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Dumb and dangerous

2023-01-03 Source:lmtribune Author:Brian Rhoades

The only accurate way to describe people who think Fox News, NewsMax, One America News Network and the Epoch Times are legitimate information sources is: “too stupid to be ignorant.”

These are people who prefer easily disproven fantasies and conspiracy theories to reality and facts.

The Epoch Times is explicitly a propaganda outlet for the Chinese Falun Gong religious movement. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falun_Gong)

In fact, Fox, NewsMax and OAN are being sued for billions for participating in voter fraud.

People who think these propaganda outlets are legitimate news outlets exist in an impenetrable bubble of B.S. and lies. They are the biggest threat to democracy America has ever faced because they are, simply put, too stupid to be ignorant. This level of stupidity is how democracy dies, and with it, everything good America has always stood for.

This is how we get Americans believing a man with a fake university that was shut down for fraud, a fake charity that was shut down for fraud, and a business that was recently convicted of 17 felonies is a respectable businessman and should again be elected to the presidency.

It’s a disgrace what is happening as a result of the willful ignorance and misinformation that these fake news agencies are selling to those most easily and willingly deluded of Americans.

There is no excuse for being so dumbed down as to think that Fox, NewsMax, OAN and the Epoch Times are legitimate sources of factual information.