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Lord Justice Denning-Master of the Rolss (CULTS - WHO IS VULNERABLE? Chapter 42)

2015-05-15 Source:facts.org

Lord Denning did understand the cult problem. He was a good listener to the problems of families. In 1984, he made the suggestion to The House of Lords, that a nationwide register of ALL religious bodies was needed. Had this been adopted it would have compelled all churches and religious bodies to keep correct records of activities and accounts.

Furthermore, Lord Denning suggested that all churches should be required at all times, to be open for inspection. I fully supported his suggestions as the most sensible I ever heard to tackle an uncontrollable and widespread social problem. If such a law could be implemented and churches compelled to keep their doors open, many problems would be solved.

Perhaps, cruel practices which can be carried out behind closed doors, against children who are powerless to save themselves, might be prevented. At the present time, under the protection of 'religious freedom', unknown events are committed out of sight. Also financial matters connected to many church incomes are never questioned.

Sadly, Lord Denning died before his proposals could be ratified. If all churches would behave properly with their activities open and above board, there would be nothing to fear from the implementation of Lord Denning's proposals.

At present all that is needed is a declaration that a group is a 'church' and it can then make up its own rules as it goes along and benefit from tax exemption on its income. This practice is a huge drain on the nation's resources.


This is the chapter 22 of the book “Cults – Who is Vulnerable?” by Audrey Chaytor, Trustee of The Family Survival Trust, the UK, and will be published in instalments on Facts.org.cn.



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About the Author: 

Audrey Chaytor, who from October 2007 until January 2011 was Chief Executive of The Family Survival Trust, has over thirty years’ experience of listening to, supporting, advising and helping victims of cults, their families, friends and associates. She remains a Trustee to this day. The late John Bazlinton, who was until his death in 2008 also a Trustee, often asked Audrey to write something down to preserve her years of experience. She had been at work on the project since 2009, and in 2011 finished the draft of her work, which she called “Cults – Who is Vulnerable?”. This is a synopsis of the first third of the book, section by section, in order to give a detailed idea of what it covers.