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Father Left Mother and Me

2017-08-04 Source:Kaiwind Author:Shi Fang

I’m a student in the Fourth Middle School of Xilinhaote city, Inner Mongolia. I used to have a happy family like others at my school. My father was an employee with a logistics company and my mother was a cleaner in a property management company. Although we were not rich, we lived happily together. Whenever I came back home, I would stick with my father. He said that the happiest thing was to stay with my mother and me after a full day of work. 


Falun Gong changed our family life 

However, from 2010, my father started to practice Falun Gong and everything changed. He changed from a talkative man to a man of few words. He told my mother that it was too late to know “fa” and that he should have started to practice earlier. Mother told him that the state had banned Falun Gong long before because it was an evil cult. Father said, “What do you know? It’s nonsense. Have you seen anyone that has been harmed by Falun Gong? Those who had troubles didn’t follow what the master said. I didn’t believe in Falun Gong in the beginning, either. Later I caught a bad cold and couldn’t recover even after taking medicine for many days. After I practiced Falun Gong for three days, my illness was gone. We ordinary people practicing Falun Gong at home don’t cause any trouble to others. The government won’t care what we are doing.” Mother couldn’t persuade him but shook her head. Before, I always saw father helping mother cook in the kitchen, but after that father closed himself in a room, sat in meditation, murmured something or read a book. After reading, he would wrap up the book in a piece of yellow cloth like it was a piece of treasure. One time, wondering about what those books were, I took one out and saw a very old book titled “Zhuan Falun”. When I was looking, I dropped it on the floor and one page was torn. Father was very angry about this and slapped me across the face. I cried sadly because that was the first time father hit me. Mother came and said angrily, “How could you do this? She didn’t intend to damage your book. Is your book precious? How can you be so obsessed? You don’t concentrate on your job but read those books. Have you got any bonus this year? Director Zhao from your company said that you will be fired if you continue like this. Aren’t you afraid of losing your job? Do you know how difficult it is to find a stable job?” Father wanted to say something but stopped, the he said coldly, “You ordinary people can’t understand us. I practice Falun Gong for the good of our whole family. Master said that when ‘one person practices, the whole family benefits’. Learn and practice with me! And don’t say anything bad about ‘Dafa’ and ‘Master’, otherwise, you’ll be punished.” After saying this, he sat down and practiced. Since that time, my family was set into low spirits. Father stayed alone in his room after coming back home. Mother complained a lot. They fought a lot and I felt distressed. 


Father was detained for sending out cult leaflets  

After a while, father wouldn’t come home after work but learnt and practiced Falun Gong with other believers. Mother became silent and I felt dull at home. Later, father brought back some pamphlets and papers. I could see that they were for the purpose of propaganda. Father would go out with those pamphlets and leaflets late at night, saying that he went to “promote Fa”. I didn’t understand what he said but felt his actions were stealthy.  

Before the Spring Festival of 2011, I saw mother dropping tears often and felt strange. One day, father came back, looking tired and disappointed. Mother quarreled with him. I knew that father put some Falun Gong leaflets in the mails of his company. He was fired after being found by his colleague. Mother cried sadly while father said “I want more people to know how good “Falun Dafa” is. It’s wrong that the state banned it. Those who prosecuted Dafa will all be destroyed one day. Don’t be sad. Although I’m fired, I pass another barrier and get to a higher level. Our whole family will benefit when I achieve perfection.” After that, all the burdens of life fell on the shoulders of mother.  

Mother almost killed by Falun Gong 

After that, father came back home later. On my 11th birthday, December 23, 2012, mother said to me, “You have been expecting a brother or sister, right? Your wish is realized. When your father knows this news, he will get back to work instead of practicing Falun Gong. He will change for the better for our family.” I was very happy. That night when father came back and heard this news, he was overjoyed. He stroked mother’s belly and said this was “Yuan baby”. Mother and I felt weird about what he said. Several days later, father got a job as an insurance salesman and we were all happy. Mother told me that father would concentrate on his job. However, father was fired again after less than a month because he advocated Falun Gong to his customers when selling insurance. Father didn’t care at all. This dealt a heavy blow to mother. She became unhappy and had to do housework after getting off work. 

One day in June 2013, mother said that the baby hadn’t moved for nearly a month. She went for an examination in a nearby hospital and found that the baby had died. The doctor suggested that the baby be taken out. However, father didn’t agree and refused to sign the operation notice. He said that the baby was “Yuan baby” and must not be taken out. He would make efforts with other practitioners to save the “Yuan baby”. Despite the doctor’s opposition, father took mother home. He asked several practitioners to come to our house and they murmured around mother. One morning a week later, mother fainted suddenly and bled a lot. Father was not at home, so I asked for help from our neighbor and sent mother to the hospital. After three hours of rescue, mother was saved. However, because of the delay of the operation, she suffered from many side effects including failure of many organs. She couldn’t do physical work any more. After treatment for nearly half a year, mother recovered. We spent all our savings and owed a lot of money to our relatives. Father was not worried at all and often disappeared for several days. 


Father was jailed for violation of law 

May 13, 2014 was another sad day. When I got back home at noon, I saw Aunt Wang from our community and Uncle Li from the police station comforting mother by saying, “During the following days when Shi is not at home, if you have any difficulty, come to the community committee and police station and we will do everything to help you.” Hearing this, I asked, “Where has father gone?” Mother said, with tears in her eyes, “He went on a business trip and won’t come back for 5 years.” Later, I heard from neighbors that father had been sentenced to jail for violating laws regarding the promolgation of Falun Gong. 

Two years have passed since father was jailed. Mother’s heart was broken and she hasn’t been to see him once, nor does she mention him. I miss father and want to see him. But where has he gone? Our happy family has been broken by Falun Gong. I hate Falun Gong. I hope my friends tell their parents to keep far away from Falun Gong. Don’t be deluded by it and protect your happy family. 

(Editor in charge: Yunsong)