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After China earthquake disaster, Chinese in New York protest Falun Gong's rejoicing

2008-05-23 Author:By: Jocelyn Eikenburg

The China earthquake disaster has brought some interesting images out of China, but not usually protests. Apparently, instead of providing financial donations and relief help, Falun Gong has rejoiced in the wake of all of the loss and misery, saying that this is the Gods' way of punishing the country.

This video, in Mandarin Chinese, shows overseas Chinese living in Flushing, New York protesting against Falun Gong demonstrators standing outside of a local public library - who had been there for three days - in an effort to force the Falun Gong to leave the area. They say that, as Chinese, these Falun Gong ought to show their concern and support for their country, instead of denouncing it and refusing to provide charitible donations or assistance. And, perhaps more importantly, it collides with the usual image of Falun Gong practitioners as kindhearted, caring individuals.

Some of the seething language used:

"Falun Gong is an evil cult...everyone else is providing disaster relief, and what are you doing? You have no ancestors!"

"Where is your goodheartedness?"

"You're not Chinese!"

"Falun Gong uses lies to create hatred. They have no humanity. That whole "kindhearted" image they promote is not Falun Gong."

"Even Kuomintang, who we have a conflict with, has no problem [helping with disaster relief]. But you Falun Gong are still [condemning the disaster]....you've sold your souls!"

"Chinese people ought to have more responsibility [than the foreign workers coming into the country] to help..."

"They say they can foretell the future...so this is also their country, they are also Chinese. Why can't they make the disaster go away?"

"The Communist Party wasted their resources raising [The Falun Gong]!....Shameless!"

The video is in Mandarin Chinese.

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(The Wu Way, May 21, 2008)

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