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A malicious trick! The world’s largest video website is found to involve cult propaganda during interstitial ads in China’s most popular TV drama ever


Youtube is nothing new most internet users. As the largest video website in the United States, Youtube claims that it has as many as 1.5 billion active users each month, which is several times more than China’s leading video websites including iQIYI and Tencent. However, nobody could expect that this video website would become an advertising platform for a notorious cult in China. 

This cult organization is Falun Gong, an illegal organization that has been banned in China since 1999. Yet these evil-doing cult practitioners have transformed from a gang of people who poison others mentally to the accomplices of anti-China forces abroad. They even seek to associate themselves with Tibetan, Xinjiang and Taiwan separatists for the division of China.   

http://www.facts.org.cn/Recommendations/201711/13/W020171113361809488478.png  ​  

Moreover, with the strong financial support from multiple anti-China forces, those brainwashed disciples of Falun Gong, as well as Chinese criminals who hope to seek shelter abroad in the guise of political asylum, are still actively waging different anti-China propaganda campaigns.   

During the holiday season of National Day, some Chinese people traveling abroad came into contact with rumors about China, as made public by the disciples of Falun Gong, in the streets of foreign countries. Yet, in this era of mass enlightenment, these rumors have become a tragic joke in the eyes of many people.    


Lured by Falun Gong’s money, Youtube (despite being America’s largest video website) accepts and publishes these groundless rumors as the interstitial ads for lots of video programs on the website.   

When one overseas net user recently watched a TV drama, the most popular one ever in the Chinese Mainland, he happened to notice the interstitial ad in which Falun Gong maliciously accused the Chinese government of “organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners”.  These rumours have found no support amongst serious Human Rights organizations or international transplant organizations and were even debunked by American diplomatic personnel in China.  






​For the rumors spread in this ad, I once wrote an article in February 2017 to give some details about how they’re fabricated (the title: China’s disclosure of truth makes this anti-China organization crazy!) So I’ll not talk about it here.    

The point is that Youtube’s parent company has issued a new advertising policy that bans the advertising of fake information on any of its platforms. So why does Youtube offer their “advertising” platform for this naked spread of malicious rumors?   




​Google and other social platforms in the United States should crack down on these rumors that have stirred up great public discontentment.   

The U.S. websites have made efforts to crack down on “fake information” since the end of last year. The essential reason is that the political force controlling the discourse power of “correct politics” thinks that Trump’s success in the U.S Presidential election is attributed to his spreading of “fake news”. In their eyes, the shadow of Russia, a “hostile force”, is easily identified behind such “fake news”.    

So the focus on attacking “fake news” which is to their disadvantage will naturally become “better justified” “political correctness” than “freedom of speech” in the United States.    



​But Falun Gong and their fabricated rumors about China mean something utterly different in the eyes of these manipulators of American public opinion. These vicious rumors prepared by the cult can be exploited as a tool to make trouble for and contain China, the bogeyman of America’s political discourse.   

In reality, you may find quite a few politicians and media professionals who demanded the removal of “fake news” by Google and Facebook actually turned out to have intimate ties to Falun Gong time and again. With Falun Gong’s rumors, they were able to make remarks to demonize China.   

In this political climate, those U.S. IT giants which try to flatter the political forces controlling public opinion in the United States and even the Western world, but which want to become a “guardian for freedom of speech,” will certainly be shown to be “two-faced” in the vastly different way that rumors about America and China are treated.