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The Falun Gong heresy

2009-08-06 Author:By: RAACH

By The Research Association Against Christian Heresy, Inc.


The Research Association Against Christian Heresy, Inc. was organized with some 60 members on Oct. 20, 1999 and held the first assembly on Jan 5, 2000. The Assocation is duly registered with the Korean government and totally committed to researching heresies and cults.

Presently our association is composed of some 50 regular members and about 30 associated members. These include 7 on the board of directors, 15 full research members and 2 auditors. We also have branch offices in the U.S.A., Japan, Brazil and China.

The association has researched the Falun Gong and its founder Li Hongzhi for the last five years. As a result, we have concluded Falun Gong is a cult and Li Hongzhi is a heretic. Our pupose is to protect many innocent people from being deceived by this cult. In keeping with this decision we have decided to publish this pamphlet.

Every morning and evening, in the parks and on the streets of China, you can see many people practicing Qigong (exercises). Falun Gong has become the most popular Qigong (exercise and meditation method) in China.

Fact Sheet about Li Hongzhi

Li Hongzhi: Founder of Falun Gong

· Li Hongzhi was born on May 13, 1951 in Kungchuling City, Jilin Province in China.

· From 1960-1969 he attended Changchun Pearl River Elementary School, Middle School #4 and then transferred to Middle School #48. (The Chinese education system only goes through 9 th grade).

· From 1970-1978 Li Hongzhi served in the army as an interpreter with the 201 st Defence Army, Jilin Province Forestry Garrison.

· 1978-1982 Worked in the Forestry Garrison military unit

· 1982-1991 Worked at Changchun China Cereals, Oils and Fats protection dept.

· 1991 He was introduced to the practice of Qigong

· 1992 Founded and established a training center for the Qigong method in Beijing and became the president. He began to actively spread and expand Qigong. During the ten years from 1992-2002 Li Hongzhi opened 39 training centers with 1900 branches and 28,000 cell groups. No numbers are available as to the number of adherents.

Moral Problems of Li Hongzhi

· Li Hongzhi changed his birthdate from May 13, 1951 to July 7, 1952. July 7 (lunar calendar) is the birthday of Sokamoni (founder of Buddhism and the first Buddha). He did that to lay claim to have been reincarnated from Buddha.

· He said that Jesus failed to accomplish the work of redemption. Instead he, Li Hongzhi, accomplished redemption and caused his followers to believe what he said.

· He put an idol statue of Buddha in his house and his followers likewise were expected to put the image of Buddha in their houses. Everytime they bowed down and worshiped before the statue, they were required to pay 100 hwan (equivalent to 13,000 won Korean money or US $12).

· He also makes money selling Falun Gong books, Buddhist images, tapes, gifts and Falun Gong badges, etc.

· Falun Gong is a mixture of Buddhism and Taoism.

Li Hongzhi's Self-deification

* According to the Chinese government news agency, Li Hongzhi proclaimed himself to be a god and predicted the end of the world.

· Many people are being deceived and suffering, mentally, physically and Financially as a result of this false doctrine.

· Li Hongzhi teaches that he is the highest Buddha reincarnated from any previous age. He is superior to Sokamoni (founder of Buddhism), Kong Ja (founder of Taoism), Jesus and Mohammad. He is the Lord, king and Buddha of the entire universe.

· He dresses in a Buddhist monk's robe sits in the lotus flower position and practices Qigong.

Li Hongzhi's End-time Eschatology

· Li Hongzhi predicted when the last day would occur.

· According to the Chinese government news agency, Li Hongzhi has widely spread the idea of an end-time eschatology throughout society. In his books he mentions the last day 81 times.

· He said that the last day would occur in 1999, but he changed the last day to 1997 (two years earlier). Songbintianthe, an early follower of Falun Gong, testified that Li Hongzhi told him he had the ability to change when the last day would occur according to his own whim.

· Li Hongzhi also predicted that this earth would soon be destroyed by a cataclysmic explosion.

Chinese Government Crackdown

According to the announcement of the Chinese government, Li Hongzhi deified himself as a god, disrupted society with the propagation of an end-time eschatology, and that sicknesses could be healed through the practice of Qigong. He forbade the taking of medicine or going to hospitals and caused many people great suffering. The Chinese government condemned Falun Gong as an unlawful cult because of practices that were harmful to society. It is also suspected that the Chinese government condemned Falun Gong because they felt the freedom of religious expression was a threat to the regime.

Introduction of Falun Gong to Korea

In 1994 one of the executive members of a Korean trading company was sent to oversee the Chinese branch. He was introduced to Falun Gong, came back to Korea and began demonstrating Qigong exercises along side the Han River in Seoul. Since 1996 Falun Gong spread throughout Korea by means of the internet and Qigong exercises in Olympic Park in Seoul., Lake Park in Ilsan and many other places. Presently there are about 200 training centers with many people in the morning and evening practicing Qigong. The representative of Falun Gong in Korea is 50 year old Mr. Kwon, Hong-Dae.

(Antifalungong.com, August 1, 2008)

Original text from: http://www.antifalungong.com/sub05/5.htm