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Freedom of Choice and Belief (CULTS - WHO IS VULNERABLE? Chapter 21)

2015-05-15 Source:facts.org

"Everyone has the right to choose their own religion'' or “If they are happy why can you not just leave them alone?” Recently, some parents known to me were having a discussion with their daughter's Godmother who asked them to accept their daughter's ‘chosen path’, as this should surely convince them that it had been her own ‘choice’. Such torpid and comfortable attitudes are unhelpful, even shocking, while families struggle to come to terms with life-changing and/or abandoned ambitions.

During the period since the 60s and 70s an evolution of cultic groups has become a serious world problem. Unscrupulous individuals, eager to find a quick and easy way to make money, have jumped on the bandwagon. Friends and relatives might even be aware of the dangers but find it much more comfortable to opt out rather than confront the problem. Many claim that recruitment into a cult is a choice based upon freedom.

This is absolutely not true! Many children are born within cults having been taken there by their parents. Do they have a choice or a voice?

Remember Jonestown (The People's Temple) and the Waco Ranch, two examples of children taken into cults, by parents. Victims, recruited by deception and rendered into a state where they are unable to see or recognize deception, are in danger and can therefore be a danger to their children. Mature adults can be groomed and moulded into unrecognizable shadows of their former selves before they even know what has happened to them.

There is, as yet, no move towards protective legislation against destructive groups. Many powerful leading figures confound us with their ignorance. Others ask questions but are unable to highlight possible solutions. Some statements made by prominent people and powerful politicians are beyond belief.

Journalist Russell Millar, in his book Apostle of the Main Chance, wrote:“…religion was booming in post-war America. All the churches were increasing their membership, there was a new interest in revivalism, epitomized by Billy Graham's spectacular crusades-songs like: I believe and epic films such as The Ten Commandments. Politicians spoke of ‘Piety on the Potomac’ and President-elect Dwight D. Eisenhower, declared in1952: ‘Our government makes no sense unless it is founded on a deeply-felt religious faith and I don't care what it is’!”

Eisenhower's comment is inept, lacking in imagination, almost unbelievable. It is both disturbing and shocking and seems even worse when one remembers that he had played an important part in the fighting force for freedom in World War Two. Possibly he was intent on creating a new order after the years of war, was yet unaware of the lurking dangers of ‘religion’, which now have seriously damaged many thousands of lives.

The United States Congress boosted the new piety by adding the phrase ‘under God’ to the pledge of allegiance. Sadly, many present-day destructive cults and religions have entered the wider world via the USA.

I now know that ‘belief' can be a hazardous thing and my concerns are not only founded on individual beliefs but on the degree of human exploitation to be achieved under that banner. How many world leaders are aware, willing to learn and take up the challenge, for the sake of the free world?

Manipulations, insults and hardships are perpetrated and victims appear to accept anything carried out under the banner of ‘religion’ or ‘belief’. ‘Brainwashing’ is now a fact of life but still denied by some. It is known that physical changes can be observed within the human brain as a result of brainwashing. This process is clearly explained by Professor Benjamin Zablocki of Rutgers University and the information is published and available.

Victims of cult exploitation, even though they would deny it, are doing the things they have been instructed to do. BBC Radio 4, January 2010, broadcast an excellent program, describing the tragedy of The People's Temple in Jonestown, which included some of the voices of those who had been there. At the end, while the killing was taking place, a final letter from an American girl disciple of Jim Jones to her grieving parents, was read by an actor. This letter defended Jim Jones and his actions although the girl, at that time was surrounded by dead bodies and about to die at his hand, endorsed her belief in everything he had done. She said he was a wonderful man who had cared for his people and many sick children. He was now taking the only right and possible action. Later, she also became a willing victim and died. What price cult loyalty?

Should society be protected from con men and charlatans? The cult bonanza has continued for over thirty years of my life and so far no new approach, offering protection to the vulnerable, has been offered. It appears that it has simply become an accepted part of modern life.

A few loyal members of the cult of David Koresh, who survived the burning of the ranch at Waco, still remain together. These supporters defend the life and work of the brute that stole wives from his members and severely punished their children. Mind control, so powerful and enigmatic can be clearly defended by slaves, in surprising and unexpected ways. It might be expected that the terrible event of the burning ranch at Waco, would at least bring some respite for those who survived, but it seems that is not so. Brainwashing can survive, for some, even after the death of a despotic leader. Babies and children with no choice in their destiny are the ones who arouse the greatest sadness within me.


This is the chapter 22 of the book “Cults – Who is Vulnerable?” by Audrey Chaytor, Trustee of The Family Survival Trust, the UK, and will be published in instalments on Facts.org.cn.



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About the Author: 

Audrey Chaytor, who from October 2007 until January 2011 was Chief Executive of The Family Survival Trust, has over thirty years’ experience of listening to, supporting, advising and helping victims of cults, their families, friends and associates. She remains a Trustee to this day. The late John Bazlinton, who was until his death in 2008 also a Trustee, often asked Audrey to write something down to preserve her years of experience. She had been at work on the project since 2009, and in 2011 finished the draft of her work, which she called “Cults – Who is Vulnerable?”. This is a synopsis of the first third of the book, section by section, in order to give a detailed idea of what it covers.