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Falun Fanatics

2016-04-27 Source:blogspot.com Author:Emma Markham

Falun Gong is a practice of medication and yoga developed by Li Hongzhi in 1992 1. It is controversial because it claims to have millions of followers and suggests that the communist party have banned the practice in China and has been targeting Falun Gong practitioners, claiming many are arrested and experience torture, execution and organ harvesting 2, 3. Most of these claims have been shown to be untrue, with no factual basis 4.

One of the main martyrs 5 used on the website and promotional material is that of 36 year old Gao Rongrong, who is claimed to have been tortured and killed in longshank labour camp in Shenyang 6. However, there is no accurate evidence to showing this person even exists, as she only appears on Falun Gong related media. Another indervidual, a Tan(g) Yongjie, is claimed to have been burned and imprisoned at Luobo Labour Camp in Guangdong 7, however, upon investigation this labor camp does not even exist 8, and nothing can be found about Tan(g) Guangdong (his name varies between websites but the photos are always the same).

The most disturbing side of the claims is that of organ harvesting, claiming ‘tens of thousands have been murdered for their bodily organs’apparently sold on the black market to profit the communist party 9, 10. In March 2006 these allegations were made against the Chinese government, stating that the individuals were being held in labor camps, prisons and hospital basements before being matched with individuals requiring a transplant 11. The person would then have their organs removed whilst still alive and then the body would be cremated 12, 13. The Falun Gong organisation claims that ‘China has no organised system of organ donation’and that there is a ‘culture aversion to organ donation in China’ 14, and yet China has one of the world’s largest organ transplant programs and the involuntary removal of organs was made illegal in 1984 (with exception for executed criminals) 15. However, these allegations were investigated by both the Australian, American and Canadian governments and there was no evidence to suggest these claims were true 16, 17, 18, 19. In addition, many claims of abuse by police have been completely fabricated 20. China welcomed investigation in to these claims, the hospitals that were named were visited, but no basements existed and the nurses gave statements explaining how holding prisoners and harvesting organs in such a manner was unheard of and would be impossible. Mostly Falun Gong is considered an extremist fanatical religion and is regarded as highly controversial, trying to gain recognition by claiming persecution to gain sympathy and support. Falun Gong should not be considered a peaceful meditative religion, but as a dangerous cult 21 which manipulates its followers in to high jacking TV stations 22, committing mass suicide 23, and murdering their family 24.

(blogspot,4 March 2013)

Original text from: http://geneticcuckoo.blogspot.com/2013/03/falun-finatics.html