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The Falun Gong Cult Is Not ‘Peaceful’!

2020-08-18 Source:thesanghakommune.org Author:Adrian Chan-Wyles


Li Hongzhi – the US-influenced founder of the Falun Gong Cult – lives in a very large house in America and receives hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from the US government just as long as his anti-China rhetoric stays on target.

The Falun Gong Cult is a Western invention designed to infect the Chinese psyche with the Eurocentric superficiality that underlies predatory capitalism, and in so doing, bring down the Communist government. Only ill-informed Westerners could mistake it for a genuine manifestation of traditional Chinese culture!

The Falun Gong Cult is a racist mimicry of what a prejudiced “White” American would “imagine” Chinese culture to be. However, the deceit does not stop there, as his US masters allow a certain amount of criminality to manifest within the Falun Gong Cult (that would not be tolerated in any other non-Christian movement in the West),its practitioners, by and large, are “kidnapped” into the organisation and brain-washed to give their property and their money to Li Hongzhi.

Li Hongzhi (and his family) run a vast criminal empire that involves trafficking women (and young girls) for sexual purposes, kidnapping people to demand hostage money, theft, sabotage, terrorism and a large number of other criminal activities.

There have even been allegations of “murder” directed at Li Hongzhi who is believed to be employed by the CIA. The police are routinely “raiding” Falun Gong Cult properties in the West to “free” hostages’ (mostly women) and on occasion, children being sexually abused – but the Western media is only allowed to report the Falun Gong Cult in the best possible light!

This is the power of the Eurocentric racism that underlies the ideology of the Falun Gong Cult!

The next time you see these people in the street, just try “talking” to one of them and see what happens! The individual concerned will be so scared that he or she will ignore you, and another member (empowered to ‘speak’ in a limited capacity) will try and distract you by asking you to join the Falun Gong Cult whilst repeating lies about China.

The Falun Gong Cult should be closed down and its former members hospitalised for treatment! What should not be happening is its encouragement by ignorant Western governments on the grounds that they “reject” Socialism!