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Korean press: Falun Gong is an evil cult!


Korean Monthly the Church and the Deviationism: Evil Cult Falun Gong

In China, it was a very common scene in the morning and in the evening that many people gather together on street or in parks to practice Qigong. Although this kind of gathering can be hardly seen now, Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) was once the biggest school of Chinese Qigong as a method of exercise and mind cultivation.

Falun Gong draws massive attention of the press and media for its acute conflict with the Chinese authority lately. A corporation staff assigned to China was said to be the first one taught Falun Gong practice on the bank of the Han River after he learned it and returned from China in 1994. It spread all over the country via the Internet later in 1996. There are more than 200 sites in parks all over Korea, such as the Seoul Olympic Park and the Gyeonggi Province mountain Lake Park, where millions of people practice Falun Gong in the morning and in the evening. The practicers come from a wide spectrum of life regardless either of age or of social status.

Currently, the representative of Falun Gong in Korea is Quan Hongda, who is a 50-year old man.

Speaking of the dissemination of Falun Gong throughout the country, Cui, 42, who is in charge of temporary contact of Falun Gong followers, said, "Peo ple doing business with China, corporate staff assigned to China and visiting scholars introduced Falun Gong to Korea after they learned it themselves." "They started separately at the beginning. About 10 of them contacted each other occasionally in 1996, gathered in a Chinese restaurant below the South Mountain in Seoul and practiced together."

They launched a website in 1998, and gave publicity to locations of practicing sites including ancestral temple parks throughout the country as well as names and telephone numbers of contact persons. In April 1999, they established "the Committee of Preparation for Korean Falun Dafa Academy" and Quan was elected representative.

In contrast with some point of view that Falun Gong is an evil cult, their view is "Falun Gong neither charges, nor registers. It has no special rules or offices." "One can join or leave as he wishes any time. How could it be called a religion?"

However, Falun Gong is strictly investigated and punished by the government in Mainland China, and mingles with the issues of freedom of religion and assembly as well as Chinese politics, which arouses intensive controversy in Chinese society. Falun Gong was originated by Li Hongzhi in 1992 and later established its headquarter called "Falun Dafa Research Committee" in Beijing. By this move, its influence was greatly expanded. It draws massive attention of the press and media for its acute conflict with the Chinese authority lately.

According to the assertion and argument of Falungon, Falun Dafa is an advanced Dafa to practice, which is based on "truth, compassion and forbearance", the prime characteristics of the universe. It aims at cultivating men's minds and characters. Thus, they call Falun Gong "Falun Practice Dafa" as well. They advocate that it is rather a Buddhist practice method, not any religion like Buddhism. Apart from cultivating minds and characters, it also needs to chasten one's life, regarding the Falun as an organism with spirit.

In this way such logic is formed, i.e., it is a combination of Qigong with the general principle of Buddhism and Taoism. Qi can be formed by directing one's strength in the body, and accumulated to achieve Gong according to certain practice, which will turn into Falun that can keep up one's internal power. That is to say, if this special Qong is exerted, disease could be cured and one would obtain the magic power to see through his inner body.

Since it has this kind of religious color, the number of Falun Gong followers rapidly increases in China. Some extreme followers even take Li Hongzhi for the god or Buddha. But the Falun Gong says it is only a school of Qigong and one of the forty-eight thousand doctrines of Buddha. Departing from the logic, Falun Gong organized 39 headquarters, 1900 branches and 28000 practicing sites. The Chinese Government adheres that Falun Gong deceives and fools the people, making them believe supernatural power and refuse to treat disease. It therefore causes many deaths and encourages superstition. In addition, Falun Gong is equipped with religious theories, approaching the people by providing cure of disease and becoming a huge force in a form of secret organization. Falun Gong's nature hereby is determined to be a religious group with political purpose. It has been listed as a threat to the development and security of the nation. Of course, its religious color is undeniable, though Falun Gong disagrees.

(Said in broadcast of a statement of Chinese Government)

"Falun Dafa Research Committee spreads superstition, deceives and fools the people, rouses the public, and jeopardizes social stability." Li Hongzhi apotheosizes himself as the Budhha, disseminates cult based on the doomsday theory. Moreover, Falun Gong treats diseases with Qigong. It also says that disease could be cured without treatment if one practices it and disallows people to go to hospital or take medicine.

Falun Gong's paranormal science -- can practicing Falun Gong cure disease and keep lasting youthfulness?

All Falun Gong practicers think that Falun Dafa practicers all have neutral white blood cells that are supernormal.

"If man can re-understand himself and the universe, and change the inherent concepts, man can realize exaltation immediately." Falun Gong practicers say in their "Analects", i.e. Turning Falun, "this high-energy substance has spirit. It always aggregates inside every cell of human body and the origin of life. If it takes time, it will merge with one's body cells with the same molecular arrangement and pattern of atomic nucleus. Only its essence has become different from the body constituted by the original corporeal cells."

Therefore, 17 Falun Gong practicers found through a research on the neutral white blood cells that the proportion of neutral white blood cells decreased. The highest proportion is less than 50% (70% in the normal person, P<0.0001)and the lowest less than 10% of the normal person.

In plain terms, the neutral white blood cells in Falun Dafa have been paranormal cells that have achieved the goal of "finding back youthfulness" and keeping it forever.

The practicers explain this Falun Gong system as "paranormal science".

Turning Falun sites many Buddhist and Taoist theories, too.

There are more than 70 Falun Gong practicing sites in merely one city as Seoul.

Practicers took part in the self- immolation incident at Tianmen Square condemns Falun Gong.

January 23 2001, a group of 7 Falun Gong practicers burned themselves at Tianmen Square. 2 of them were killed and the other 5 were saved.

Chinese and foreign journalists jointly interviewed the survivors and a Falun Gong practicer planning and instigating the self-immolation incident. The practicers vehemently condemned that Falun Gong was an evil cult that deceived and fooled them.

After the Chinese Government claimed to strike Falun Gong, its head, Li Hongzhi in exile abroad continued to undertake Falun Gong activities. Li Hongzhi spread the rootless heresy that "completion could be achieved only if life or death is not what should care about", which resolved into the group immolation tragedy of Falun Gong practicers.

Hao Huijun (sound) is one of the survivors with a higher level of injury. 90% of her skin area was burned and both her hands were amputated. She said while still hospitalized, "I don't feel the ‘completion'.I went to Tianmen to prove it at that time. I had never thought about the consequences. I couldn't take things with reason at the time."

Then, what made the practicers lose their senses? Practicer Xue Hongjun (sound) is one of the masterminds of the self-immolation act, though he did not join the group. He recalled the circumstance at that time as follows.

"Li Hongzhi made us read his book and listen to the recording of his preaching. As an anesthetist, I must not even read books of my profession. I have been a doctor for more than 30 years, but when my wife asked me what medicine can treat my son's cold, I cannot answer it. I lost my mind and sense of a man and became a robot of Falun Gong completely."

Xue Hongjun (sound) obsessed by Falun Gong at the time introduced Falun Gong to his good friend Wang Jindong. Wang Jindong was the first one that lighted himself in the self-immolation act. His face was scarred by burning and both hands were deformed. He said, "Those obsessed by Falun Gong made so many bloody incidents. Can Li Hongzhi pretend to be unknown of them? The fact forced me to feel that I was deceived and insulted. I was used because of my stupidity. Li Hongzhi is definitely not the god. He is the basest swindler in the human society."

A 19-year old girl named Chen Guo took part in the act. She is the daughter of Hao Huijun, a student of a musical academy. She was pretty and a good Pipa player. Her deft hands were burned out and all her skin was seriously burnt, losing normal metabolic function. She said, "I was too enthralled in Falun Gong. I am awaken just by now. Falun Gong is an evil cut that destroys life, jeopardizes the human society and undermines national security."

Chen Guo misses the campus and her schoolmates very much now. She longs to live a normal life once again.

Falun Gong practicers'applications to refugees increase abruptly.

Citizen Daily, a newspaper professed to be Christian constantly carries stories about Falun Gong on its online newspaper, Cookie News.

World Daily, newspaper of the Unification Church, reported that the number of Falun Gong practicers grew rapidly. To speak for Falun Gong, a report on Cookie News of Citizen Daily March 6 2007 said, "Analysis of court decisions was made in order to understand the lawsuits filed by Falun Gong practicers applying for recognition as refugee. 19 judgments of 15 cases for cancellation of refusal of recognition as refugee, concluded or appealed, were obtained. As a result, anti-government activities accounted for most of the refusals. At present, there are 29 cases filed with the court for cancellation of refusal of recognition as refugee (with 84 plaintiffs), among which 4 cases were already concluded. For the 25 cases (with 80 plaintiffs) still on the docket, 2 are tried by the Supreme Court, 8 by the High Court of Seoul, and 15 by the Administrative Court of Seoul. 52 applicants for refugee status are of Chinese nationality, which accounts for the majority of the total. Most of them are Falun Gong practicers from anti-government groups as China Democratic Party and Joint Conference of China Overseas Democratic Movement. However, few cases were found in favor of the plaintiffs. In the cases submitted to second instance and the 15 cases concluded, only 4 of them were in favor of the refugee applicants. The court decisions are mainly based on factors as the coherency of statement of the plaintiff, his behaviors, evidence from his native country and the possibility of being persecuted if repatriated.

On April 20 last year (translated according to the original text), at the welcome ceremony to Chinese President Hu Jintao held on the lawn of the White House, a commotion was roused when a middle-aged woman yelled violent protest against the crackdown of Falun Gong to President Hu Jintao and President Bush.

The woman looked Chinese screamed her point of view during President Hu's speech. The US TV like CNN live broadcasting the welcome ceremony at the site gave the main picture to this woman and put President Hu's image to a minor frame aside.

It was said that the woman yelled in English with a pronounced Chinese accent, "President Bush, make him stop killing Falun Gong!" and in Chinese, "Hu Jintai, stop killing Falun Gong. Your time is over. Evil person lives short."

Li Hongzhi's preference to evil science

A lot of articles propagating Falun Gong can be found on the Wushu websites and philosophical websites from the beginning of this year. Although propaganda is propaganda, this kind of propaganda reveals Li Hongzhi's preference to evil science.

Throughout Li Hongzhi's works like Turning Falun and Falungon, many assertions of Li and his disciples, interviews and speeches, the evil scientific viewpoints appear in an excessive frequency.

It cannot help being badly worrying that people could be easily fooled by Li Hongzhi's honeyed words and become supporters of evil sciences if they are lack of knowledge of science.

In fact, there are many people who get nothing after they believe in Li Hongzhi's assertions of evil science. Li Hongzhi's advocacy of evil science and puffery for mysticism are really worrying.

Giving evidence to spiritual world of plants?

When Li Hongzhi was propagating his view about Qi, he quoted the misinformation that foreign polygraph expert has proved the spiritual world of plants ("Collecting Qi", Chapter 8, PP404-406, Turining Falun).

He stands that the plant also has a spiritual world as man does.

But this idea is sheer bull shit. The plant does not have the same spiritual world as man does. The plant has its own way of life and functional mechanism, but has never been proved to have the same spiritual world as man kind, for the plant does not have a brain.


(Christian Science Monitor, June 15, 2007)


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