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American Priest: Falun Gong is Just Like People's Temple

2008-03-07 Source:Guangming Daily Author:By: Xue Fukang

A few days ago, Mr. Beapy, the priest of a Christian church in Maryland, America, saw the news in the American newspaper that Falun Gong zealots had burned themselves in the Tiananmen Square. He then told our reporter that it was a typical characteristic of the cult for the deceived people to move from obsessed state to suicide. All the cults crow about that believing in a religion could help people to get rid of disease, and they also preach that the behavior of committing suicide could take them to the Heaven. Meanwhile, the hierarchs of the cults are merely absorbed in accumulating wealth by unfair means. To them, the more zealots they have, the more happiness they gain. They even deceive women and children, which is really sinful. The activity taken by the Falun Gong followers in the Tian'anmen Square has proved fully its nature of a cult.

Mr. Walter Beapy, a priest of a Christian church in Maryland, America, immigrated from Guyana. When hundreds of disciples of "the People's Temple Cult" committed suicide collectively in Jones City, Guyana, in the late 70s last century, Mr. Beapy was a local official. After that world-shaking incident, he was assigned to take part in the investigation, which made him quite familiar with the development of the cult.

Mr. Beapy said, since he took part in the investigation on the suicide incident, he had done some further research on the format and sect of the burgeoning religion, and on the cult as well. Now he prepares to compile a book from the relevant material. This will instruct not only the saints within his deanery, but also the juvenile. And it will help people to know the cult's ploy for doing things quite well so as to avoid being caught with chaff. And he also intends to do some research on the Falun Gong, trying to make a comparison with "the People's Temple Cult" , by which enhances the content and stringency of the book.

(Guangming Daily, Febuary 2, 2001)