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Canadian website: The 10 Strangest Religious Cults in the World

2015-04-14 Source:therichest.com

  Cult groups span the world and have existed since humans were able to communicate ideas among each other. Most cults practice a belief, or religion based on an existing prophecy or something truly unique (and often eccentric). A common set of thoughts and rules is what brings these individuals together to form a cult. Some of these groups want to be feared while others peak curiosity; some are harmless and others are downright dangerous. 

  Anything not done in moderation usually leads to problems and often cults become obsessive in nature. Too much of anything produces a negative outcome and in some cases, the groups on this list fall into this category. Also, there seems to be a lot of people who believe they are Jesus. 

  Honorable mentions go out to The Cargo Cults of the South Pacific, a group that create wooden guns and promote the US by painting their chests. They believe these activities will produce rain from the sky. Oh, they also practice cannibalism. Aleph (formerly known as Aum Shinrikyo) is the group responsible for the 1995 Tokyo train attack. The members’ motivation for the attack was to start World War III. Despite this act, they claim to be a peaceful organization. The Discordian attracts a lot of new people, but the problem is that this is not a real cult; instead, they are a parody of cults that exist today. 

  Each of these cults view the world differently than the majority, hence why they are considered a cult and separate from mainstream society. Here are the 10 strangest cults in the world today. 

  10. Eastern Lightning 

  If you believe Jesus is already here on Earth and hiding then you should tune in to the teachings of Eastern Lightning. In addition to their “belief”, this Chinese cult has been linked to kidnapping and other crimes toward Christians. They also use sex as a perk for potential new members. This cult boasts a large group of members, over a million around the country of China. They practice their religion in underground churches and are against the Chinese communist party. There are comparisons to be made between Eastern Lightning and the old Taiping rebellion which was a religious civil war led by someone claiming he was Jesus’s sibling. Tens of millions died as a result of the war. 


  9. The Raelians 

  Claude Vorihon, known as Rael, is the founder of Raelism which is the belief that humans were created by aliens years ago. Where did this belief come from? Rael came in contact with a green skinned alien named Yaweh. The Raelians don’t appear to be too up tight about their beliefs either, often asking “Who has seen God?” when people question their belief in aliens. This group keeps itself in the news as well whether it’s creating a logo that blends the Jewish Star of David with a Nazi Swastika or when one of its members says they successfully cloned a human being (this didn’t actually happen). Regardless, The Raelians may not be the only cult based on interaction with aliens, but they do seem to have the strangest group of members. 


  8. The Prince Philip Movement 

  It’s already pretty cool if you are a Prince, but what if an island in the South Pacific thought of you as their God? The Prince Philip Movement believed their son of God set out to explore and find his mate. Somehow Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) is this person. Apparently they must think a lot of Queen Elizabeth II because she is “the one” their God chose. The religion started sometime in the fifties and sixties and Prince Philip is aware of the cult. He has even visited and exchanged gifts with the people of The Prince Philip Movement. 


  7. The Church of Satan 

  Contrary to what many think, The Church of Satan does not worship Satan, but rather are a group of atheists that believe no God nor Devil is worthy of their worship. They consider themselves “thinkers” that use general logic to reach their conclusions and beliefs. The core of The Church of Satan is that individuals take responsibility and that being selfish is okay, and even encouraged. Because this cult doesn’t practice worshiping any particular being they don’t really ever meet and just “exist” as a group of individuals. Although other religions may see this group as a threat, for the most part they are a harmless group of individuals that collectively decided to not believe in God and promote that line of thinking. 


  6. Creativity Movement 

  Unfortunately racism and religion often intersect and here is one of those unfortunate cults. The Creativity Movement is a religion where only whites are allowed. Similar to the Ku Klux Klan, this group uses threats and terror to enforce their misled values. They even created a plot to kill a federal judge. This cult used to be called World Church of the Creator and has since changed a few times, with “creator” always as part of the name. This has nothing to do with worshipping a creator because this cult is atheist in nature. By creator they mean themselves (white people) because, of course they do. 


  5. Scientology 

  One of the more famous and most strange religious cults, Scientology, has become famous due to its Hollywood clientele, secretive ways and weird practices. In order to study Scientology you have to learn level by level without skipping ahead. In fact, levels are kept secret from members until they are adequately prepared to handle these higher levels of teachings. Some of these teachings involve the story of Xenu, an alien from the “Galactic Confederacy.” The short-version of the story is that Xenu brought billions of humans to our planet, placed them around volcanoes and then detonated bombs, releasing “thetans” that stuck together and then stuck to living things. These “thetans” are said to still live today. 


  4. Nation of Yahweh 

  Founded in Miami, the Nation of Yahweh is related to the Black Hebrew Israelites philosophy of returning African Americans to Israel. This cult practices neither Christianity nor Judaism; instead, preaching Yahweh ben Yahweh as the son of God. This cult has been accused of being a group of black supremacists. The Southern Poverty Law Center criticized the cult and their beliefs believing they preach whites are “white devils” and that “blacks” are the original Jews.  The SPLC also stated they believe that this cult believes Yahweh ben Yahweh’s goal was to remove “whites”, a goal very much like the Christian Identity movement. 


  3. Universe People 

  The Universe People are a Czech based movement based on aliens, or extraterrestrials communicating with Ivo A. Benda as well as other “contacters.” Apparently these telepathic communications have been occurring since 1997. There are also reported cases (from within the cult) of direct personal contact. The “contacters” use spaceships to circle the Earth and monitor daily activities. Apparently they help the “good” and punish the “bad” while waiting to transport those that die to another dimension. Parts of Christianity and the belief that forces of evil will eradicate themselves combine with the extraterrestrial orbiting to create this unique cult that also goes by Cosmic People of Light Powers. 


  2. The Church of Euthanasia 

  More political than religious, the Church of Euthanasia has a mission to restore balance between humans and other species roaming the Earth. This cult uses preachy sermons, music fests and black humor to bring to light their issues (mainly that the Earth is overpopulated). Not surprisingly this group doesn’t play well with others, especially pro-life supporters. There is only one rule at the Church of Euthanasia and that is “Thou Shalt Not Procreate.” This group supports suicide and abortion as well as sodomy because it's not used to procreate. Oh, and they also practice cannibalism, but only of the dead. Even the Church of Euthanasia has their line. One of the famous slogans put out by this cult is the feel good “Save the Planet, Kill Yourself.” 


  1. Nuwaubianism 

  The doctrines and teachings of Dwight York is the basis for Nuwaubianism, a cult formed by a Black Muslim group in the seventies. York is now in prison, but this cult continues on. What are their beliefs? Here are a few to try on for size. After you have a child you must bury the afterbirth so that the Devil doesn’t use it to make a clone of your baby. Aborted fetuses sometimes live on in the sewers where they grow up and make plans to take over the world. Wish you had a clone? Well, according to Nuwaubianism you have seven living in the world. Satan has a child and he was born in the Dakota House on 72nd Street in New York City. The mother is Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Oh, and the Pope was there. Did I mention Richard Nixon raised the child, because this particular cult believes that as well. 


  Original Text From: http://www.therichest.com/rich-list/most-shocking/the-10-strangest-religious-cults-in-the-world/ 

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