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'Almighty God' Cult: China’s Quasi-Christian

2013-03-29 Author:By Panda Walking

Suddenly, China began to detain the “Almighty God” followers.

Probably since December 11, 2012, China’s urban residents have been repeatedly hearing a new word: the “Almighty God”. Suddenly, the word was emerging in all the news programs in the provinces and cities around China, police were out in force to hunt for the “Almighty God” adherents, and the news programs one after another reported the crimes committed by the cult, such as: In one case, the followers failed to win over someone to join the “church”, then they killed his child, and wrote the word “Eastern Lightning” on the soles of the feet, intimidating the person for his “offense against the Lord”.

In the past ten days, the police have detained more than 1,000 followers. In addition to the criminal offences, most probably the main charge against them is “inciting subversion of state power”.

The so-called “Church of Almighty God”, also known as the” Eastern Lightning”, describes itself as real Christian. Its doctrine says that, all who do not believe in the Lord will be killed by the lightning on occasion of the end of the world. The Chinese Communist Party is the evil “Great Red Dragon”, the Lord will lead to overthrow the rule of the Communist Party of China and establish a new country. However, their “Lord” is not what the Christians commonly refer to as the Lord, but a young lady, who came to China in 1992 as a living incarnation of Jesus. The man who created this “Lord” and practically controls the sect is called Zhao Weishan. In 2001, he applied for and was given political asylum in the United States. May Vatican bless Zhao Weishan. As for the young lady, of course, she is one of Zhao Weishan’s mistresses, according to media reports, due to her failure in the national college entrance exam, she was suffering from mild schizophrenia, but her writing is very good.

According to reports, the “Almighty God” cult originated in the 1990s in Henan Province – China’s most populous province.  It has been active mainly in rural and suburb areas, and started to spread in some cities in recent years. The followers are mainly middle-aged women and the elderly. The reason why the government steps up a crackdown against the cult at such time, is because that, according to the Chinese government, the “Almighty God” cult has been spreading numerous doomsday rumors predicting “the end of the world”, swindled money in the name of “spending money to buy peace” and caused a certain degree of social unrest. Therefore, it is the high time to detain some perpetrators, and there can be no delay.

Under normal circumstances, people related to the religious and ethnic issues are usually treated with respects in China’s grassroots, and while dealing with religious affairs related cases such as the treatment of Xinjiang thieves, the police prefer to take a conciliatory attitude. Consequently, in the vast rural areas in China, there are a big number of “nonsense” religious sects, but most of them call themselves “Christian”, for example, the ” Christ Reborn in 1920 in Shanghai “Christian, the “Cut off from the Relatives Who Do Not Believe in the Lord” Christian, and the “Dedicate Tenth of the Revenue to Christ” Christian …

Objectively speaking, this is in line with a quotation from Chairman Mao: if you do not occupy the cultural and ideological position, the enemy is going to occupy it. Since the Opium War in 1840, China has been experiencing the impacts of Western ideas, and, after the reform and opening-up, the desire of money has brought about the collapse of all the original human concepts. While the urban residents can receive information from more channels, most of them can adapt quickly to the changes, but in rural areas with low level of education, the agricultural society has crumbled and business rules has invaded forcefully, peasants are indeed suffering from pains and confusion. Take China’s most well-know cult “Falun Gong” as an example, it stressed that people should follow the code of conduct – “Truthfulness, Kindness and Tolerance”, such a clear value orientation did win over a lot of believers, for being “tolerant” to suffering is also in line with Chinese traditional culture.

However, these reasons can not justify the cults. Recently, Chinese netizens posted a lot of articles of what they knew about the “Almighty God” cult, and exposed a lot of bad things done by the cult in the missionary process, including one internal document called “A summary of Recruitment Failures”, which made every reader laugh his ass off.

- In the “way of affection”, our people fell into it, thus leading to a failure. It is not a good way to use our single little sisters induce potential recruits, because some of them became pregnant in the process, and some fell in and could not get out, consequently, some still believed along with the new recruits later, but some did not believe any longer.

- A brother tried to win over a sister in the religious circles with the new way, as her husband was not at home, the brother spent the night in her house, but this arouse suspicion of the other family members, so he was beaten up and sent to the police station.

- In the “way of affection”, when they were brought to our sisters, if they realized our sisters’ purpose, they would refuse to listen to our preaching, but because the doors were locked, they could not get out and had to listen. After they returned home, they often refused to join us and made public that they were held up by us. This created a bad impression.  There were some other cases. In order to let them hear more about our religion, they were locked in homes, but they were disgusted with such a way. It led to failures.

-  The way of “Catching adulterers in the act”:  As long as we catch them, we beat them, but sometimes we played a bit heavy (at that time, we did not realize that). When two days later the sisters went to their homes, they simply called 110. As results, the sisters are still in the detention center doing embroidery.

- Preaching in inappropriate ways made them feel disgusted, and usually resulted in failures. For instances, let snakes or toads loose in their homes, write words on snakes,  pretend to be ghosts to talk in the night, play recorders in their chimneys, play ghost videos.

- Write words on toads.  This way usually ended up in failure in our place.Before dawn, we put a toad with the word “perish” on it into the target person’s home. When his family members got up and found the toad, they sent it to the village’s office, and then the village official sent it to the police station. The police station suspected the Lord’s sisters in the village, consequently two have been detained for two weeks.

- Write words with white phosphorus. Writing words with white phosphorus caused many unexpected fires, which hurt the target persons’ hands or feet, and burnt the quilts. This made them angry and failed.

-  Pretend to speak in the dead person’s voice:  We record   speeches in pretended dead persons’ voice.  And we combined it with the terror sounds from VCD . We bought a fishing rod and a horn. Then in the middle of the night we play it against the windows of their house. Later, we went into their home to see if they had any reaction. Some had no reaction at all, but some made plain their aversion. We applied 12 times and failed 12 times.

- Write words on snakes: Let loose the snakes, with the words “All who do not believe in the Almighty God are my children” on them, in the haystacks of the target persons’ homes.  After they reported to the police, investigations were conducted. And later the government put up a notice that anyone who found the “Almighty God” follower should report to the police, otherwise he would be fined 2,000 Yuan. Although no person was arrested, but the work of the gospel has been hampered.

- For those who resisted or brought us troubles. We played “corpse” in the night to frighten them, and sometimes they were so scared that they screamed “Ow Ow”, and threw bikes far away.

- In some cases, we poisoned their chickens to death, or eliminated their rice with herbicides.

- Once we dressed up as a ghost to frighten someone in the night, several brothers went into his room and sprinkled sulfuric acid on him, and they had a narrow escape from being caught.

The document is believed to be real, as it is consistent with the cognitive level and the way of doing things of the Chinese peasants.


(Worldpress.comm,December 26.2012)



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