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Thailand 18 Buddhist organizations condemn Falun Gong

2007-09-11 Author:By: Zeng Zhixiong & Wu Jianyou

In Bankok, 18 Buddhist organizaitons including Thailand Da Guang Buddhist Community, Tong De Buddhist Community and so on collectively held a meeting of condemning the evil religion Falun Gong on Feb. 17, in which they criticized the hypocritical and cheating characteristic of Falun Gong and called on people not to believe the false theory of Falun Gong, at the same time, they annonced that Thailand Buddhist circle is against and will reject any propagandizing activities of Falun Gong in Thailand.

More than 100 representatives from the eighteen Buddhist organizaitons of Thailand and Chinese Chmber of Commerce, Chao Zhou Assembly Hall and other organizations speak in the meeting. They point out that Li Hongzhi propagandizes the so-called "Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance", while he himeself juggles his birthday and says that he was born on the same day with Sakyamuni Buddha and bewithched people with "the rebirth of Budda", which is not only a big lie, but also seriously desecrated the sanctity of Buddhism. We Buddhists will not allow Li Hongzhi to cheat and bring harm to people by taking advantage of the religion.

The representatives also point out that the activities of Falun Gong are very harmful, which not only bring harm to people's life, but also disturb and destroy public orders of the society. And China has banned it. If Falun Gong practitoners in other countries gather in Thailand, it will be harmful to the social stability of Thailand and to the traditional friendship between Thailand and China. We are against and reject any propagandizing activities of Falun Gong in Thailand in any name.

In conclusion, all the representatives agree to accept the suggestion of Mr. Chen Shixian, the famous overseas Chinese leader and put forward three resolutions: Firstly, Buddhist orgnizations will collectively sign a proposing letter and send it to the Thai Sangharaja, call on all the Buddhist followers to oppose and reject Falun Gong; secondly, Buddhist organizations, in association with other social organizations, will deliver a letter to the Thailand governemnt opposing gathering of the evil religion Falun Gong in Thailand; thirdly, Buddhist organizations will issused a proposal letter to all the organizaitons and communities, calling on people all round Thailand to reject the propagandas and activities of Falun Gong in Thailand.

(Guangming Daily, February 18, 2001)