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Tajikistan to Criminalize ‘Witchcraft’

2015-10-16 Source:telegraph.co.uk Author:telegraph.co.uk

According to The Daily Telegraph on Sep 24 ,Central Asian nation Tajikistan set to amend its criminal code that practitioners of "witchcraft" and "sorcery" will be sent to prison rather than merely fined as they are now. which carries a maximum penalty of 7 years.

Tajikistan's parliament

Authorities warned that people with health problems and other troubles were turning to "sorcerers"and “faith healers”instead of seeking professional help.

"witchcraft" in Tajikistan

The bill is expacted to pass by parliament.

In 2007 the Tajik parliament had introduced a bill to ban witchcraft and fortune-telling.

Comment by editor:“witchcraft” and“ sorcery” are different from cults,but cults are superstitious way in essence. both of them cheated follower who wanted to make money or seek asylum. Once upon a time "master" was rampant in the domestic.From the previous Master Haideng with“One Finger Skill”,once feared, to the current Master wang Lin who bragged that he could kill people with a finger from a distance.From diet therapist Zhang Wuben to magic doctor hu wanlin. From falun gong leader Li Hongzhi to Hua Zang Dharma cult leader Wu Zeheng, The most common traits we have observed are almighty, They claimed they owned unique skill and supernatural power. in fact they collected much money from their followers. Finally all the lies were exposed.“ Witch Doctor”、“ sorcery” and cults are all social canker.they are very harmful to our society. they must be punished. we must step out of superstition and set up proper perception of science.