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Tony Lambert: Lightning from the East

2013-03-15 Author:by Tony Lambert

Wherever one travels in China, Christian leaders talk about the devastating effects of the cult Lightning from the East. Not only has this cult spread throughout China (especially in rural areas) but now it is active overseas. Not so long ago we were alerted about cult members placing their tracts on the windshields of cars parked outside Chinese churches in California during Sunday services! The cult now has centers in New York and Toronto, and an active website.

LFE’s Basic Teachings

According to Lightning from the East (hereafter called LFE) God has revealed himself to mankind in three distinct dispensations:

l) the era of Law (Jehovah)

2) the era of Grace (Jesus)

3) the era of the Kingdom (the female Messiah).

 “Jesus came in the flesh to work among people after Jehovah’s work. His work was based on Jehovah’s work, but is not the whole part but one part. It was a new wave. In the same way, God still continues his work in the next age after Jesus’ work because God’s management is developing all the time. The old age passes and the new age will take its place. God becomes flesh this time, a second time after Jesus’ work. The Word become flesh this time is not separated from the last time, but it is the third step of the work after the Law era and the Grace era. God’s character, work-style, place of work and his name will change. No wonder it is difficult for people to accept God’s work in the new era. At the end, God has come in the flesh again and brought the Kingdom Era and finished the Grace Era. All those who receive God in the flesh come again can be received into the Kingdom Era. Jesus came into the world to do much work. But he only finished the work of salvation as a sacrifice and did not sweep away people’s corrupt nature at all. In order to save people out of Satan’s control completely, God not only bears away people’s sins through Jesus as a sacrifice but also does a greater work to sweep away people’s corruption. So after their sins are forgiven, God comes back again in the flesh to lead people into the new era and starts the judgement. These words bring people into the higher state. All those who obey him will enjoy a higher truth and greater blessings. If people still stay in the Grace Era they can never put off their corrupted nature or know God’s true nature. If you always live under rich grace but do not have the path of life to make you know and enjoy God then you don’t really know God. Such belief is wretched. When you read our book and experience every step of the work in the Kingdom Era, you’ll feel that only now can you see God face to face, hear his voice and appreciate his wisdom in his work.”

(LFE Website)

In this basic introduction to the teaching of the cult the full “revelation” of the “truth” of the female Messiah is only hinted at. This is consistent with the cult’s underhand activity in infiltrating orthodox evangelical house churches, and only gradually leading gullible Christians astray after lulling their suspicions. In fact, LFE originated in Henan in 1990 when a woman surnamed Deng set herself up as the “female Christ,” “Christ returned in the flesh” and “the Christ of the end-times.” She made much (mis)use of Matthew 24:27 which states: “For as the lightning cometh out of the east and shines even unto the west, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.” She claims to be that “lightning,” and that her words will spread from East to West. After just a decade she claims to have several million followers.

LFE Propaganda

The Voice of God in China (Shen Zai Zhongguo de Fasheng) is a small booklet being distributed in North America. The “female Messiah” speaks in the first person, pretending to be God, as follows:

“I will do a work among the Gentiles, the universe will see in a flash my glory...

 “Let everyone use the Light as strength that my name be further glorified, spreading to the people, making them realize that I came to earth long ago, bringing the glory of Israel to the east, because my glory cometh from the east...

 “Therefore in these last days my name will change again—not Jehovah, nor Jesus nor the Messiah. I shall be called the almighty, omnipotent God and I shall use this name to end all ages. I was once called Jehovah, and also Messiah, and even called Jesus, but today I am no longer the Jehovah or Jesus you know; I am returned in these end times—the God who will end the ages...

 “I am God, worshiped by people long ago. I am full of glory, the omnipotent one! Let the world come to my throne, see my glory, hear my voice, see my works, this is my whole will, my last plan, the climax and my purpose all along; let a multitude worship, a multitude of mouths confess, a multitude of people believe, a multitude of citizens return and serve!”

A Secret Handbook

The utterly satanic nature of this cult is confirmed by the contents of an “insider” handbook which trains sect members how to infiltrate and destroy gospel churches from the inside. Orthodox evangelical house churches are deliberately targeted, as are the most spiritual house-church leaders. The first chapter of this book is entitled “Spying” which is divided up into the following sections:

1) “Spying is using different connections and differing methods to gain access to the inner working of churches; it is to make better connections, winning their trust…

2) “Don’t put  other people off—be a normal person and leave a good impression. Be well-mannered, dress neatly and normally…

3) “You must have some basic knowledge of the Bible, especially what Jesus said in the New Testament, as well as the epistles of Paul and passages in Revelation concerning saving grace…

4) “Know something of the denomination’s methods of indoctrination.

5) “Do not spy on these denominations:

i) Three Self church

ii) Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Buddhists, Taoists, Muslims, Established King, New Testament Church, etc

6) “You should spy on:

i) Those who believe in Jesus, pray to Jesus and thirst after God’s revelation.

ii) Real believers, who truly love God, with no physically serious impairment and with a sane mind...

7) “How to be successful at spying:

i) As many denominations oppose bearing false witness, we should try our best not to let people know we are lying, although for the sake of our work we do not speak the truth.

ii) During the first few times in a new church, speak less and ask more questions to try and understand the situation and what kind of experiences they emphasize...

iii) Take advantage of the situation and say what they want to hear:

a) Be sincere in prayer, mentioning some sad things, asking for more blessings for their families and church;

b) We can make use of the weak points of those sheep who are selfish, e.g.:

Some people will take you as their mentor. Oblige them.

Some believe crying is important [Note: The New Birth house-churches]. So we should cry with more sadness and bitterness, thus moving their hearts and winning their trust.

Some believe we should suffer outwardly and be persecuted. So we should act so and with a greater degree of seriousness to satisfy them.

Do not at this stage preach. Just speak of personal experiences and give short testimonies to give them a good impression, to fulfill your role of a spy and establish good contacts.

8) “How to remove suspicion while spying:

When necessary weep or kneel in prayer, speak sincerely and cry as though from the heart, and not faked.

9) “Unique points of different denominations:

i) Those saved by faith [LFE includes evangelicals in this category]. They mainly keep to the teaching regarding grace as found in the book of Romans. Apart from the Bible, which they regard as the most important, they read books by Wang Mingdao and booklets from Hong Kong broadcasting stations. They frequently read the following verses: Romans 4:3-13; John 3:16; Romans 10:9-11, Acts 2:21, John 5:24.”

[There follow sections on the Shouters, Three Categories of Servants Sect, Lingling church, Jesus Family, etc.]

A Brief Critique

LFE is a satanic cult particularly targeting evangelical house churches which it seeks to infiltrate and take over or destroy. The leader is an egotistical maniac who claims to be Christ—and therefore according to Scripture a false prophet(ess) and an anti-christ. Jesus Himself warned that in the Last Days there would be many such:

 “At that time if anyone says to you ‘Look, here is the Christ’ or ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time.” (Matthew 24:23-25)

LFE teachings attack the heart of the gospel because they regard the Bible as out of date, and the Lord Jesus Christ as belonging to a former dispensation which has been replaced. Christ’s work on the cross is denied, as it failed , according to LFE, to take away the believer’s sin. God’s grace in Jesus is also disparaged. It has been replaced by the judgement of the “Kingdom Era.” This fearful heresy is no minor aberration but a dagger-blow at the heart of the gospel. The fact that house-church evangelicals are particularly targeted is confirmation that LFE is Satan’s masterpiece for the subversion of the house churches, just as “theological construction” is meant to subvert the gospel in the Three Self churches. In both these ways, the gospel of grace is under strong attack in China.


(Omf.org,September 9,2001)

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