass events, having no relation to the verity, to implement selfish plans.  This is similar to fishing, when a fisherman uses bait not to feed the fish but to attract it, make it take the bait and thus catch it.


Among all the traps used in Falun Gong, one of the most popular is a myth about body strengthening and health improvement. A lot of the aggrieved begin practicing Falun Gong because of the health problems in order to recover. But after exercises, when the person recovers or feels better, he begins to believe frantically in Falun Gong, having no doubt about its theories, worshipping Li Hongzhi and in the end going crazy. In order to release the aggrieved person from Falun Gong, make him really healthy, both physically and mentally, first of all it is necessary to scientifically explain to him why the  myth about body strengthening and health improvement is a trap with the help of which the heretic doctrine controls and manipulates the aggrieved and how much the aggrieved person’s health is harmed in order not to let him understand and consider everything reasonably.


For this it is necessary first of all to answer the question, whether the Falun Gong practice really helps to improve people’s health and strengthen the body. There are a lot of the Falun Gong followers who show themselves and others as an example to whom the Falun Gong exercises really have helped. Answering this question, we should only refute the Falun Gong exercises efficiency and give examples when lots of ideas of this heretic doctrine, though carrying no conviction at all, seriously threaten people’s health. For instance, the ban to take medicine or consult the doctor. It is necessary to answer the disciples’ questions, plunging into fundamental scientific sources, substantiating one’s point of view. To do this, let’s start with the analysis at which expense the therapeutic efficiency of the Falun Gong exercises is reached, estimating its treatment techniques as well.

What brings the general effect of treatment illnesses by the Qi Gong gymnastics?

From the clinical practice point of view, one can always get a positive therapeutic result regardless the type of exercises. One should only do the exercises correctly. Qi Gong is one of the treating methods, which efficiency results from two sources of influence, the first being the effective practical exercising of the Qi Gong gymnastics, the second – psychological influence. The Qi Gong therapy suggests getting into the state of complete harmony through respiration, soul and body harmonization and exercising and attaining the therapeutic effect as well. The psychological suggestion takes place due to the reaction of the soul and body to a special psychological state of mind (complete trust, implicit obedience). 

If we take the Qi Gong practical part, it doesn’t matter what types of this gymnastics to go in for because the sense of exercises lies in ‘threefold’ harmonization, where the soul harmonization brings forward mental control, respiration harmonization – normalization of breathing movements and body harmonization – control over the limbs and the whole body functionality. In the course of exercises respiration, soul and body harmonization is united into absolute harmony and it is in this very moment when the state of Qi Gong is reached. If the state of Qi Gong results in recovery, this means its therapeutic effect. But to reach the state of Qi Gong is not simple. Among all those, practicing Qi Gong, only a few could attain such a state  and very few of them could retain it. A couple of years ago there were a lot of people practicing Qi Gong. Coming into the park early in the morning one could see masses of people going in for this gymnastics. Even under the condition of standard and correct teaching of Qi Gong and despite the fact that people most willingly practiced it, doing all the exercises very diligently, their level was rather average.

We can say that more than 90% of those, practicing Qi Gong, don’t attain the state of Qi Gong. The number of people, reaching the state of complete harmony is less than 5%. This implies that the number of those, who can get the maximal therapeutic effect from respiration exercises can’t exceed 5%. Does this imply that the rest of people don’t have any therapeutic effect? Of course not, they get some health-improving effect but it results from doing exercises rather than attaining the state of Qi Gong. Roughly speaking, the therapeutic effect is reached not due to Qi Gong but due to physical training. Any person, who goes outdoors early in the morning, finds a place in the open air, does the morning exercises correctly can get a therapeutic effect. But this is a mere effect of physical activity, which has nothing to do with complete harmony and the state of Qi Gong. Besides, among those who don’t attain the state of Qi Gong, there are feeble or disabled people to whom it is rather difficult to exercise the Qi Gong basic movements and positions because of their insufficient mental and physical state.  Though these people also go in for training, they don’t even reach the necessary level of exercising. Such category of people also gets a therapeutic effect but we can compare it with the effect from a treatment stroll. If somebody gets up every morning and goes for a walk, takes the air, communicates with others, his body gets some physical exercise, he is in a cheerful mood – of course, there is a treatment effect. Certainly, such result is even further from the state of Qi Gong.

So, we can see, that the effect from practicing the respiration gymnastics  Qi Gong can be divided into at least three parts. The first part is true attaining the state of Qi Gong and as a result – recovering from illnesses. But the number of those, who reach such a result is not more than 5%.

The second part is correct exercising of movements and positions but inability to reach the state of Qi Gong. The result here is achieved due to physical exercises and the  number of people, belonging to this category makes up to 70% - 80%.

The third part refers to a small group of people, approximately 10% - 20%, who fulfill all the positions and movements with difficulties and achieve result as if from treatment strolls. It implies that only 5% of those, who believe that they have achieved a treatment result, really achieve it. The rest numerous group of people achieve result not due to the Qi Gong therapy.

Now let’s consider the psychological influence in more detail. As it was already mentioned, the psychological influence consists in complete acceptance of the psychological mood of the environment without analyzing and criticizing it. Such psychological state can invoke a corresponding reaction of the body and soul. The psychological influence can result both in recovery and the development of an illness.

Let’s take a real-world example of treatment through psychological influence. One American woman, who had cancer at a late stage, heard good news from her friend that cancer can be cured with the horse serum. She went to the hospital at once asked the doctor to inject her with the horse serum. The doctor, although sympathizing with this woman, understood that this opinion didn’t have any medical grounds because horse serum can’t cure cancer. But due to the fact that the patient believed in this method, got positive psychological suggestion, the doctor agreed with her and approved of her decision. The woman was injected with some saline, but she was told that it was horse serum. The patient was very glad as she believed that was the best method of treatment. Some month later, the malignant tumor completely disappeared, the X-ray showing nothing as well. But still some time later the woman saw an article in the newspaper saying that horse serum can’t cure cancer. Having read this news, the woman became very upset and  a recurrent tumor occurred. She again went to the hospital, where she was consulted by the same doctor. When he grasped the reason of the relapse, he decided to elate his patient. The doctor firmly told her that the newspaper article was wrong, that the author had no medical education, that  horse serum can cure cancer and their hospital had recently bought a new batch of high-quality horse serum and he could inject her at once. Again after the injection of a saline, which the woman took for serum, the tumor quickly disappeared. Soon after that she read an article in a medical journal written by a group of the scholars of authority, stating that it was impossible to cure cancer with horse serum. Having read this fact, the patient completely lost her belief in treatment, which she had undertaken, the illness progressed and soon she died.

It implies that psychological suggestion can bring forward very different results. Of course, this example is rather extreme, not every person can get the same result in consequence of psychological influence, because different people have different threshold of suggestibility. Some people more and some people less can accept the psychological sets of the environment. Women are, for instance, more affected than men.

If we take treatment of illnesses by gymnastics, the more the patient trusts his teacher, believes that he can cure him of the illness, believes in the power of Qi Gong and meditation, the more effective the treatment is and vice versa. In this sense ‘the belief in one’s spirit’ has scientific grounds, that is, the psychological state of a person practicing Qi Gong contributes to the treatment effect.  Exactly because of this correlation lots of Qi Gong teachers deliberately stress ‘the belief in one’s spirit’ as one of the ways to increase the effect of treatment.

General clinical therapeutic effect of Qi Gong is achieved through the complex of psychological influence and practical exercises. The effectiveness of these two constituent parts is different. The Qi Gong gymnastics becomes effective after a long period of practicing and this effect is rather stable and can be preserved for a long time. The result of psychological suggestion can be achieved much quicker but it is rather weak and is grounded only on personal feelings. When the effect of psychological suggestion comes to the end the relapse of the illness can occur. We can draw a conclusion that only due to practical training classes in Qi Gong gymnastics it is possible to achieve a stable therapeutic effect.

How can we estimate the effectiveness of treatment by the heretic doctrine Falun Gong techniques?

To make analysis let’s consider this problem from two sides: from the side of practical classes and from psychological side. The matter is, that meditation in Falun Gong involves Qi Gong, that is, the treatment effect we are talking about can also be achieved through respiration exercises.

Speaking about Qi Gong practice it is worth mentioning that there are much less people, who reach the state of Qi Gong among the Falun Gong adherents than among those, who go in for other types of meditation. The reason lies in the following: if we consider Qi Gong from the technical point of view, we’ll see that the Falun Gong meditation and exercises structure is a bit wrong, which affects the level of doing exercises from the very beginning. Considering its structure we should say that its active part originates from occultism and its passive part from Bagua alchemy. Occultism refers to Buddhism and Bagua – to Taoism. Meditations of different schools invoke different reactions of the body and soul and sometimes even oppose each other. Because they are united into one, the correctness of doing exercises is ruined. It especially refers to the newcomers.  There are a lot of people, who do exercises wrongly because of such peculiarity of the Falun Gong meditation. But Falun Gong stresses that it is the ‘doctrine’ that is most important and which will make people follow it rather than understand, direct them to search higher levels of training and achieve the state of  complete ‘satisfaction’.  At the same time Qi Gong gymnastics is regarded as an additional technique and its actual importance somehow pales into insignificance. One very thick book ‘The Turning of the Wheel of Dharma’ puts it plain that there is very little sense in the Qi Gong practical exercises.  The majority of the Falun Gong adherents have no idea about its basic notions, harmonization of soul, respiration and body as the constituent parts of Qi Gong as well as about attaining the state of absolute harmony. Many of them haven’t even heard about these notions and just simply do Qi Gong exercises. How can one achieve the state of Qi Gong practicing it under such conditions? In fact, the level of exercising gymnastics by the Falun Gong followers is much lower than that of the representatives of numerous other Qi Gong meditation schools. The matter is in their high involvement in the process itself and low level of achievement of the state of Qi Gong.

Because of the fact that the state of Qi Gong is not achieved, we can’t speak about the true effect of the Qi Gong therapy. So, the health-improving result, though being advertised by the Falun Gong adherents, is in fact achieved not with the help of practicing Qi Gong. Of course, if one keeps on  doing exercises correctly he is certain to reach a therapeutic effect. Thus, we can say that the treatment effect of Qi Gong practicing is not more than that of doing ordinary physical exercise.

The basic difference between Falun Gong and other numerous Qi Gong meditation techniques is that the effectiveness of psychological influence in it is far higher. Because Falun Gong is a heretic doctrine, deification of its leader facilitates psychological influence. In other types of meditation the Guru is a human being but not a god or a spirit and a pupil takes after his teacher. It implies that a human being is taught by a human being and he neither becomes frantically involved nor goes mad. Teacher’s authority suggests that a pupil understands and accepts the given information. In Falun Gong everything is vice versa. Its followers deify the author of the doctrine as people deify gods or spirits, they become deeply involved and trust Li Hongzhi completely. They don’t have any doubts about him and believe that his ideas are the will of Holy Spirits. Because the Falun Gong disciples excessively believe Li Hongzhi, not considering his heresy, the amount of understanding and acceptance of the given information should greatly exceed  the level of confidence in other types of meditation.

In addition to it, the process of the so-called ‘teaching’ in Falun Gong is neither more nor less than re-reading, reciting and discussing of the book ‘The Turning of the Wheel of Dharma’. One has to read with respect and attention, he mustn’t turn down pages, underline or circle important moments in the book. He can’t put any questions, which can prejudice the content of the book otherwise it is regarded as insincerity. The sense of such ‘reading’ lies in burying the reader into the state of total acceptance of information from the environment without analyzing it, that is, into the state of increased psychological influence. So here we are, the psychological mood is very important. It is exactly due to it that a therapeutic effect is attained. Some examples from life prove it.

Let’s mention a very interesting fact: the state of health of those, who once practiced Qi Gong in order to recover and really achieved positive results, worsened after they began criticizing it up to the relapse of the decease. That is why a lot of adherents are afraid of writing such things. The most classical example is, when one of the Falun Gong fanatics fainted while reading the damning materials about Falun Gong. This fact is considered by the Falun Gong disciples as the punishment for treachery, a so-called ‘immediate punishment’, which intimidates others. But this is not a punishment at all. This fact proves that the treatment effect in Falun Gong is achieved only at the expense psychological influence. As it was already mentioned, the result of the Qi Gong therapy achieved through psychological influence is rather unstable and can quickly wear off when this influence slackens. When the Falun Gong disciples start denouncing it, it means that they lapse from Falun Gong and don’t believe in this heretic doctrine any more. It is similar to wearing off of psychological influence which brings forward the worsening of health and relapse. This is the same as in the case with the American cancer patient who suffered a relapse after she stopped believing in the effectiveness of her treatment. This man, who fainted twice, didn’t suffer a relapse, he simply didn’t belong to himself and lived  at the expense of psychological influence. His soul was empty because the heretic doctrine poison penetrates very deeply. This fact proves how illusive the psychological influence effect is.  If the result were achieved due to practical training, it wouldn’t wear off so quickly. Treatment can be really effective only at the expense of practical exercises, attaining the state of absolute harmony through harmonization of respiration, body and soul and thus achieving the state of Qi Gong.

The Falun Gong followers believe that in case of falling ill they should not consult the doctor, undergo medical examination, although even if the patient feels better it is impossible to say for sure that he is recovering. The sick person can consider himself healthy, but in fact he may be mistaken because subjective sensations are not always correct. Let’s take an illustrative example. One of the Falun Gong disciples, having high blood pressure, felt much better after exercises and thought that he had become almost healthy. But after he was medically examined it turned out that his blood pressure had not fallen at all, its upper limit still was at 180 mm. It is quite possible that this man felt some therapeutic effect due to psychological influence as it is somehow connected with personal sensations.

We can conclude that Falun Gong can bring general health-improving effect because its main source is psychological influence, but it is rather weak and unstable. An as the Falun Gong disciples don’t want to be medically examined, the treatment effect which they achieve is even more doubtful.

How does Falun Gong control its disciples through general treatment by the Qi Gong gymnastics?

Saying that the ideas of body strengthening and health improvement, spread by Falun Gong, are only traps to attract people, we won’t deny that practicing Falun Gong it is quite possible to achieve general health-improving result from Qi Gong, though general treatment result from respiration exercises in Falun Gong is rather weak. We don’t mean that one  can’t attain any result by practicing Falun Gong. The point is that Falun Gong uses general treatment by Qi Gong as a bait to manipulate its followers, involve them in participation in mass events which have nothing to do with body strengthening and health improvement. If Falun Gong practicing didn’t have any treatment effect, it wouldn’t obey common sense because the cure of illnesses gives zest to the idea of  body strengthening and health improvement. If there is no zest, then why should people come? It is necessary to have bait for fishing, so treatment effect is this very bait without which there will be very few people interested in the doctrine.

How, nevertheless, does Falun Gong use general treatment effect as a bait to control and manipulate the disciples?

There are three ways.

The first way is to describe general therapeutic effect from Qi Gong as a classical technique of the heretic doctrine Falun Gong, that is, to say that Falun Gong helps to make people healthy and call it ‘a supreme system’. But it is simply ascribing somebody else’s merits. In fact, it doesn’t matter which exercises to do. If follow the rules and do them correctly it is always possible to attain treatment result. Therapeutic effect in Falun Gong doesn’t exceed general treatment effect of the Qi Gong gymnastics. Besides, main effect, being achieved through psychological influence, very often doesn’t even measure up to ordinary level. In addition, as Falun Gong comprises different techniques of Buddhism as well as of Taoism, we can say that this doctrine is a simple compilation of other people’s knowledge.  That is why naming Falun Gong ‘a supreme system’ is just using a pretext to spread baits.

The second way is to declare that it is due to Li Hongzhi, to whom the cure of illnesses is realized. He himself says that he has enough power to protect his disciples and save them from illnesses. To become healthy, they should just lend ear to his doctrine. In ‘The Turning of the Wheel of Dharma’ some mysticism is also described because it describes not the treatment of illnesses but ‘facilitation of the body’. It is also said in it that ‘you practice yourself but the teacher gives the result’, that it is  Li Hongzhi, who ‘makes your body achieve a healthy state’. Thus, people start thinking that it is  the Guru, who saves them from their illnesses. And to make his followers think so is Li Hongzhi’s main goal, the sense of the trap about body strengthening and health improvement. As soon as the follower believes it, he is entrapped and can be easily manipulated by Li Hongzhi. Your life is in hands of this man, he made you healthy, so how can you not be grateful to him? How dare you not to believe his words? But all this is outrageous lie. The heretic doctrine Falun Gong gives its followers only false and untrue promises from the mouth of the idolized person which makes the followers lose faith in themselves and their lives and completely depend on Li Hongzhi. In fact it doesn’t matter whether the person does exercises or undergoes psychological suggestion. The person himself is what matters. Who does exercises? Of course, the person himself and not Li Hongzhi. Who undergoes psychological suggestion? Again the person himself and not Li Hongzhi. When practicing Qi Gong the person directs his energies and efforts to cure the illness. It is not Li Hongzhi who cures it. But it is at this very stage when lots of the disciples bend their heads, give ear to heresy, trust Li Hongzhi and lose faith in themselves. Let me give you one classical example about a woman who worked in a state structure. She said that she was content with the Communist party because it brought her up and gave her a happy life but it was Falun Gong that  made her healthy. She doesn’t dare to say something wrong about Falun Gong, can’t give up with it as she is afraid of relapse as soon as she starts criticizing it. She addressed her spiritual leader for help and advice; she said that if she were guaranteed against illnesses, she would immediately criticize Falun Gong and give up with it. The leader told her that the only person who can guarantee this is she herself. If you don’t believe in yourself, then nobody can guarantee anything, but as soon as you understand and believe that you are powerful enough to cure the illness and that treatment doesn’t depend on any external force, the therapeutic effect attained by you will hold and no relapse will occur. In fact the true reason of her illness is a psychological set. She lost her power and belief and relied only on others.

The third way is deception of people, using of treatment effect as a bait to stimulate the disciple take part in illegal mass events in order to implement selfish plans. Thus, April 25, 1999 is an important date of the Falun Gong heretic doctrine when some changes occurred. Li Hongzhi came from abroad, planned and considered everything. To participate in this event and share information the Falun Gong disciples came from everywhere. Among them there were people who heard that the air is very pure on the South China Sea coast and that is why practicing Falun Gong there is much more useful. Thus, these people were entrapped by the heretic doctrine Falun Gong about body strengthening and health improvement without noticing it. Li Hongzhi cheated them into coming to the South China Sea to take part in the illegal event which had nothing to do with a health promotion program.

It should be mentioned that these three ways are not complicated but rather effective. The most important of them is the second way: being entrapped by it the third method starts working in a natural way.  A lot of people think it is very mysterious how the heretic doctrine attracts people, involves and seduces them. But there is nothing mysterious in it. These are simple stunts, little traps where each move is not complicated at all and can be clearly and plainly  explained with the help of modern scientific knowledge. But why do so many people  still believe in these little stunts, traps, tricks? Besides exterior public factors personal psychological weakness is the main reason. Why were you entrapped and others weren’t? Isn’t it you who want to get a lot but don’t have necessary knowledge for it; isn’t it because you have very little belief in yourself and rely on others?

Payment in health for falling into the trap about body strengthening and health improvement

When a person falls into the Falun Gong trap about body strengthening and health improvement he not only becomes an object of manipulation, a tool for implementation of selfish plans, but he may also pay a heavy price  in his health. And this completely contradicts health-improvement plans on which he counted.

What is health? Usually people think that it is simply absence of illnesses, but this definition is rather loose. According to the definition of health which was mentioned in the World Health Organization Charter in 1948, health is not only absence of illnesses and weakness but it is also good physiological, psychological and social state. 

According to this definition, speaking about health we should bear in mind the physiological aspect but it is totally incorrect to equate health with the physiological aspect only. As nowadays the general health level in China is rather low, people think about health only from the physiological point of view. They lack knowledge about spiritual and psychological health protection. The majority of people know that in case of headache or high temperature they should consult the doctor, but they don’t have the faintest idea that in case of psychological problems they should also consult the doctor. All the more people don’t know that with different psychological problems they should go to different doctors. People also don’t understand that psychological problems and mental disorders are different things. They think that psychological problems mean that the person is mentally ill and it is a shame to admit it. That is why they disguise psychological problems  and don’t visit the doctor.

Attention should also be payed to the fact that the heretic doctrine Falun Gong makes the most of people’s insufficient knowledge about spiritual health protection, low level of health in the society. It simply unscrupulously spreads its heresy, deceives and intimidates its followers, makes much harm to the disciples’ mental and social health. Let’s consider one more classical example about how extremely harmful this heretic doctrine is for people’s mental health. There was a woman of nearly 50 who was a Falun Gong fanatic. When her spiritual leader spoke with her on any subject she always answered by citing ‘The Turning of the Wheel of Dharma’. Her cultural level was quite low, she even didn’t know many hieroglyphs but this book was re-read by her thousands of times, she knew it practically by heart. The spiritual leader asked her not to cite the book but give her own point of view. Some time later the woman again cited ‘The Turning of the Wheel of Dharma’. By doing so the woman didn’t want to contradict her spiritual leader on purpose, she simply didn’t have her own point of view. We can say that this woman herself completely gave up thinking, her own ideas were restricted to the content of the book ‘The Turning of the Wheel of Dharma’. Is this woman healthy? Physiologically maybe yes. But is she independent psychologically and socially? Is she a free individuality? Can a person be psychologically and socially significant if  he doesn’t have his own point of view, if he is not a free individuality, if he lost his soul? What does it mean: to kill somebody without blood? This is just it. Can we say that this man is healthy? His body is strong, his health is sound but where is his mentality and individuality? He gets no nothing. They were devastated by ‘The Turning of the Wheel of Dharma’! And this is the heretic doctrine Falun Gong biggest and most serious threat! The majority of the Falun Gong disciples harm themselves mentally, not physiologically, because ‘The Turning of the Wheel of Dharma’ drains their souls. There are people among them who devastate themselves like that woman who was able only to cite ‘The Turning of the Wheel of Dharma’. They completely lose their ability to think and thus degrade as individualities. There are people who fall less under the influence, they can take decisions at work and in day-to-day activity. But as far as the doctrine is concerned, they can think only about ‘The Turning of the Wheel of Dharma’ and absolutely lose their own views.

The heretic doctrine Falun Gong also devastates people’s social health. What is social health? Simply speaking, this is the ability to communicate with others, take part in social life. The Falun Gong followers obviously have problems with it. Their round of relations is limited mainly only to the adherents of the doctrine, the further the more limited it becomes. So why does the round of their relations become more limited? Because the more the adherents go in for Falun Gong, the further they are from reality, the more difficult it is for people around them to understand and accept them which makes communication impossible.  In the end, but for some other fanatics, the person completely breaks off with his surroundings. There are cases when the Falun Gong adherents forgot their relatives, simply left homes, hurting and upsetting their relatives, destroying their families. Are these examples not enough? Saying that the community of the Falun Gong followers becomes weaker and weaker, we mean that their communication lacks the realities of social life, being based upon supernatural, unreal, mystical ground. Seemingly, the relations between them are rather friendly, but in fact their relations are far from being friendly, such friendship won’t stand the test of time. The real essence of the people’s relations was clearly demonstrated by the act of self-immolation in Tiananmen Square. At first, the idea was to self-immolate all the participants to demonstrate their unity in life and in death. But it turned out that not all the disciples who came supported this idea. Some of them urged others on self-immolation, though they themselves didn’t even strike a match!  Don’t these remorseless actions, when human life is set at naught in order to watch how others get to Heaven, prove that human relations between the Falun Gong followers are false and feigned?

It implies that as far as health is concerned Falun Gong is good for nothing. It can be so that after practical training physiological health of some people appreciably improves, but if one should put at stake his psychological and social state to attain this improvement, it is rather hard to say whether it is worth doing. Does the person’s health matter if he lives without soul like a living corpse? What is better – a sound living corpse or a feeble living corpse? What is more terrible is the fact that the aggrieved, who devastated their health, don’t even suspect it and do still more harm to themselves by their actions. It is very easy to feel physiological health disorders because they are superficial; but the harm done to psychological and social health is rather hidden, it is difficult to feel it without special knowledge. Let’s take those who re-read and learn by heart ‘The Turning of the Wheel of Dharma’ on a daily basis. Don’t they themselves harm their psychological health day after day? From the point of view of treatment such harm can’t be easily cured, especially if they also devastated their social health, because they had hurt not only themselves but other people as well. To improve health, to restore social ties is not an easy task to do.

Thus we can see that body-strengthening and health-improving ideas, spread by Falun Gong are nothing more than traps, which seem to give positive results at first sight, but in fact make the aggrieved pay a high price in health, which could hardly be easily improved afterwards.


Describing the process of setting body-strengthening and health-improving traps we’d like to pay attention to two things.

Firstly, because of the insufficient level of knowledge about health in our society, the process of heretic doctrine Falun Gong eradication is now rather abridged. In many documents criticizing Falun Gong, the emphasis is put on how harmful it is for physiological health. But there is very little criticism about what harm it does to psychological and social health which in its turn brings forward behavioral changes. The heretic doctrine Falun Gong has carried away 16000 lives, this number makes people shudder. But it is nothing in comparison with some millions of the Falun Gong followers who devastated their mental health which brought forward behavioral changes. Not to expose this deep damage, caused by the heretic doctrine Falun Gong, not to scientifically denounce it means not to understand its danger in full. Insufficient knowledge about this doctrine makes it impossible to develop immunity from it in the aggrieved and other people. Attention should be paid to the fact that the heretic doctrine starts doing harm from ‘poisoning’ a person’s views and ideas, ruining and emptying his soul and not from his physical health decline. The heretic doctrine makes a person ruin himself by draining his soul, his life simply fades. Falun Gong’s hidden diabolical force lets it control the mental state of the aggrieved person. It implies that first of all it is necessary to denounce the heretic doctrine in terms of mental and spiritual harm done by it. Only taking into account mental disorders can we get to the heart of the problem. Besides, in order to help and release the aggrieved, it is also necessary to pay attention to their mental state. This knowledge is the result of the process of re-education and spiritual enlightenment. When something is wrong with the heart, the patient takes a cardiac medicine. The same is here. The sense of the process of re-education and spiritual enlightenment is, to some way, in a psychological consultation and psychological treatment. It was practically proved that psychological techniques play an important role in the process of re-education and spiritual enlightenment.

Secondly, alongside with subjecting the  heretic doctrine Falun Gong to criticism it is necessary to spread knowledge about mental health protection, heighten people’s vigilance as for their mental and social health, help people to create versatile and complete health theories. This is not only the first step in the process of people’s health improving, but it is also a blow to the Falun Gong techniques, preventing them from being spread.

Summarizing we can say that only when considerable progressive changes in the attitude to health and public health in general take place in the society, shall we be able to completely destroy the body-strengthening and health-improvement traps set by the heretic doctrine Falun Gong.