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United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters: Li Hongzhi labeled as a preacher of cult


United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters held a one-week World Forum on Buddhist, Buddhism and Buddha Dharma Uprightness in Taiwan. More than 2,000 Buddhists ranked living Buddha, dignitary and lay Buddhist from 28 countries including USA, Canada, France, Japan, Thailand and Nepal took part in the forum. The participants had made a review and appraisal of Li Hongzhi and other disputed individuals. The Forum determined through voting that Li Hongzhi was a preacher of cult, indicating that Li Hongzhi and other Falun Gong members had garbled Buddha Dharma, and that their so-called universal Buddha Dharma was utterly self-fabricated heresy.

It is reported in Thailand media that this global Buddhist conference was called on by United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters under the strong appealing of many dignitaries and lay Buddhists, in consideration that the fake Buddha Dharma and fallacies was mixed in the Buddhist circle at present time.

The meetings made an appraisal of the well-known modern living Buddha, rabbis and dignitaries and then listed six disputed individuals. After rounds of open discussions, it was decided through voting that Li Hongzhi and other four people were preachers of cult.

The meetings noted that the so-called universal Buddha Dharma advocated by Li Hongzhi was utterly against the tripitaka doctrine of Buddha since it was nothing but fabricated heresies used to bewitch the ordinary people.

United International World Buddhism Association, International Bodhi Vajra Association, World Buddhist Sangha Assembly and Tibetan Buddhism Association of America sent representatives to the meeting as well.

(Chinanews, May 19, 2000)