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Readers respond: Shen Yun was a disappointing surprise

2020-01-02 Source:Oregonlive.com Author:Jane Christensen


  By Letters to the editor 

  I was born and raised in Portland and have lived in or near the city my entire life with the exception of a couple of years. Last year we took our 14-year old son to see Shen Yun, an event he wasn’t thrilled about attending but one we said would broaden his horizons. 

  We were sorely disappointed at what we learned about it. During intermission, we Googled it and found out it is not allowed in China. Being all for freedom of religion, we went back in for part two. The screeching that ensued and the lack of talent covered up by a movie-sized screen was off-putting, but we left prior to the show ending when they denounced atheism and evolution. (Our young son has currently identified himself as an atheist). We have since found out that this traveling show is affiliated with Epoch Times, an organization that was the second-largest buyer of pro-Trump ads on Facebook, according to NBC. 

  Portland, what are you doing? That was $300 I would have rather donated to someone who doesn’t support Russia and Saudi Arabia. The show’s contract needs to be revoked. Wake up, Keller Auditorium board members! 

  Jane Christensen, Camas, Wash.