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Falun Gong, China’s Scientology

2012-04-10 Author:By Pengyouchina

Falun Gong is a....emm....historically throughout Chinese history,there have been religious movements along with political movements. In the mid 19th century, there was the taiping rebellion movement, the Boxers who were religious movements, who.. they tried to... almost overthrew the qing government. And it was one of the...there was also no religious movements in like the late 19th and the mid 19th century, I think, kind of think it’s…
Falun Gong, is a matter of nowhere maybe a decade years ago, there are suddenly a three hundred thousand people came out of nowhere, and they started practicing this form of taiji quan, sort of qigong. This Falun Gong, you know, these people are a little bit nuts, so the government decided to crack it down, torture them, imprison them. My point to this thing is, look, these people are actually crazy, I mean, I’ve got nemos from Falun Gong. They say, you know, we do certain brilliant exercises so impervious to the bullets, it’s nuts, right? So you know my opinion to Chinese government, should just try all the cameras on them and say line them up, it’s ok, do these brilliant exercises and shoot you. You know? If you survive, we let you go. So I think it’s a more creative way they could devil them and crack it down.
For some reasons, Falun Gong is almost like our perform of Scientology. It has taken root in a lot of powerful, influential people, especially professors in very high levels in china. For whatever reason, they just really drawn into it. I think part of it is a sort of anti-Chinese government movement, even though it’s more spiritual…technically I don't think it is. It’s a myth,on one hand it's like, yea, there was a bad government but they are kind of nuts themselves.  So, you know, it's not the cruelties.
So anyway, that’s my opinion take a forward towards it, it’s not absolute.


Original text from: http://vimeo.com/2363058