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Behind the scene of Falun Gong's 'Week of Miseries' during APEC Summit

2007-09-17 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Qin Qiongshan

On September 8-9, the APEC Summit Meeting was held in Sydney, Australia. During the session of APEC Summit, Falun Gong Cult joined hands with Taiwan Independence Divisive Forces and so-called "China democratic movement"  in organizing "Falun Gong's Week of Miseries". They held a Seminar on "Wang Zhiwen Phenomenon" and launched a "Victim Practitioners Memorial", they continued lying on the issue of persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

So what was happened behind "Falun Gong`s Week of Miserries" and why did the "democratic movement forces" and Falun Gong work in hand to organize such performance?

I. "Falun Gong's Week of Miseries" was plotted and organized by "Chinese Liberal Culture Movement",which was headed by Yuan Hongbing. Yuan was a member of so-called "China democratic movement", he has close relationship with Falun Gong.

Yuan Hongbing was born in April 1952 in Hohehot of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, graduated from Law Department of Peking University in 1983 with bachelor degree in law. After he graduated from Law Department of Peking University in 1986 with master degree in law, he was recruited as a teacher at the university. In March 1994, Yuan was arrested for involving in activities subverting state power and was then released after showing signs of repetance. He was then transferred to Guizhou Normal University in 1994, teaching Procedure Law. On 21 July 2004, Yuan visited Australia with a delegation and then left the delegation on the morning of July 21 at Sydney Airport with his assistant Zhao Jing. They applied for political asylum in Australia and turned themselves into defectors.

After his defecting and in order to stay in Australia, Yuan Hongbing soon throwed himself in Falun Gong Cult. Yang Zhen,  a single mother and the head of Australian Falun Gong Branch, invited Yuan Hongbing and his assistant to stay at her home, where they lived for eight months. During this period of time, Yuan Hongbing accepted financial support from Falun Gong and greatly promoted himself by using Falun Gong media. Ironically, Yuan Hongbing later made a false countercharge against Yang Zhen, accusing her of installing detectaphones at her home to monitor his activities and being a "Chinese Communist Party agent". After that, the two of them became enemies.

After all, Falun Gong Cult used to do a great favor to Yuan Hongbing and supported him financially in this foreign country.

After that, Yuan Hongbing started to promote and market Falun Gong Cult as a member of "democratic movement ". On 19 November 2005, he delivered a speech with a topic of "Nine Comments are a Great Spiritual Enlightenment Movement" in New Zealand. On 26 November 2005, during the "Seminar on Nine Comments in New Zealand and Australia" held in Auckland, New Zealand, he made a speech of  "Social Significance of Falun Gong Phenomenon". In 2006, he delivered a speech at Radio Hope(controlled by Falun Gong) on "Nine Comments, Three Retreats and Fast Movement to End the Despotic Rule of CPC". On 14 April 2007, to cooperate with Falun Gong activist Gao Dawei, Yuan Hongbing delivered a speech "Why Must We Quit from CPC" at Hyde Park, Australia, … From these examples, it becomes clear that under the cover of his identity as a "democratic movement member," Yuan Hongbing is actually engaging in activities of Falun Gong Cult.

Yuan Hongbing is willing to serve as a trumpeter for Falun Gong. In May 2005, he published an article entitled Defending Falun Gong, openly praising Falun Gong in the name of  "elite intellectual" and  "democratic movement member", claiming that "some seemingly high-hearted intellectuals say 'we are not involved in political affairs; as for the CPC or Falun Gong, neither of them we are for or against.' I'm so embarrassed to hear such statement and ashamed for the degeneration of intellectuals, for such kind of statement is hypocritical and what's behind it is their inner cowardice, slavishness, selfishness and their lack of courage and righteousness in defending the justice." He criticized other "elites" for not rescuing those in mortal danger and for being "soft-bodied animals" and "slavish". It is clear that Yuan Hongbing never tries to hide his Falun Gong background and position and openly advocates to "tell the truth" about Falun Gong and to "fight against suppression".

Through analyzing his words and behaviors, it becomes clear that Yuan Hongbing is not a real "democratic movement" member but a member of Falun Gong Cult instead, for he takes as his job to promote and market Falun Gong Cult.

II. "Chinese Liberal Culture Movement" is a peripheral organization of Falun Gong established by Yuan Hongbing, serving as the mouthpiece and answering machine of Falun Gong and a tool helping Falun Gong in integrating domestic and overseas "democratic movement" organizations.

At the end of November 2006, Yuan Hongbing launched the establishment of  "Chinese Liberal Culture Movement" in Melbourne, Australia. The participants of its opening session included Fei Liangyong, Zhong Weiguang, Huang Xiang, Su Yang, Chen Yangchao and other "democratic movement" members; Liang Guoxiong, the head of Hong Kong democratic movement; Falun Gong activist Zeng Zheng, and Xia Dao from Taiwan. During the opening session, Zhong Weiguang delivered a speech and clearly pointed out the purpose of the organization and its relationship with Falun Gong, "Some believe that Falun Gong is involved in political affairs, but they actually belittle Falun Gong, for what Falun Gong cares about are fundamental issues of living instead of specific political issues. What Chinese intellectuals today shall care about are also cultural and spiritual issues."

"Chinese Liberal Culture Movement" is actually a peripheral organization of Falun Gong under the name of a "democratic movement" organization, and its main function is to coordinate the relationship between Falun Gong organizations and "democratic movement" forces. Falun Gong activist Zeng Zheng appears to be a member of this organization but is actually the representative of Falun Gong in this organization. After the founding of this organization, he works hard to serve Falun Gong and the organization supports all that Falun Gong supports and is against all that Falun Gong is against. The organization doesn`t only do what Falun Gong does but also does thing that are inconvenient for Falun Gong to do.

After its founding, "Chinese Liberal Culture Movement" announced to the public that "our mission is to advocate free thinking, free creation, and free expression," but actually, all its open activities focus on Falun Gong and openly eulogize, praise Falun Gong Cult, publicize falsely in cooperation with Falun Gong media, cheating the public.

1. On 9 December, Chinese Liberal Culture Movement granted the so-called "Special Human Rights Hero Award" to "protecting democratic movement" personnel in China  including Gao Zhisheng, Chen Guangcheng, Yan Zhengxue and Li Hong.

2. Chinese Liberal Culture Movement claims to establish "Chinese Liberal Culture Award" and awards the winners once a year since 2007, offering USD 5,000 for each award. It also offers one grand awards every five years with the prize of USD 50,000 each. Zhong Weiguang,  the "democratic movement" member in Germany has been appointed to construct appraisal committee.


3. During 6-12 April 2007, Chinese Liberal Culture Movement held an activity called "Prospect on Chinese Social Human Culture Development in Next Decade" in Auckland, New Zealand. The event invited "democratic movement" members including Huang Xiang, Fei Liangyong, and Guo Guoting, as well as Falun Gong activists Zhang Erping and Zeng Zheng. They claimed that the event was "the first large scale dialogue between intellectuals and Falun Gong members in the history of China".

4. On 8 April 2007, at the Aotea Centre of Auckland, Australia, as the chief  member of Chinese Liberal Culture Movement, Yuan Hongbing granted to Falun Gong "2007 Special Spiritual Belief Award of Chinese Liberal Culture Movement" and claimed that the granting of the award is to "honor the group for its brave seeking of spiritual and religious liberty, and to show the respect of Chinese Liberal Culture Movement to them," that "this is the first time since Falun Gong was suppressed in 1999 that Chinese nongovernmental organization and intellectuals to praise Falun Gong group." Zhang Erping received the award in the name of overseas Falun Gong organizations. Falun Gong Cult head Li Hongzhi inscribed for "Chinese Liberal Culture Movement" "Reviving Chinese divine culture". Through its control of  "democratic movement", Falun Gong manipulated these "elites" and awarded itself. It's just as ridiculous as one passing an award from left hand to the right hand.

5. "Falun Gong's Week of Miseries" during APEC Summit is the fifth open activity of this organization.

III. Chinese Liberal Culture Movement has profound background of Taiwan independence divisive forces, the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy is one of the investors behind this Chinese Liberal Culture Movement.

It is difficult to know the relationship between Yuan Hongbing and Taiwan divisive forces through open channels; but a total of 18,300 entries are available through an internet searching engine by inputting the key words of "Yuan Hongbing" and "Taiwan". Yuan used to visit Taiwan and called himself "a slave without a country". In his novel <Golden Saint Mountain>, Yuan accused  "the CPC destroys the beliefs of Tibetan people". The books written by Yuan Hongbing are all published, distributed and marketed by "Broad Press" controlled by Taiwan Falun Gong organization.

But Fei Liangyong, another founder and activist of "Chinese Liberal Culture Movement", accepts the financial support from Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and serves as the mouthpiece of Taiwan authority in overseas "democratic movement". Fei Liangyong serves as a Chairman of  "Federation for a Democratic China". His personal information  is as follows:

1. Chinese name 费良勇, English name FEI Liangyong, penname Han Po Ling, Hua Chuan Yu and etc..Sex: male. Birth date: 3 November 1954. Birth place: Chongqing. Nationality: Germany (time of naturalization 15 November 1996). Marriage status: married with one son and one daughter.In the university, he majored in safety analysis of nuclear reactor (atomic pile). Language: Chinese, Germany, English.

2. Part of his education background and work experience

1978.03-1982.07 Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, studying nuclear reactor (atomic pile) engineering.


1982.08-1987.11 working at Chengdu Southwest Center for Reactor Engineering Research and Design.


1987.11-1991.03 studying nuclear reactor safety analysis at Germany Technical University of Munich, obtaining scholarship from China State Ministry of Education and the doctoral scholarship from German Krupp Fund.


3. With the pressure of making a living, turning to Taiwan independence divisive forces for help.

The rising anti-nuclear campaign led by German Green Party resulted in the declining of German nuclear industry. Accordingly, Fei Liangyong was forced to give up his major and engaged in the work of environmental protection and insurance. He once opened a Chinese restaurant but, unfortunately, the building was renovated during a removal project and he had to give up his restaurant career. In 2003, he founded a company of grocery import & export for both wholesale and retail, but the prospect of the company was not good either.

According to the introduction of Taiwan media, Taiwan intelligence organizations made efforts to recruit scholars or students from mainland China and now studying in the US or even mainland officials doing research work in the US. With work experience in Chinese nuclear industry, Fei Liangyong became their target of recruiting. Fei, under the pressure of life, accepted their offer and soon became an agent for Taiwan intelligence organization.

According to China Social Democratic Party, an overseas democratic force (http://www.chinasocialdemocraticparty.com/News_Detail.aspx?ID=ff312058-b7a0-444d-a24e-a76cd5d18439), "the Federation for a Democratic China was chaired by Fei Liangyong in Germany during 2004-2008". With his efforts, Federation for a Democratic China obtained financial support from Taiwan and was then able to revive. With the support, Fei Liangyong organized Berlin Democratic Movement Conference in 2006 and Brussels Conference in 2007, which improved the awareness of Federation for a Democratic China. But since the activities were supported by Taiwan, Fei had to adopt a flexible attitude toward Taiwan divisive forces, which served as an excuse for some members inside the Federation to criticize Fei Liangyong. Among his criticizers, some were out of the hatred on Taiwan divisive forces, some were dissatisfied with Fei himself, while others had the both at the same time. Recently, it is said that some branches of Federation for a Democratic China were planning to split by organizing another headquarters of Federation for a Democratic China.

The news published on the BBS of China Labour Party also provides support on it: (http://www.b2g4.com/boards/board.cgi?action=read&id=1178981329&user=chineselaborparty) "The fundamental reason why we split up is that Fei Liangyong and some other people drag the Federation to the camp of Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party. As for overseas democratic movement, the issue of Taiwan is not only a political issue, but also an issue concerning national feelings."

Even Federation for a Democratic China and Fei himself never tried to hide its relationship with Taiwan authority. According to the Work Summary 2006 of Federation for a Democratic China (http://fdc64.de/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=41&Itemid=35&lang=cn), "Fei Liangyong had a short meeting with Ms Huang Meixin, deputy executive president of Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and some other persons in charge of International Democracy Alliance. On the afternoon at the Office of China Human Right, Mr Feng Congde, a member of the directorate of China Human Right and one of the leaders during 1989 democratic movement, Mr. Jiao Bogu, former director of Japan Branch of Federation for a Democratic China had a discussion with Fei Liangyong and Hua Chuanmei on human rights protection activities within China."

Most activities of Federation for a Democratic China and Fei Liangyong were participated by the officials of Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and therefore bore clearly the imprint of Taiwan divisive force. "China democratic movement leaders Fei Liangyong and Xue Wei went to Tokyo to participate China Democratic Forum and met with the delegation of Taiwan Foundation for Democracy led by deputy executive president Cai Changyan. The report is contributed by journalist Nan Zhou of Radio Free Asia from…" (http://cdp1998.org/details.asp?detailsid=5515)

"Chairman Fei Liangyong of Federation for a Democratic China from Germany held that, if China adopts democratic system, then not only Tibetan issues can be solved, Xinjiang issues and Taiwan issues can also be solved…. Director Zhong Yuefeng of Tibetan Affairs Office from Taiwan Mongolia and Tibet Committee introduced that …" (http://www.observechina.net/info/ArtShow.asp?ID=42844)

There are many similar examples. There would be a total of 43,100 entries on Google by inputting "Fei Liangyong" and "Taiwan". It is clear that Fei Liangyong has a close relationship with Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, Taiwan officials, a mysterious Taiwanese Ming Juzheng, and former adviser Ruan Ming of Taiwan authority. There is only one possible reason that  Fei obtained a large amount of money from Taiwan authority to support his activities around the world and to serve the purpose of  Taiwan independence divisive forces.

IV. Free performance jointly organized by democratic movement "elites" and Falun Gong activists

So who else participated in "Falun Gong's Week of Miseries" co-sponsored by Falun Gong spokesman Yuan Hongbing and Fei Liangyong with the support of Taiwan Independence Divisive Forces during APEC Summit ?

Yuan Tiemin, a follower of Yuan Hongbing and a "democratic movement" member with suspicious identity, delivered a speech on "the Spirit of Wang Zhiwen". During the "Seminar on Wang Zhiwen Phenomenon", Yuan claimed that he was a teacher of "former Northwest University of Politics & Law". On 27 November 2006, he made a speech entitled "Chinese Liberal Culture Movement Manifesto", and he claimed he was a "lecturer Southwest University of Politics & Law", one can find this article from website of The Epoch Times. In his articles published on the same Epoch Times including "the Third Session Sydney Nine Comments Seminar" on 7 February 2005 and "the Bell Tolls for CPC Despotic Rule" on 16 February 2005, he said that he was the "lecturer of the Department of Law of Northwest University". And then in the article of Democracy Forum News and Review published on 3 May 2006, he claimed that he was the "bachelor of honor of Sydney University", recently he changed his mind and called himself "a teacher from Northwest University of Politics & Law". I have no idea where did this Yuan Tiemin really come from.

Wang Xiaodan, the daughter of Wang Zhiwen, lied in her article "My Father Wang Zhiwen" published on Falun Gong media, "It is today that  my father was sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment with fabricated excuses. Later my relatives told me that my father was not allowed to even close his eyes for a moment during seven days and nights. They even tortured my father by all means and it seemed that my father was ten years older during six months confinement. My father didn't have money to buy even tissue and toothpaste and had to wear my used clothes."

Since the day I started to observe Wang Xiaodan, she has never spoken without lying and this time is no exception.

Firstly, Wang Zhiwen is nearly 60 this year and, through the video clips released through Kaiwind.com, he looks fat and has rosy cheeks, appearing to be younger than his real age. Then why did his daughter say he appears ten years older?

Secondly, the prison provides free clothing, food, accommodation, and medical services and there are dozens-yuan allowance available for inmates for purchasing tissue, toothpaste and other necessities. Moreover, Wang Xiaodan's paternal aunts Wang Shuyu, Wang Shuying, Wang Shuyun, her maternal grandmother Zhang Tao and maternal Aunt Xu Zhuqing regularly visited Wang Zhiwen every month. Haven`t they given Wang Zhiwen money and done shopping for him?  There are stores inside the prison of Beijing and it's convenient for inmates to buy things.

Thirdly, the prison will provide uniforms for inmates every year, is it necessary for Wang Zhiwen to wear the old clothes of his daughter? In addition, it is not allowed in the prison for inmates to wear clothes other than uniform, neither is they allowed keeping or wearing clothes brought from home.

Fourthly, Wang Zhiwen is 1.75m tall and weighs 150 jin; it is impossible for him to wear the old clothes that his girl used to wear when she was a teenager.

Fifthly, her family members have refuted Wang Xiaodan`s assertions, it is clear that the accusation of "Wang Zhiwen being tortured" by Wang Xiaodan is nonsense.

Just when "Falun Gong's Week of Miseries" during APEC Summit jointly organized by Yuan Hongbing, Fei Liangyong, Zeng Zheng, and Lan Feng was launched, several other activities organized by Wei Jingsheng, chairman of Overseas Democratic Movement Joint Conference, Pan Qing, overseas spokesman of National Human Right and Anti-Violence Federation, Qin Jin, chairman of Australia Federation for a Democratic China, Zhang Erping, spokesman of Falun Gong, Atixia, representative of Dalai Lama in Australia, among others, including "Symposium between Australia Green Party head Brown and Chinese Overseas Dissidents" and  "APEC China Human Rights Demonstration" were also held in Sydney. Regrettably, these farces are in want of audience as always.