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Zhu Simei: Price of eliminating karma (photo)

2012-02-27 Source:Kaiwind Author:Dictated by Zhu Simei & written by Zheng Yi

Zhu Simei is suffering diseases

I'm Zhu Simei, living in Jindu Community, Qibin District, Hebi City, Henan Province. Recently I have been suffering illness seriously, nearly coming to the end of my life, which results from my practicing Falun Gong. I have paid a heavy price for eliminating karma.

I became a Falun Gong practitioner quite by chance. In the spring of 1998, when I lived in my hometown, seeing some people practicing Falun Gong at the end of the village and hearing Falun Gong a guarantee to cure all diseases, I, suffering the pains on waist and leg, joined the cultivation team without hesitation. After a period of regular exercise my pain got alleviative indeed, so I had strengthened my belief in Falun Gong since then and worked harder in cultivation and learning Fa.

When I was a child I ever studied in an old-style private school and was able to read and write, but most of the cultivators in the village were the old, many of whom could not read, so they chose me to be the counselor of the practicing point and asked me to lead them in reading scriptures of Li Hongzhi. I accepted without any hesitation.

Li Hongzhi said that if a cultivator felt bad it was not a disease but eliminating karma and evils he had done in his former life, then by continuous eliminating karma, his cultivation would not rise to a higher level until the black matter, namely karma in his body turned into the white matter "virtue". After I read those fantastic theories I felt very novel, which strengthened my confidence of going along the way the Master arranged.

Just drawn by the lure of Li Hongzhi's theory of eliminating karma, my life deflected from the normal track and went into a deep abyss step by step. It should be quite natural if there was something wrong with the body at my age. So long as I went to the hospital to treat in time and took medicine on time it would be possible for me to recovery and live a long time. However, as I was credulous of Li Hongzhi's theory of eliminating karma, when I was not well I didn't go to see the doctor let alone have prescription filled at pharmacy. As a result, all kinds of serious diseases which caused from the minor gradually occurred on me.

Since 2002 I had been feeling dizzy and nervous but I only tried hard to practice, not willing to go to the hospital to have an examination. Later, my children measured my blood pressure by the strong hand, and found that I had a high blood pressure, so they brought me some medicine. I thought that the Master was protecting cultivators with his "Law Bodies" so we cultivators should believe Fa instead of hospital. How could I take medicine? Therefore, I threw all the medicine away secretly. Sometimes when I was terribly dizzy I would rather lie in bed eliminating karma than going to the hospital.

In 2004 I also felt I had difficulty in eating food. I was always feeling sick at my stomach if I had rich food.

"Mum, let's go to the hospital to have an examination. Perhaps there is something wrong with your liver," my son said.

I said to him impatiently, "What do you know? It is a test the Master giving me. If I go to the hospital I will lose a chance to increase my cultivation."

Later, it proved hepatitis and developed further to be hepatic ascites after 2006, losing the best time to treat.

In 2007, my urine began to appear muddy, I was much more pinched and I became breathless while walking, which was originally the symptoms of diabetes, but I was unwilling to have an examination or treatment yet. I believed that it came to this point with karma rolling on top of karma. Because I owed too much to others in my former life, I had so much karma. When I felt painful I would read Zhuan Falun, practice cultivation and send "righteous thoughts", dreaming asking the Master to help me with my karma and bless me to continue practicing till the day when I rose to the heaven successfully.

On an autumn day in 2009, when I was to practice my blood pressure elevated at 220/140, and then I fell down to the ground while I was sitting cross-legged. Thanks to the timely rescue I was save but my both legs were paralyzed since then.

At the beginning of October in 2010, I felt terribly bloated in my stomach. For several days I couldn't eat and excrete but I still stuck to not going to the hospital for treatment. After attacked with several kinds of diseases, I thought that I had passed all the tests I should pass. I was afraid the Law bodies of the Master would not look after me if I went to the hospital. I was more anxious that the Master was looking at me and he would beat me into an abyss of perdition as unkindness reacting on my going to the hospital and then my cultivation would fail at the last hurdle.

But at last I really could not bear then I got faint and was carried to the hospital by my children. I was diagnosed as cute intestinal obstruction after examination, with four times of enemas to cure it.

Even though I was in the hospital that time, I didn't respond to the doctor's treatment when I was a little better. I didn't take the medicine they gave me and threw the medicine under the hospital bed or into the spittoon secretly. When I was receiving intravenous drips I took the needle off under the table past the guard of my family and the nurses. The doctors could do nothing with me and my children were even worried to tears. My daughter persuaded me, "Mum, take the medicine quickly, and then you will get better and leave hospital earlier. Otherwise, your disease will get more and more serious." With repeated persuasion of my children, I grudgingly responded to the doctor's treatment, but I had brought great difficulties to treatment.

Up to now the treatment has cost us more than 20,000 Yuan. For my other diseases haven't been cured completely, I have to stay at hospital. Thinking it over and over, I gradually throw doubts on Li Hongzhi's theory of eliminating karma.

I am a person who is struggling at the dead-line. I have not much time left for being possessed by diseases. Eliminating karma said by Li Hongzhi cannot cure disease and your disease will get worse and worse if you believe what he says. You have to go to the hospital if you want to cure your disease.