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Me and the Cult Leader win Grand Prix at EIDF 2021

2021-09-08 Source:www.koreaherald.com Author: Lee Si-jin

Lithuanian director Giedre Zickyte’s “The Jump” won the Grand Prix in the global category at the 18th EBS International Documentary Festival, the broadcaster announced Tuesday. Director Sakahara Atsushi’s “Me and the Cult Leader” won the Grand Prix in the Festival Choice in Asia category.

  Twenty-one films vied for prizes in the three competitive categories -- Festival Choice in Global, Festival Choice in Asia and a mobile shorts competition.


                                             “Me and the Cult Leader” (EBS)


The Japanese director is the survivor of Aum Shinrikyo cult’s terror in 1995 and meets Araki, one of the head members of the cult. The film is a road movie, where the survivor and the perpetrator of the massacre go on a trip together and reflect on the past.


“The Jump” and “Me and the Cult Leader” will each receive a grand prize money of 10 million won ($8,514).


In the mobile shorts competition, “Ian, and the World” “The Huinnyeoul Culture Village” and “Dad, Can You See My Face?” won the Mobile Grand Prix, Excellence Prize and Participation Prize, respectively.


The Grand Prix-winning films will all be available for viewing on the broadcaster’s documentary streaming platform D-Box.


Source: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20210831000675