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The Epoch Times' old stance on China not unexpected

2011-03-01 Author:By Bevin Chu

The Epoch Times, the US Central Intelligence Agency's unofficial mouthpiece, is parroting the Tibetan independence movement party line. This is not surprising at all. Rebutting the Epoch Times would be like shooting fish in a barrel, and I have better use of my time.

Enough said.

Of course the Epoch Times is a Falungong organ. That's why I said it was a CIA mouthpiece.

Falungong's mission is to deliberately provoke the CCP regime into clamping down. That lays the groundwork for the "human rights" charges.



Taikor said...

Epoch Times is a joke, suitable for amusement at times.

For example, the media claimed that Sichuan's earthquake was caused by an underground nuclear explosion.

It's funny reading through the article as they cite how the authority blocks access to certain sites to suggest something sinister was going on.

For heaven's sake, it's for safety and international rescuers are able to enter. If there's nuke explosion, there would have huge mushroom cloud or a big hole in the ground and the rescuers would have all contracted radiation by now.

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Bevin Chu is an American architect and author currently living and working in Taipei and Shanghai. He is the son of Tsing-kang Chu, a retired high-ranking diplomat with the Republic of China government on Taiwan. He is the translator of the English language edition of "Taiwan at the Crossroads: An Expose of Taiwan's New Dictatorship," a landmark book by the celebrated native Taiwanese liberal reformer and political commentator, Joyce C. Huang (Huang Chi-hsien).


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