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The sexual assault of cults

2018-06-06 Source:Kaiwind

The harm caused by cults not only includes mind control, abetting crimes and extortion, but their sexual moral bankruptcy is also heinous. Here are some of the prominent forms of sexual abuses perpetrated by cults.   

1. Seducing children 

Due to the immature physical and mental development of children, they are more vulnerable to sexual abuse than adults. However, cult leaders often rely on their "power" and "prestige", which can easily coerce others into submission. In her autobiography, "The Cult Child," an American woman, Vennie Kocsis, tells the story of the cult "Move of God" which destroyed her physically and psychologically: in Well Town, she experienced physical and mental torture and sexual abuse. Only the elder’s children were likely to avoid the abuses.   


International cult organization "Saints" has about 30,000 followers in Utah, Arizona and Lister town in southern British Columbia, Canada. It says " doomsday" is coming and only people who become ‘holy couples’ can survive the disaster. Cult leaders have used this as an excuse to marry young American girls aged between 13 and 16, and a leader can marry as many as dozens of girls. In Lister, a town of more than a thousand people, the 44-year-old “bishop”, Winston Blackmore "married" 30 girls and had as many as 80 children. Even worse, he was the "superintendent" of a school in the town, demanding that the 184 students in the school "strictly keep the sacred secret".   

2. Incest 

“Children of God” is the most incestuous. Its leader, David Berg, declared that "god's love is sex" and "god does not forbid incest". So it is no surprise that parents and children are incestuous in this religion. He himself has set an example. He was self-styled as the "king", said that his family is "royal", and he "canonized" his eldest daughter as the "queen", paving the way for them to engage in incest, but the eldest daughter refused to be "canonized". David was angry, and said that was "rebellious behavior". He had to settle for second best, and “canonized” his second daughter as "queen", and had an incestuous relationship with the youngest daughter and niece. In 1993, the government of Argentina destroyed seven grassroots "family" organizations of this cult, in which 268 children in the so-called "family" were found to be the product of incest. In contemporary civilized society, this ugly phenomenon is simply a backward step in history. 


There are also some cults where there is no blatant talk of incest, but there is also incest in the dark. Such as Japanese cult leader, Fuyong. He had a wife but he also had an affair with his cousin, who gave birth to a child. As a diversion, Fuyong mobilized his mother to adopt his cousin as her daughter, and brought the child to live with them.   

3. Absolute power 

Some of the cult leaders were tyrannical in nature. They demanded abstinence from believers, no sex between men and women, but they were allowed to do whatever they wanted. Such asJones, the leader of "The People's Temple," who demanded to have sex with young women on a regular basis. If male and female believers wanted to sleep together, they had to get his approval, then they could "legally" spend the night together. When men made mistakes, Jones would command women to refuse to have sex with them to punish the men. On the other hand, for a man who suited Jones, he would ask some women to accompany the man as a reward. The cult Almighty God is similar. In order to ensure the loyalty of all levels and control them, the "high priest” Zhao Weishan will assign a woman to the man in charge from all levels, so that the staff can be dead set to work for him.   


 At Jesus Morning Star, Zheng Mingxi decreed that female followers must marry men in the church, and attend the so-called collective weddings. He often engages in obscene acts to the brides in name of a "health check" at the collective weddings.   

4. Abetting promiscuity 

The leader of “Unitarianism” touted "sex" when "moralizing" their followers, advocating "sexual freedom", and said "you can use sex as a springboard, once you know the ecstasy of sex, you'll be able to understand the great orgasm talked about by the mystics, and it is a cosmic orgasm." "The Dark Devil" often held rallies where men and women wore a black robe and masks. One male would stand next to a  female in line and would turn to the right, and then a female would have sex with the male in front of her. It is said that this way would make it easier for women to become pregnant and could strengthen the "power" of the devil.   


Falun Gong” advocates "double practice of men and women”, so sometimes there will be promiscuous behavior. In a case in 2012, under the name of “practice”and "hierarchy", Falun Gong members had sex and incest. The participators included the people up to 70 years old, young handsome boys and girls, and involved hundreds of people in total. In average, one person needs to “practice” with dozens of people, and the "double practice" patterns include “men and women practice”, “men and men practice”, “women and women practice”, “mother and daughter practice”, “brother and sister practice” as well as “oral practice” and “hand practice”, which make people nauseated. 

5. Rape of female followers 

It is common in cults to commit adultery. Wen Xianming, the leader of the "Unification Church”, used 72 hours to lecture, and locked female followers in his bedroom, saying "I am the son of god, if you keep a physical relationship with me, you can give birth to the savior", and used this to defraud women's chastity. David Koresh, the archbishop of the “Branch Davidians”, said his child would be the ruler of the world and many women were tempted to take pride in having sex with him. Liu Jiaguo made use of the “call of god” in the bible to ask young women to accept the "call", and he deceived 27 women. Zheng Mingxi, the leader of Jesus Morning Star, said “god allows him to have intercourse with all the women in the world". In South Korea, the victims of his sexual assault and harassment number at least 3000 people. Even when he was in prison, he lured a large number of young women to become his "spirit" brides.   


Wu Zeheng, the leader of "China Tibetan Pope", said that the "double practice between men and women can make people learn the Buddha's highest state", "can quickly improve practice" and can "increases their power". By using this, he seduced dozens of female disciples into having sex with him, even his own descendants and daughters.   

The sexual abuse by cults not only corrupts society, but also directly harms bodies, destroys families, and the crimes are outrageous!   

(Editor in charge: Xin Mu)