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The “Gospel” took away my aunt's happy family

2018-07-03 Author:Liang Rui (narrator) Li Yang (Editor)

I'm Liang Rui. My aunt is called Liang Erying. She comes from Delingshan Town, Wulate Middle County of Inner Mongolia. She is a good and honest peasant woman, who was very diligent. She used to get on well with her relatives and neighbors. Although she is not rich, she lived a peaceful life. However, a few years ago, under the "blessing" of Almighty God, my aunt's life was completely changed, and she was entangled in obsession, pain and guilt. My aunt gradually withered with these contradictory and painful feelings.

When I went to see my aunt, she was in bad spirits. She could only lie in bed and could barely hold a bowl to eat. My two cousins who lived nearby had to gone to take care of her. I could not imagine that this woman with silent eyes and dry face was my sprightly aunt. All things happen for a reason and what happened cannot be changed. My aunt is suffering from the pain and regret caused by a cult.

On a rainy day in the spring of 2012, my aunt was chatting with her neighbor Mrs. Wang, as usual. Wang took out a brochure and told my aunt: "today I bring you a treasure, and this is the only one left. I reserved it for you... Let’s watch it every day, and the real god can bless our families... "

My kind aunt followed her good friend along the way of the cult. After that, her original calm and peaceful life became restless. Singing soul songs, evangelizing, and developing members became the daily compulsory course for my aunt. Whenever there was a funeral or a wedding among our relatives and friends, my aunt would mysteriously give people a book or a leaflet, making everyone complain about her. They did not scold her because they did not want her to lose face. Everyone tried to persuade her not to believe in it, and suggested that she could follow Buddhism or Christianity, which have a serious and fixed place if she really needed to believe in something. However, all words were useless and my aunt had her own reasons: there are so many people, and it is overwhelming to them (refers to Buddha and Jesus). Although the "doomsday" rumor of 2012 was discredited, my aunt still clung more and more tightly to her belief in the Almighty God cult.

In October 2012, my aunt's third daughter, who is my third cousin, went to the hospital because of leg pain. After careful examination, the doctor avoided my cousin and told her husband: “the situation is not very good. Go to a bigger hospital as soon as possible and have a further check. Do not delay. ”My cousin thought it was a sprain and was not a big deal. My brother-in-law didn't tell her what the doctor had said, just persuaded her to see a doctor in Hohhot. This loaded a heavy psychological burden onto my timid cousin. After she returned home, she could not walk normally because of fear and pain. After my aunt knew about it, she resolutely refused to let my cousin go to the doctor, saying that the Almighty God could save her daughter. Then she called some believers to sing spiritual songs and pray, and this group of people told my cousin the benefits of “Almighty God”...

Because of the psychological comfort, my cousin’s fear and pressure were relieved. Although her legs were still painful, she could walk. It became an example to my aunt and the believers to spread the Gospel, and they often told others about this story. Her family was also insensitive and thought the doctor had made a mistake. But in less than half a year, my cousin’s leg pain became increasingly severe, and the family was very worried and was finally willing to take her to Hohhot for treatment. But my aunt and her “sisters” firmly resisted: “Our God will bless her! You don't need to take her to the hospital. If you take her to the hospital, you give up halfway! We won't let you take her!”

Persuasion was useless, so the family went behind my aunt’s back and secretly took my cousin to Hohhot to have a check, but the result stunned everyone: advanced bone cancer, and lesions had appeared in her lung and brain, so the disease was inoperable ... After learning that my brother-in-law was not well-off, the warm-hearted doctor politely told him that the hope of being cured was very slim, or he could go back to the local hospital for treatment….

When my aunt heard this news, she cried. And for a long time, my aunt just stood with pale eyes and silently walked to her prayer room, not letting others go in. The family was afraid that my aunt would be depressed and accompanied her, but she only said: “I'm fine.” It took a long time before people suddenly smelled something burning. The family broke into the room and saw that my aunt was in tears and she was burning the book "Talking About the Revealing of God", murmuring:  “San Ya(my cousin's nickname), I ruined you......”

My aunt burned the things she treated as sacred treasures, leaving no traces. Nobody knew what my aunt had thought about in the room. The beautiful world she used to long for became nothing after a bad illness, and only her daughter’s groaning lingered around my aunt’s ears.

In May 2013, my cousin passed away. My aunt’s faith failed to stop the cancer and simply filled her with regret. It took the life of my aunt’s daughter and took away her soul. My aunt got old early because of being tortured by the pain and regret every day. She became quiet and she began to lose her health.

Soon after, because of the report, Wang and other people were detained by the police for spreading the illegal books and CDS. My aunt did not say a word, as if she understood that this result was only a matter of time.

My aunt finally recognized the evil nature of the Almighty God, but it was too costly. I hope my aunt will forget the nightmare and live a sunny life once more.

(Editor in charge: Xin Yu)

Editor:Xin Yu