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Eastern Lightning Cult

2012-09-24 Author:By Steve Van Nattan

This new cult in China is extremely vicious. If you join and try to leave, they will beat you, maim you, and eventually try to kill you. It is now obvious why the Chinese government has concerns about alleged Christian cults. The government, not being made up of men with the slightest understanding of Christian truth, is treating all Christian groups with suspicion. You will understand why here. If you are a Chinese Christian, or looking into the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, STAY AWAY FROM EASTERN LIGHTNING. They are deadly.

Here are some quotes and links to study:

Who are the Eastern Lightning?

"The satanic cult 'Eastern Lightning' is one of the most evil and deceitful cults I have ever seen in China. They are positively sheep in wolves' clothing; they attack Jesus Christ, twist and defraud the Bible, destroy families and lives, causing great hurt and destruction to Christians who have been bought by the precious blood of the Saviour! They are devils dressed as ministers of light, workers of Satan, and false prophets after the ways of Balaam. May the Lord have mercy upon the elect that they may be able to discern, to reject all lies and the deceitful words from Satan. May our brethren be on the alert! May the deceived quickly repent and return!" - Rev. Pang K.H., Chinese Christian Church of Saipan, 20 September, 2000.

Who is Behind the Eastern Lightning? Several house church leaders over the past few years told me, without offering any evidence, that they believe the EL is funded and operated by Satanists in America. Judging from the cult's stated beliefs and plans, this sounds a very feasible possibility. The instructions we have just read from their handbook very closely mirror the stated aims of Satanists, and their efforts to destroy churches by targeting leaders are almost identical to methods employed against effective churches in the West. The EL's own admissions show that their main motive is to defame God and try to destroy His children. Their stated goals include to "disrupt God's work," and to "spy out…those who thirst for God's revelation; those who truly love God." They even admit they are liars when they stated, "we for the sake of our work speak not the truth." Whether Satanists in the West and the Eastern Lightning are directly connected or not, the one thing we do know is that they share the same father. Jesus said, "You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies." (John 8:44)

"During this violent phase one of my father's colleagues was deceived into going with them, and poison [acid?] was thrown at him. Another colleague of mine had his water poisoned. My aunt's neighbor was poisoned to death. These are accounts of which I personally know. The victims are always church members who are more influential."

Taking advantage of the believers' financial hardship, the EL has slyly offered extraordinary sums of money to house church leaders if they will convert. Nanyang County in southwest Henan Province is one of the centers of China's revival. Elders of the Nanyang Church were offered 150,000 RMB (more than US$ 18,000) to join the EL, plus the promise of two or three mistresses. By appealing to these two basic sinful desires of mankind, greed and lust, the faith of some has been shipwrecked.

Often after kidnapping victims, the EL employs sexual temptation in a bid to destroy the reputations of their victims. The EL use sexual enticement on both men and women captives. One house church leader in Anhui Province told about one woman who had been a convert of EL for five years: "This woman is very pretty, but she has already lost her chastity. EL has used her to lure many leaders into fornication. Two coworkers in Anhui were confined by the EL for 14 days, brainwashed and worn down, until they gave in and committed fornication with the woman. Photographs were taken of them at appropriate embarrassing moments. Their tactic was to use the photograph to blackmail the brothers to accept the teachings of the cult. If they refuse to convert, a man will appear in their churches or when they are with a group of believers, pretending that the girl in the picture is his fiancé (or cousin), and threaten to sue the pastor."

I have reached two conclusions while researching the EL in China. On one hand there is no doubt the Beijing central government have been trying to crack the EL for a number of years. One source states there are 2,000 EL practitioners presently in prison across China for their crimes. The EL leadership has publicly declared that the Communist Party of China is the 'Great Red Dragon,' and its officials are the dragon's offspring. When the Chinese authorities heard such words they immediately considered the group a political threat, with aims to overthrow the government, and they tried to persecute the EL mercilessly. According to an official government document, the EL's "political purpose have become increasingly overt" and it notes "some of its top-level core members are 'elites' of the June 4th students' protest movement of 1989." These educated members "are editing books and propaganda material. In their conviction to overthrow the power of the 'Great Red Dragon' they are actively...drafting work plans in order to recruit more members." As mentioned earlier, however, there seems to be a mounting body of evidence that points to many local level officials being protective, or at least sympathetic, to the EL. Some cadres and leading officials have converted to the cult, while it is likely many other officers have accepted protection money from the EL. This had led to a breakdown in Beijing's efforts to destroy the cult. Many times the Beijing authorities appear to have been frustrated by the cult's ability to evade the law, perhaps not fully realizing that the allegiance of many local officials is with the EL.

EDITOR: Steve Van Nattan-- This sounds like a CIA operation to me. This is just the sort of thing the CIA would do to destabilize China so that US operatives can make enroads into local Chinese life and stir up revolution. The object? To end up owning Chinese business interests.

The EL operates under an extremely tight blanket of security; more so, it could be said, than any of the house church networks in China. Some of the safeguards practiced by the cult include only holding gatherings that have been organized at short notice; never giving specific directions to a meeting place, but just the general area, from where the members will be brought to the meeting; posting security guards at the entrance to the village or meeting place to prevent access to all outsiders, and immediately calling the meeting leader's mobile telephone if there are any signs of police action. In this way, EL members often completely scatter before the police even arrive at the door. The EL also insists their members only use mobile phones and pagers that are registered under false names, only use public phones and never their home phones, to change their numbers frequently, to never provide lodgings for members at the same place they have stayed before; and to relocate up to several times during a single day's meetings to avoid detection from the authorities. Even those EL members based in the United States use the same standards of secrecy as in China, operating clandestinely at every turn.


Original text from: http://www.blessedquietness.com/journal/housechu/lightning.htm