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Li Hongzhi: the inspiration for child murderers



Ashley Zhao, a five-year-old American girl, was the latest of many children killed by Falun Gong Parents

Since the “Falun Gong” cult was established, many ignorant and innocent children have become its tragic victims. Moreover, a considerable portion of them were killed by their own parents. The murder of Ashley Zhao by her parents, in Ohio on January 9th, is just the latest high profile example of these hideous crimes inspired by the Falun Gong cult. As the saying goes, “a vicious tiger will not eat its cubs,” so how did “Falun Gong” practitioners come to be so brutal as to have no trace of humanity left?

Misled by promises of so-called “Heaven”, they hoped to create a “bright future” for their children

Li Hongzhi subverts reality and shatters his disciples’ world outlook by introducing such fallacies as “the earth is a rubbish heap” and “human evils” so that his disciples believe in his “World of Falun”. In the “heaven” painted by Li Hongzhi, “you have no pain, but only happy and joyful things, and you can get whatever you want”, and “trees are gold, so are birds, flowers, houses and even land”.  It’s an instinct of every creature to pursue its own interests. Who can refuse a chance to lead their children to such a bright future?  What’s more, those devoted believers of “Falun Gong”, whose ideas have been reconstructed, have no doubts about this groundless lie.

They have no idea that the “bright future” they create for their children, as instructed by their “master” Li Hongzhi, is nothing but killing their innocent children by themselves.

On January 23, 2001, the “Falun Gong” practitioner Liu Chunling, set herself and her 12-year-old daughter Liu Siying on fire so that they could go to the “good world of Falun”. In the self-immolation process, Liu Chunling remained indifferent to her daughter’s cry for help because she was determined to take her daughter to their “heaven”. Finally, Liu Siying died of serious burns.

On July 7, 2009, Wang Qunying, a “Falun Gong” practitioner from Huangkeng Town, Nanxiong City, Guangdong Province, killed her 6 1/2-year-old daughter, and then committed suicide with a cleaver so that they could both “rise to heaven” and she could achieve “spiritual enlightenment”.  She had hoped to go to the “good world of Falun” with her daughter.

Obviously, these practitioners had been brainwashed by Li Hongzhi and his cult “Falun Gong”. They were misled by the fallacy that there really exists a “world of Falun”. They decided to go to their “heaven”  with their own children so that they could share its blessings. They had no idea that their road to ”heaven” was simply a road of death.

Misled by the “elimination of karma” to treat diseases, they hoped to ensure the “physical health” of their children

Li Hongzhi takes every chance to preach his fallacy of “elimination of karma” by claiming that “karma” is the fundamental cause of human diseases. He proclaimed that “human beings never cease to create karma. Karma contributes to all the troubles, pains, hardships, financial problems and illnesses. You can’t have a happy and better life unless you have repaid karma.” Having been brainwashed by Li Hongzhi and his cult “Falun Gong”, the practitioners are convinced that the only solution to diseases is to “cultivate good ideas” and “eliminate karma”, and taking medicines can only mask “karma”.

Therefore, when their children get sick, they “eliminate karma” for their children according to Li Hongzhi’s malicious fallacies rather than take their children to seek medical help.

In May, 1999, Song Shuanglong, a 12-year-old boy in Nanguang District, Changchun, Jilin Province, passed away when his mother Ma Xiurong did her utmost to “eliminate his karma”. When the boy was born, he had two additional nasal cartilages, so he had to get repeated treatments in hospital. Later on, Ma Xiurong, a “Falun Gong” practitioner, started to involve her son in the practice of “Falun Gong”. Her son’s condition deteriorated, from dim sight to total blindness, and eventually to an inability to stand before he tragically died.

In July 2008, Li Yufeng, a “Falun Gong” practitioner from Jiaohe City, Jilin Province, found that her newborn son suffered dysentery. Instead of seeking medical help, she wrongly believed that her son had “karma”, so she must “eliminate karma” for him. Her son died of severe dehydration in less than one day.

There’re many similar cases in which those practitioners, misguided by the “karma” fallacy, finally destroyed their children’s health and lives due to their reluctance to seek medical help for the children when they were sick. However, Li Hongzhi’s family members went to hospitals in the case of any health problems. Even Li Hongzhi was found to have seen doctors for an appendectomy. Misled by Li Hongzhi’s fallacy that diseases could be treated by “eliminating karma”, they had hoped to ensure the physical health of their children in this way, but had never expected that they could destroy their children’s health and end their lives.

Misled by the “elimination of devils”, they even regard their children as demons

To make plausible his lies, such as his heaven and “spiritual enlightenment”, Li Hongzhi has preached some absurd fallacies including“possession” and “elimination of devils”. For those practitioners brainwashed by Li Hongzhi, their failure to achieve “spiritual enlightenment” is attributed to the disturbance of “devils”. These “devils” can “prevent you from practicing Falun Gong, and must be got rid of.” What’s more, Li Hongzhi even preached the fallacy of “homicide as a merit” and claimed that “if the damaged life knows you’ll go to the world of Buddha, the life will let you kill it happily.”

Mentally controlled by Li Hongzhi’s malicious fallacies, the practitioners obsessed with “spiritual enlightenment” consider their own children as the devils who prevent their regular practicing of Falun Gong their achievement of “spiritual enlightenment”.

On April 19, 2002, Dai Nan, a nine-year-old girl from Meixi District, Yichun, Heilongjiang Province, was choked to death by her mother Guan Shuyun, a practitioner who had a single-minded longing for “spiritual enlightenment”. When interviewed by a reporter, Guan Shuyun said that “my daughter was possessed by the devils that damage Dafa who had secured their presence in her instantly. After my daughter was choked to death, the devils were eliminated”.

On July 10, 2005, Li Yanzhong, a worker from Tianjin Dagang Oilfield, killed his 6-year-old daughter Li Wangyue and newphew Zhang Xin with a cleaver. This 33-year-old practitioner was convinced of Li Hongzhi’s fallacy that “life will let you kill it happily.”

Dai Nan and Li Wangyue were both killed by their parents who were driven crazy by the pursuit of Falun Gong’s “spiritual enlightenment”. For those practitioners with “spiritual enlightenment” as their single goal, they killed their children but found no road to “spiritual enlightenment” as promised by Li Hongzhi’s fallacies of “elimination of devils” and “merits”.

Ashley Zhao, a five-year-old American girl, was killed by her parents, two practitioners who were obsessed with Falun Gong. An ordinary person will be unlikely to disregard life and even deprive other’s lives, not to mention their children’s lives. This is only because they’re obsessed with Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong and their characters have been severely twisted by his evil teachings.