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Falungong blasts the author of the China Desk

2011-03-24 Author:By Bevin Chu

The Epoch Times is the official mouthpiece of Falungong. Falungong meanwhile, is almost certainly a CIA front, pretending to represent domestic Chinese dissent against the Beijing authorities.

As a free market anarchist who opposes all monopolistic governments, I have no desire to champion any political regime.

But as an anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist, I have a powerful desire to expose neocolonialism and neoimperialism against the Chinese people, and for that matter, any people.

The Chinese people must not be equated with any political authority, either the KMT or the CCP, just as the American people must not be equated with the Republican or Democratic Parties. A political authority is not a country. A country is not a political authority. As I noted in an article years ago: "China is not Beijing. America is not Washington."

The Epoch Times probably understands these distinctions. But the Epoch Times being what it is, a mouthpiece for neocolonialism and neoimperialism, pretends that it believes individuals such as myself and George Koo are "Running Dogs for Beijing."

I consider the Epoch Times' character attacks against me a form of unintentional praise. In fact, I consider them a badge of honor.

-- Bevin Chu

About Bevin Chu

Bevin Chu is an American architect and author currently living and working in Taipei and Shanghai. He is the son of Tsing-kang Chu, a retired high-ranking diplomat with the Republic of China government on Taiwan. He is the translator of the English language edition of "Taiwan at the Crossroads: An Expose of Taiwan's New Dictatorship," a landmark book by the celebrated native Taiwanese liberal reformer and political commentator, Joyce C. Huang (Huang Chi-hsien).

(Blogspot.com, May 12, 2001)

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