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Penniless because of “Sanshu Christians”, became big silkworm raiser after being saved

2018-06-06 Source:Kaiwind

In a village in Lishui Town, Qianjiang District of Chongqing, there was a villager who, after his wife was seriously ill, had strayed into the "Sanshu Christian" cult which led to him having nothing but bare walls in his house. Guided by the education of the local party committee, he recognized the essence of the cult. With the help of the policy of targeted poverty alleviation, he became a big local industry owner through hard work. 

In early autumn, the heat is fading. Lishui Town wakes up in the morning, and everything is vivid. At Tan’s home in Lishui Town, a family of four had already begun to work and to give the small silkworms a cluster. They helped each other, and it is a happy life. Such a happy family was once covered by a dark cloud and became extremely poor a few years ago. 


Tan’s wife had a heart attack in 2013 and received treatment for more than 8 months in Chongqing. Tan, who only had a primary school education, could not afford the expensive treatment fee with such little savings accumulated through years of farming, and his two school-age children also needed money. Tan said that it was then that he first felt powerless. At that moment, a mysterious man appeared, who dragged him into a cult. 

Tan: "He said you need to pray in the morning and evening and believe in god. I believed him in my desperation." But Tan did not know this man’s name, and Tan only could recognize his accent as being from Lichuan, Hubei Province. The collapse of his spirit made him muddle along with the "Sanshu Christian" cult, praying every day for his wife's health. 

But his wife's illness did not improve. The local party committee and government found out about his situation in a timely manner, and implemented the return to society project and included him with other families who were in need of help, using policies to solve his problems. This thoroughly changed Tan's fate. The education and home visits made Tan gradually become clear-minded, and let him know about the harm of cults to families and society.

Tan transformed his ideology, and he has become more diligent in his studies as well as a member of the small silkworm community. He has been rated as an "excellent member" for three consecutive years. Tan has done a calculation: with medical treatment, his wife's illness gradually improved, and she is able to do the housework, and help with the silkworm farming. His elder daughter is in college, and she has a living allowance of 2,500 yuan each year. His little son, in middle school, also enjoys a living allowance of 1,200 yuan a year, and their income fromt heir silkworms can be up to 50,000 yuan. Now, he says, they have hope for their life, thanks to the party and government that have brought him back to life and away from the cult, with a policy of targeted poverty alleviation that allowed the family to live a better life. 

(Editor in charge: MuRong)