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Abominable Practices in Some 'Christian' Churches (CULTS - WHO IS VULNERABLE? Chapter 37)

2015-05-11 Source:facts.org Author:Audrey Chaytor

A report in The Times on 5th May 2011 gave information of the terrible abuses of some children, accused of witchcraft in Africa, where it appears there is little or no understanding of the plight of these children. Beliefs in witchcraft, within African 'Christian' communities, are supported within some churches now established in the UK. Harsh punishments are carried out behind closed doors.

The report said:

The Trust for London is so concerned at the spread of the problem to this country that it has donated ?450,000 to help children who are abused following accusations of witchcraft. The Trust for London report also said, that informing the young of their rights to be cared for and not physically harmed, was proving to be an important part of tackling the problem.

A British Charity, Stepping Stones Nigeria, based in Lancaster, has compiled a dossier of more than 250 cases of severe hideous violence against children, accused of being witches, in Akkwe Iborn State. This information will present evidence to the Commission of Inquiry into Child Witchcraft at the Nigerian High Commission in London.

It was also reported that a British Government working group, Project Violet, would examine evidence and try to establish the scale of the problem. Meanwhile, guidelines have been revised for social workers in London, for the improvement and safeguard of children in ethnic and religious minority communities. It seems to be taking a very long time.

Sadly, The Church of England is still silent on this subject, as are many other bodies. But this form of cruelty, which has now been subsumed into this country, should be of concern to everyone. Should this situation be allowed to continue in 'churches' in our country? *

On another front, there is news of an African village where many bodies have been found, assumed to be the result of some unexplained holy war between Christian and Moslem children. It appears that this incident was not even investigated.

* It has been stated that overall there are some 4,000 African Evangelical churches throughout the UK with combined congregations of tens of thousands.

FAIR news August 2010


This is the chapter 22 of the book “Cults – Who is Vulnerable?” by Audrey Chaytor, Trustee of The Family Survival Trust, the UK, and will be published in instalments on Facts.org.cn.



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About the Author: 

Audrey Chaytor, who from October 2007 until January 2011 was Chief Executive of The Family Survival Trust, has over thirty years’ experience of listening to, supporting, advising and helping victims of cults, their families, friends and associates. She remains a Trustee to this day. The late John Bazlinton, who was until his death in 2008 also a Trustee, often asked Audrey to write something down to preserve her years of experience. She had been at work on the project since 2009, and in 2011 finished the draft of her work, which she called “Cults – Who is Vulnerable?”. This is a synopsis of the first third of the book, section by section, in order to give a detailed idea of what it covers.