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Chinese Brothers and Sisters Beware of 'Eastern Lightning'!

2012-12-26 Source:Kaiwind

Besides "Eastern Lightning" they are known as "The Church of Almighty God" and the "Real God" cult according to a recent article I read in the Christian Research Journal by Lois Chan and Steve Bright (2005 Volume: 28 Number: 3). The cult’s web site uses both hidden-advent.org and godword.org. They have been around for a number of years, but this is the first I have heard of them. The cult sounds so evil and dangerous that I decided to post a warning out of concern for the Chinese church around the world. The article says:

Followers believe that Jesus has returned in the form of a Chinese woman, like "lightning that comes from the east," according to the description of His second coming in Matthew 24:27

In the article a report by Asia Harvest is said to contain accounts of Christians being deceived, kidnapped, brainwashed, beaten, poisoned, and blackmailed
by the cult. Leaders are usually the target. China for Jesus reports that the cult uses financial inducements and gifts for the first stage in their strategy, then sexual temptation and entrapment as a means of blackmailing the leaders. The cult also practices what they call "spying and paving the way", their process of infiltrating a church.They mingle with church members, identify the core members, and then try to befriend them and act like sincere truth seekers to gain their trust. The author of the China for Jesus report predicts that the cult will begin to use a new strategy now that spying and paving the way has been exposed in recent years.

The writings of the "female Christ" are said to be "God’s new word".She teaches that Jesus was the first incarnation, but He did not finish His work, so now she has come to finish the work and usher in the final stage of God’s plan. She denies Jesus’ physical resurrection. She teaches that the only sin is not to accept her as the Christ.

According to the article she also ‘states that "God is inhumanely cruel" and she admits that she hates humankind. The "female Christ" uses threats and intimidation to persuade converts, and Adherents must give all their material possessions to the cult and follow orders,otherwise they will be punished. The cult urges members to leave their families, to live in a commune, and to spread the message of the"female Christ".

The cult is apparently already expanding beyond the borders of China, targeting Chinese churches around the world. There are reports of centers in New York and Toronto, and reports that the cult has reached Europe as well. Some sources in the west, according to the article, say that the cult has been distributing books, tracts, and CDs through the internet and in the parking lots of Chinese churches. They are apparently also trying to find someone to translate their books into English.

Keep an eye out for the following books published by the cult and warn others about them:

The Word Becomes Flesh and The Lightning Comes from the East. In America two books, The Holy Spirit Speaks to All the Churches andGod’s Work through His Secret Appearing, are distributed among Chinese churches.

(josephrsilva.wordpress.com,September 30, 2005)



Original text from: http://josephrsilva.wordpress.com/2005/09/30/chinese-brothers-and-sisters-beware-of-eastern-lightning/