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Attention! Another Fake “Master” Appeared in the name of “Heart Tao” (Heart Qigong)

2017-07-31 Source:facts.org.cn Author:facts.org.cn

 Recently, an eager subscriber posted a comment, saying that he or she discovered a cult named Heart Tao 


I was surprised by this comment and decided to get to the bottom of this cult. 

It didnt take me long to find this teaching website by searching the key word Heart Tao. 

It looked like this, simple and vulgar. 


Heart Tao: the Home of Lives and Hearts   

Loving the People and Saving the World  

There were basically two sections, namely the public teaching and the students testimonials section.   

The students testimonials section rendered me speechless from shock. 

A grandma helped her granddaughter get higher grades by practicing Heart Tao.   


Its amazing! My granddaughter got higher grades after I practiced Heart Tao. My name is QI Guiying. I have a nine-year-old granddaughter who is a pupil in the third grade. She is talkative and cannot stay focused in class. She finds it very difficult to learn math. We get her enrolled in some tutorial classes, but to no avail.        QI Guiying (left) and her granddaughter (right) 

Someone got an apartment by practicing Heart Tao. 


I got an ideal apartment by practicing Heart Tao for two months. 

My name is FU Huali. I was recommended by my elder sister predecessor on February 10 to register on the website. After the registration, I spent some time every day studying the video lectures by Mr. LIU Guanren the Master. It was only two months before I had this amazing experience 

Written by FU Huali   

Someone even cured her diabetes complications and another one her epilepsy.  


Mr. LIU Guanren the Masters lectures helped cure my diabetes complications  

My name is DU Jinfeng. I suffered from diabetes for 23 years with many complications. I spent the last two months studying the lectures by Mr. LIU Guanren the Master after registration and communicating wholeheartedly with the Master.  


Its Heart Tao that cured my epilepsy! 

I am SHI Jingrui. I suffered from epilepsy after my retirement. The first time epilepsy struck me was when I was in my elder aunts house. Every body was shocked. Someone dialed 120 and called an ambulance. The doctors said it was epilepsy and I should be examined in the hospital...   


I once saw a flyer in the hospital, saying that a medicine to treat epilepsy was available and it was free. The medicine, however, was experimental and I must suffer the consequences all by myself. I signed up without telling my husband, but I was turned down because I was too old.  

At the end of 2012, my husband and I were introduced to the website. We studied the lectures carefully and practiced what the Master preached. We also joined the study group every week. The symptoms of my epilepsy were alleviated. Last year, my husband got very sick and I looked after him day and night. I was so tired. Even if I lost him eventually, the epilepsy did not strike me. The disease was cured. I was exhilarated. Thank you, Master! Thank you, Heart Tao. 

Written by SHI Jingrui 

June 28, 2016 

If you thought that the talk of practicing Heat Tao to get higher grades and an apartment, or cure a disease was not explosive enough, what about saving your life by merely screaming Master when your life was on the line! 


Practicing Heart Tao saved my life.  

My name is HOU Fengcen. Im 79 years old and a devoted buddhist. I admire Mr. LIU Guanren the Master very much after getting in touch with Heart Tao. That is exactly what I want and I register on the website. The other day, I rode my bike to buy 

In addition, by practicing Heart Tao, you could also lose weight, cure your headaches and eye diseases, etc. 


I kept a good mood by practicing Heart Tao. My name is WANG Li. I studied the Masters lectures whenever I was free after registering on the website. I also joined the energy healing activities. While practicing, I kept note of every little change in my body. I followed the Masters instructions.  2017-4-9 16:24 

I benefited from joining the Heart Tao parade. My name is PANG Qiufen. I joined the Heart Tao parade by accident. Later I was introduced by my elder sister predecessor to register on the website. I followed the Masters instructions and practiced what he taught us. 2017-4-9 03:21 

Mr. LIU Guanren the Master helped my wife get rid of the walking aid. My name is ZHEN Fucun. My wife LIN Juan suffered from diabetes with cerebral thrombus as the complication. Since 2014, she was not able to walk as usual and could hardly take care of herself. Since I left home a lot, she could barely walk to the kitchen by herself via the walking aid to cook. 2017-4-8 00:55 

My body got better and my family was better off after I joined the face-to-face activity with Mr. LIU Guanren the Master. My name is LIU Shuqin. After registering on the website in May 2015, I was eager to study and practice Heart Tao. As a result, my family was better off and we got the compensation of relocation. This was the second time I joined such activity2017-3-29 20:58   

The website was filled with 33 pages of such testimonials spanning from 2012 to 2017 and the Master was greatly admired, to say the least.   

I was therefore curious to know what the Master was preaching.  

So I entered the public teaching section, ready to be an eager student. 


An Introduction to Heart Tao 

I was surprised to find that there were two such websites, one at home and the other abroad.  


​“Heart Tao can bring you health, happiness and a fulfilled life. By practicing Heart Tao, you may find peace in your heart and the true meaning of life. You may live a fulfilled life. 

Compared with the domestic website, the overseas one is more abstruse (shameless).   

First came the self-introduction. There were too many titles to be put on a name card. 


Founder of Heart Tao      Founder of Heart Qigong                  Founder of Original Tai Chi  Dean of World Health Science School       One of the Four Founders of Qigong Methodology Who Holds the Qigong Master Certificate Granted by General Administration of Sport of China              The Only Overseas Founder of Qigong Methodology Who Holds the Qigong Master Certificate Granted by General Administration of Sport of China             His “Heart Qigong” is one of the 11 Qigong Methodology approved by the General Administration of Sport of China                                He was enlisted in the Chinese Contemporary Celebrities Dictionary in 1998  He was enlisted in the Whos Who in the World in 2000    

According to my research, however, none of those titles in the red box was true.  

It was then followed by all kinds of brags of miraculous stories, such as relieving pains on-site 


To celebrate the hot sale of his latest book the Door to True Practice in the Chinese book stores in Vancouver, Mr. LIU Guanren gave a presentation in the packed Oakridge Centre auditorium to showcase his Qigong that could cure diseases and help people lose weight and that can be taught and learned in a short period of time. The Master taught on-site a middle-aged woman who never practiced such Qigong and she successfully cured the disease for a sick patient who suffered from pains in the left part of his body. He also taught the husband of a sick woman who suffered from cervical hyperplasia for a decade to cure her disease successfully in minutes. When it came to losing weight, the Master practiced his Qigong for two or three minutes before making some people shrink their waistline by 5cm. The audiences were very impressed. Some of the Qigong practices were easy to learn and proved to be very effective. Some people felt warm and healthy after practicing it. The Master ended the presentation by showing the original Tai Chi moves.  

And the more staggering weight loss on-site:  


​Every body was convinced by the effectiveness of “Heart Qigong”. The Master asked some audiences to get on the stage with rulers in hand, practiced his Qigong for several minutes, and let them measure their waistline. Most people found that their waistline was reduced, some by 5cm, others by 3 or 1 cm. What else could be more convincing? Afterwards, the Master began to cure diseases by sending healing information to the people’s bodies. All the people could feel the subtle change in their bodies for the better. After ten minutes, the information was stopped. It was so effective. The Master received a standing ovation from the crowd.  

In an article named Miraculous Stories about a Qigong Master, more such stories were told. 


The story was abridged from the World Daily.  

Miraculous Stories about a Qigong Master---A Story about Mr. LIU Guanren, a Qigong Master and the Founder of Heart Qigong, 

such as curing leukemia 


Mr. SONG Yucheng, a laid-off worker who lived in Fumin Road, Hedong District, Tianjin, fell seriously ill in December 1997. He had a fever with body temperature constantly over 40 degrees centigrade. He was treated by several large hospitals, TCM doctors and Qigong masters, but to no avail. On April 3, 1998, he became very skinny, followed by urinary incontinence, and slipped into a coma. He was diagnosed with leukemia by experts from the Institute of Hematology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. He could only live for less than 3 months and need RMB 300,000 for treatment. The family was in despair. On April 9, 1998, they took him to see the Master. After just one treatment, he could eat meals the next day. After a month, he could walk. And he could take buses to see the Master himself after two months. On July 5, he joined the Heart Qigong class, kept practicing and was treated before returning to live a normal life. He could ride a bike and do housework. The blood test results were normal as well. The doctors were shocked.    

And remote Qigong practicing to cure diseases: 


Mr. LIN Yiwen, who lived in Tieling city, Liaoning Province, China, had a stroke for the fourth time and his life was on the line. The doctors told the family that he might not be able to make it this time. As a result, his family made an international call to the Master, asking for help. The Master then practiced his Qigong from abroad and cured his disease. He recovered from the disease and was discharged from the hospital.   

The Master predicted the college entrance exam scores. 


​“Heart Qigong is based on physical and psychological health with a focus on mental cultivation. The magical power is just a byproduct. Mr. LIU Guanren the Master is born with this magical power, but he used it to guide people to live a better life. There are a lot of miraculous stories about him, but he keeps them to himself.   

When Mei Yan, the 1992 graduate of Tianjin No. 100 high school, was in grade one in the senior high school, her parents were worried about her future and often talked about it with the Master. One day when the Master was practicing Qigong, he saw a student named Mei Yan in the Tianjin Medical University. So he told her parents and assured them that Mei Yan was going to study in the university. Two years later, when Mei Yan was about to attend the college entrance examination, her parents invited a famous fortune-teller to predict her scores. They were told that Mei Yan was going to score 480 points that was not enough to be admitted by any colleges. The parents were so sad. Mr. LIU Guanren the Master heard of this result, and made another prediction, showing that Mei Yan was going to score 540 points and that she would be admitted by the Tianjin Medical University. That was exactly what happened afterwards.    

Or even supernatural power. 


Mr. WANG Yizeng, a veteran martial artist and TCM doctor in Tianjin, excelled at health care and TCM therapy, but he believed that supernatural power was a scam. In February 1991, he and the Master spent a holiday in Tieling City, Liaoning Province. One night, Mr. WANGs electric shaver went out of battery. The Master found it a good opportunity to convince Mr. WANG of the existence of supernatural power. The Master asked Mr. WANG, do you believe that it is supernatural power to charge the battery without touching it? Yes, it is, responded Mr. WANG, “but I dont believe such things would happen. The Master practiced his Qigong at a distance from the battery and after a while, he told Mr. WANG, Its done! Mr. WANG took the shaver and opened it. The shaver was on and the hum was heard. Mr. WANG looked at the shaver in astonishment and he was finally convinced.   


The so-called sleeping on the ice and snow 

I was so shocked by the Heart Qigong section for outpatients on the website that there was a remote Qigong therapy.  


The Heart Qigong Section for Outpatients  

The Heart Qigong therapy center was founded in Tianjin in 1992. It cures female infertility and other gynecological diseases, such as dysmenorrhea.  


Special Treatment and Health Advisory 

1. Home-visit treatment 

2. Remote treatment: telephone advisory and remote Qigong treatment 

3. Health Advisory: health files, healthy diets, Qigong practicing for specific diseases, daily exercises and others.   Learn more 


Now you would understand that Mr. LIU Guanren the Master is a fraud in the name of a Qigong master. The Heart Tao or Heart Qigong scam is to copy some doctrines from the Buddhism and Taoism and mix them with the popular Pi Gu weight loss method and other holy-spirit practices.   


Book 1 The Door to True Practice   Book 2 Health Starts with Heart     Book 3 The True Meaning of Life 

The trick is to induce students to join his classes in the name of pursuing health and exploring the meaning of life; bragging about his supernatural powers to convince the students.  

In his video lectures, he would ask students to answer his questions loud and clear, repeat his words and actions, which have strong psychological implications. Some weak-minded people, especially the senior citizens, are prone to be brainwashed. Just as some subscribers rightly point out, he has formed an organization that is similar to a cult. 

The more surprising thing is that Mr. LIU Guanren and his so-called Heart Tao or Heart Qigong has penetrated many mainstream websites in China, such as baidu, douban and Sina weibo. Some followers even help him publicize the Heart Tao. 



Excerpt No. 21 from Mr. LIU Guanrens An Introduction to Heart Tao. The Heart Tao is about educating people to stay healthy, find meaning in life and follow the path to true practice. It makes people healthier, physically and psychologically. It helps people find the ultimate meaning in life and live a fulfilled life.  


I was reborn as a better person by practicing Heart Tao. Very quietly the old self left, as quietly as the new self came. I snuggled in the arms of Heart Tao, listening to his voice quietly My name is LIU Huiwu. Today marks……  


How can people communicate with all other living creatures: the interaction between fields is not limited to telepathy. If you study the videos on the Heart Tao website, you will understand everything.  


What is true benevolence? Mr. LIU Guanren said that there were six kinds of interpersonal relations. Benefiting or harming oneself at the cost of others, these two relations are evil. The other four is benefiting oneself not at the cost of others; benefiting oneself and others; benefiting others and oneself; and benefiting others at the cost of oneself. Learn more about Heart Tao by watching the Masters videos. With those measurements, we can judge whether our ideas are right. Without them, we would be lost.   

Moreover, other people are welcome to join the organization for free, but according to the relevant regulations on the website, the organization has some exclusive terms that are akin to a cult. The performances of the students and their contribution to Heart Tao will be taken into account for promotion to more advanced classes. These rules shall be reviewed skeptically.   


Introductions and Regulations on the On-line Video Lectures of Heart Tao 

1. The website can be divided into the public teaching section---an introduction to Heart Tao, the more advanced teaching section and the students communications section. Notably, the public teaching section---an introduction to Heart Tao can be watched without registration, but the other two have to be registered first.  

2. Those who approve of the values of Heart Tao and follow the instructions to learn after watching the videos in the public teaching section---an introduction to Heart Tao may join us to study the videos. 

3. Those who are admitted into the more advanced teaching section are formal students studying the video lectures. They need to read the Registration Agreement of Heart Tao Website before registering on the website. If the rules can be followed, please fill in your real information.      


4. The Heart Tao only recognizes those formal students who registered and studied on the website. Those who failed to register, or filled in unreal and false information, or got themselves registered but studied with those unregistered students will be considered as theft and will never be recognized Heart Tao. They will never achieve anything.  

5. The online videos are free to all, rich or poor. The students, however, can contribute money voluntarily to Heart Tao according to their income and their gains from Heart Tao. There is no time limit as to when the money contribution can be made. No pressure will be put on the contributors. 

6. The classes can be divided into many levels, from elementary to advanced. The elementary classes are available to all who approve of the values of Heart Tao and follow the instructions. The promotion to more advanced classes will be determined by the students’ performance and contribution, such as publicizing Heart Tao, converting others to Heart Tao, volunteering to work for Heart Tao, offering venues for Heart Tao activities, contributing money to Heart Tao and other contributions that advance the development of Heart Tao. Those who make real contributions to Heart Tao will be entitled to promotion.     

The Internet is a double-edged sword. We can use it to warn people of the dangers of the cult, but in the mean time, the cult and other similar organizations can use it to disguise themselves and induce the people to join them as well.   

Let me remind you again, that we should stay alert and stay away from the cult. It wont be easy for you to get out of it intact if you are trapped in the cult.