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2015-10-12 Source:Kaiwind Author:Sun Yu

According to a report on Oct.2 from www.frontpagemag.com, space aliens order Jews to leave Israel to make way for Muslims.

Okay, I guess it's over now. Israel had a good run. Making the desert bloom, building cities out of sand, inventing new technologies... but a French racing instructor's UFO cult says all the Jews have to leave.

The Raelian cult was created by Claude Vorihon, aka Rael, who claims that space aliens genetically engineered people. The Raelians wanted to build an embassy in Israel to welcome back the space aliens to earth. Apparently they wanted Israel to "concede" a piece of land for their space embassy instead of paying for it.

So now they're officially against Israel. Here's their statement which comes from their space aliens...

Raelians are now the true Jews, the only ones who wish to physically construct the Embassy to welcome our return, and not on stolen land. We ask all Jews to leave Israel as soon as possible, to convert to Raelianism, and to support the Palestinians, who are in fact mostly the descendants of real Jews who converted to Islam a very long time ago.

This might be confusing to Jews for Rael, a sub-group of the cult, which claims that Claude is the last of the prophets and a savior. Also the UFO aliens wanted Israel to give them land...

They are requesting through him, that the government of ISRAEL concedes a piece of land so that we can build them an Embassy, the Third Temple, and welcome them to JERUSALEM.

Why can't the space aliens directly contact the Israeli government to ask for the land? I'm sure Israel would be happy to host a space alien embassy. Though the Muslims that the Raelians like so much would probably just stone the space aliens.

Hopefully the space aliens will bring their ray guns for self-defense.

The Raelians initially demanded to know, "How would you feel if the embassy were built somewhere else? What if it were built soon in Jordan, Egypt, Palestine or Costa Rica?"

Good luck getting Egypt to host your space embassy. Costa Rica might do it... if you pay them for the land.

Anyway Israel was not thrilled about providing diplomatic status to a cult and its giant Swastika. But the space aliens kept issuing their demands.

In 1975, the Raelians demanded, "This is your last chance, otherwise another country will welcome the guide of guides and erect our embassy on its territory, and that country will be close to yours, it will be protected and happiness shall prevail, and the state of Israel will be destroyed one more."

Despite that last chance, there was another demand in 1997. "We asked that an Embassy be built to welcome us near Jerusalem, and the authorities of the stiff necked people have refused several times to grant the necessary authorizations and extraterritorial status. Our preference for Jerusalem is merely sentimental, because for us Jerusalem is everywhere where human beings love us, respect us and wish to welcome us with due respect, and the chosen people are those who, knowing who we are, want to welcome us, meaning the Raelians. The real Jews on Earth are no longer the people of Israel but those who recognize us as their creators and wish to see us return. The link we have with the people of Israel is about to be severed, and the new Alliance is coming to an end."

And another message in 2009, "Those who today, reading this Message, understand their mistakes and start to militate for a Palestinian Zionism that is to say, a return to the Land of IsRael as a multiracial and multicultural state."

Now there's a new message ordering all the Jews to leave Israel.

But before the space aliens get too cocky here, they might want to check with Hamas to see if it will allow them to build a space embassy.

Meanwhile Leon Mellul, the imaginary "Rabbi" who heads Jews for Rael, warned, 'If even one innocent Palestinian is killed, all Jews should sincerely apologize instead of closing their eyes by pretending it's a just revenge, or pointing to their own victims of terrorist attacks as evidence that justifies all crimes to come. This endless, vicious circle of committing violence with a clear conscience is pushing humanity toward its defeat.'

Amazing. He really sounds like a fake Rabbi. How long until he gets an invite from Obama?

Background Reading

According to Wikipedia, Claude Maurice Marcel Vorilhon is the founder and current leader of the UFO religionknown as Ra?lism.Following what he said was an extraterrestrial encounter in December 1973, he formed the Ra?lian Movement and changed his name to Ra?l (allegedly meaning "messenger of the elohim"). He later published several books, which detail his claims of an encounter with a being called Yahweh in 1973. He supported human genetic engineering in order to avoid genetically inherited diseases and to reduce the economic burden on society.