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Falun Gong and Judas priests

2013-01-21 Author:By Sid Thomas

How many saw … ?

In a well publicized gaffe, a reporter from a Falun Gong newspaper in attendance at Presidents Hu and Bush’s White House lawn press conference, commenced haranguing the Communist Chinese leader to stop persecuting the sect, and demanding that Bush make him.

Hu had already been insulted by not being received at a formal state dinner. Then, when the moment of gravity in addressing the American people along side their leader came, it is shattered by this incident. The insult was palpable a formal apology was tendered.

Two straws in the wind in the aftermath show which way it blows. a. Bush’s apology as criticized by some right-wingers; the word ‘kowtowing’ was used; b. The Falun Gong woman’s protest was equated with Cindy Sheehan’s: “How come Sheehen is lauded as peace activist, and Wang WayLi hauled away like a common criminal?” These are the political follow-up spin. Bush is soft on human rights in China. What would Lottie Moon say?

The name wouldn’t be familiar to all, but Southern Baptist’s in the 40’s and 50’s, until now, I suppose, would all know of Lottie Moon’s Christmas offering. She was our Mother Theresa, beloved missionary to a mysterious, barely known people, in fulfillment of the Great Commission. (Mark 16.14: “Go ye into all the world and proclaim the good news.”) Allowing her work to suffer at the hands of Maoists wouldn’t sit right with many of Bush’s Christian supporters.

Actually, though, the difference between the two religions is so stark, take away the bloody crucifixion, as to amount to laughable comparison. For one thing, Falun Gong demonized animals. Everybody has a “beast” side attuned to some species of animals, communication with which cultivates spiritual energy. Foxes, for instance, are able to ‘refine the elixir’; snakes and some other animals are able to cultivate themselves (in attuned persons). Purity of spirit is sought by overcoming tendencies due to The Beast within.

If this motif is translated from lower Mongolian Asia into 0 a.d. Jerusalem religion tradition, however, the picture of the crucified comes back, in context, as precisely the end of the way of being represented by these people fighting demon animals in themselves. In the Western version, this instinctual kinship with the animals is externalized, that is, projected onto specific animals, and sacrificed; for instance, by Egyptian priests, the Aphis Bull. Animal sacrifice as a sacralized ritual act, carried out for atonement, forgiveness of sin, in celebration, is widespread throughout Mesopotamian, Mediteranean, Egyptian civilizations during the Age of the Ram. It is a major psychodynamic thread leading onto, but not extending beyond, the Age of Pisces. The transition is marked by completion of the sacrifice complex in the Archetypal figure of Jesus Christ on the Cross. The sacrifice to end sacrifice – by bringing the principle of its truth about ourselves vis a vis the animal world to consciousness, and using that as a stepping stone to higher form of humanity. Sacralizing that act recognizes the violent disruption of the unity with all of life which “being human” instinctually involves, while at the same time, representing the completion of what that form of humanity is, by doing it.

This is brought out vividly in the ancient manuscript recently published under the title “The Gospel of Judas.” After seeing a vision of a “great house with a large altar”, with 12 men before it called priests, and a name, receiving offerings, the disciples go and tell Jesus. He asks “What are the priests like?” “Some sacrifice their own children, othes their wives, in praise and humiliation of each other; some sleep with men, some are involved in slaughter, some do many sinful and lawless things, And the men who stand before the altar invoke your name, and in all the deeds of their deficiency, the sacrifices are brought to completion.” Jesus acknowledges the sacrifices are received in his name, and says it is them: “Those you have seen receiving the offerings at the altar—that is who you are. That is the god you serve, and you are those12 men you have seen. The cattle you have brought to sacrifice are the many people you lead astray.” “(And they) have planted trees without fruit, in my name, in a shameful manner.” “Stop sacrificing …over the altar, since they are over your stars and angels and have already come to their conclusion there.” He repeats, in telling Judas of the generations to come, “the stars bring matters to completion.” He is saying (my interpretation) the Judas priests of every generation will be those who collect sacrifices from men, profiting from sin. They continue the sacrifice routine with no inner connection to what it is about -- or they wouldn’t be doing it. After seeing that, there is nothing more he anyone could do. “It is finished.”

This post Vietnam war generation has brought America to this: era of the Judas Priests. That is it is to equate the anti-Communist agitators Falun Gong with true Christian spirits, such as Lottie Moon -- to get a “Chinese persecution of religion” protest for propaganda purposes. The work of Judas Priests, made easy by public indifference to the difference. The Judas generation. All the right words it has for other’s benefit; no soul has it of its own.

I put credence in this download by an escapee:


Falun Gong: homophobic mind control cult created by the CIA

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 2006/03/01 - 7:37pm. Hidden

Hidden by Cam - duplicate from the San Francisco Sentinal

Dear Editor:

My name is Samuel Luo and my parents are both Falun Gong practitioners who have been hurt and exploited by this cult. Among the many harms done to them, I have been seriously concerned that they have refused needed medical treatment. In 2002, my step-father initially refused help when he had a stroke and he has suffered painful gout attacks unnecessarily for five years. He did so because he was being brainwashed into believing that Li Hongzhi, the founder and leader of this cult has the power to cure illnesses and taking medicine is counter productive.

The Falun Gong is also extremely homophobic. Li teaches that homosexuality is not the standard of being human, the priority of Gods will be to eliminate homosexuals and that gays are demonic in nature. These teachings are honored by all Falun Gong practitioners. Recently when I confronted my mother with these teachings she said that the elimination of gays is already happening. When I wanted her to give specific examples she said that all the natural disasters that happened recently are directed at corrupt people, gays included


If this smacks of truth (it, too, might be a CIA plant), it makes the incident appear to have been arranged for its propaganda purposes, to give Bush cover for acting tough toward China by defending human rights, etc., while at the same time, for those peering deeper, its rabid anti-homosexuality resonates with his right-wing Christian base. It has all the earmarks of a Rove Special. Wang WayLi would have received press clearance by someone; would they be the same ones who cleared the homosexual whore Guckert? He, and other “reverse gay” activists organized Republican political gay bashing. This is the same as “Christian” Judas priests accepting offerings intended for Christ, whom they have killed. Some of these Christian Judas priests would share demon communion with the reverse gay political manipulators.

Note: The phrase “Judas Priest” is coined by Bob Dylan in the song “Judas Priest and Frankie Lee,” from the late 60’s John Wesley Harding. Album. The heavy metal music group from Birmingham took the name, and launched the genre. It is one in which the musical chord has given way to the rhythmic, hard-driving, barely musical, loud metal striking. In Rene Guenon’s terms, this represents the bottom line of industrial age replacement of quality by quantity, the transformation of sacredness in sound to the Smithy pounding his anvil. The group emerged in the 70’s, then in the 80’s, now most recently in ’03. It is an amazing coincidence that Dylan’s ballad should apply so presciently 35 years later, by publication of this 1,700 year old sectarian text. The Gospel of Judas for this Judas generation. It’s, like, the baby boomers got to have even their own revelation. “I’ll see you up the road.” (They’ve become a pack of hyenas.)

(Blogspot.com, April 24, 2006)

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