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Extreme threats: the lighting from the east cult

2015-02-05 Source:kaiwind Author:By David Istre

  “Be self-controlled and alert.  Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour  1 Peter 5:8 


  Today there exists a cult entangling millions of followers in Asia and spreading even to the West in a belief the says Jesus Christ was insufficient to take away our sins and has returned a second time in the form of a woman to get it right. 


  As Ive worked in China I have encountered more and more from this cult and I believe they are an extreme threat to Christians in Asia, especially to new believers still yet young in the faith. 


  The following is a quote from a minister with first hand experience of one of the most Satanic cults Ive ever heard of: 


  This satanic cult, lightning of the east, is one of the most evil and deceitful cults Ive ever seen in China.   They are positively wolves in sheeps clothing; they attack Jesus Christ, twist and defraud the Bible, destroy families and lives, causing great hurt and destruction to Christians who have bought by the precious blood of the Savior!  They are devils dressed as ministers of light, workers of Satan, false prophets after the way of Balaam.  May the Lord have mercy upon the elect that they may be able to discern, to reject the lies and the deceitful words from Satan, May our brethren returning from ~~~~~~~~~~~, be on the alert!  May those that were deceived quickly repent and return! 


  This cult has various names, The Congregation, Church of Almighty God, Seven Spirits Sect, New Power Lords Church, True Light Sect, or True Way Sect, but its more common name is Lightning from the East or Eastern Lightning. 


  Founded in 1989, theyre currently boasting about 300,000+ followers. 


  According to first-hand information, Lightning of the East has gone through 4 strategic stages and is entering into a 5th, as of yet, unknown stage of strategy. 


  The first stage was just simple indoctrination and bribery.  Literature would be passed around and often times money passed along with the literature.  They twisted the scriptures, but to those who knew the Bible, this stage was extremely easy to spot as a cult.  This began about 7 years ago. 


  The second stage began using methods of violence; they would trick people into going to remote places and areas and then capture them.  They would poison them, beat them, cut off ears, break thighs, and use cudgels to inflict pain in an effort to force people to join them.  This began about 4 years ago. 


  These first two stages were extremely easy to spot as cults and werent particularly effective. 


  In the third stage, they turned to more subtle and sly measures of sexual seductions in an effort to dirty reputations and blackmail people into joining them.  Key in the development of this stage is that they have begun targeting ministers.  They ignore weaker members of the Church and focus all of their attentions onto the leaders of each congregation. 


  They try to get these men and women, or their family members into compromising situations to defame them and dirty their names and reputations.  This stage was relatively successful, unfortunately, and they apparently learned a lot. 


  Most common is that the seduction will come from a woman or man that is eager to hear the gospel.  They have heart-wrenching stories and backgrounds, and know the lingo to appear sincere. 


  They have now established HQs in Xian, Shang Xi, and An Hui with areas of influence in many other cities.  Theyve established 12 divisions, including one dedicated to gathering experience, learning from them, and creating new methods to be distributed in handbooks and other forms of literature to their members. 


  Including one handbook dedicated and entitled how to attack Church leaders.  And they have begun issuing rewards for bringing in certain key Christian leaders and elders. 


  In this phase and every phase following, the Christians ability to discern is critically tested; being able to know a true seeker and Christian from these cult members is not easy.  This is a cult that tests a persons ability to discern. 


  The fourth stage has become exceedingly sly and should alarm every minister and Christian in China.  Unfortunately, for the sake of time, I cant relate every story that has been recounted for me, but I assure you that the language, phrases, and attitudes that these people display are identical to that of every faithful Christian Ive ever known. 


  The growing awareness among the Christians in China is that to recognize these people will require great Spiritual discernment. 


  During this fourth they have began sending out spies to congregations; often disguising themselves as people that have escaped from other cults.  These people come declaring that they have no knowledge of the Bible, but earnestly desire the way to eternal life. 


  One testimony recounts that a spy spent 9 months in a fellowship simply learning and getting closer to them.  Ministers faithfully ministered to these spies, even baptizing them and praying with them in the name of the Lord. 


  Later, after a while, the spy went back to his hometown to relay the information gathered to their HQ and draw up a plan of attack.  The spy returned from her visit home with news of a great number of believers that have not had the full revelation of God given to them and are in desperate need of the Truth, lest they be led astray.  The member pleaded with the Church to send its best ministers to help these people. 


  Eventually, and willingly, this Church obliged. 


  This is important to note; they have specific guidelines on how to target the most valuable members and leaders of each congregation, and strict instructions to ignore weaker members. 


  Included in this criteria is to observe what books the member reads, if the member reads books that adhere to teaching the truth, that person may be qualified as a target, but if the person is already reading books that teach lies or falsehoods or even from other cults, they are to be ignored.  This is specifically, accurately, and intentionally designed as an attack on the Church. 


  For of the best leaders in this Church were led back home to Xian where they were met with praise and adulation; people claiming to have received visions of them coming.  They brought them to preach and teach to unbelievers, who repented and believed. 


  Then they separated them, saying, you have such a great gift from God, its an unwise use of your gift for you to all minister in one place, you must each come with us to minister to more people. 


  After dividing them, they allowed them to successfully minister, and even co-minister with other ministers (that was part of the reassuring claim- thered be other ministers there).  At every step, there is a legitimate need and a very impressive measure of successful ministry. 


  Then comes the testing.  They will bring in demonic-possessed people and ask them to cast them out.  Twisting the scriptures to pressure them; they will bring in sick and ask for healings.  They will bring in doubters and unbelievers and ask them to liberate them.  Suddenly, these ministers (after so much success) cannot; then theyll bring in someone else, another minister who is able to cast out demons, heal the sick, and convert the lost. 


  This is when they begin to try and indoctrinate them. 


  Eventually resorting to violence, sleep deprivation, seduction, sensory stimulation, starvation, and other forms of brain washing. 


  The four ministers mentioned above were kidnapped.  They are an example of 4 who eventually escaped, the last one (one of the women) was held in a cave for 5 months straight. 


  When she escaped, she had to beg on the streets for money for several days just to find food and call her home.  She was unrecognizable.  And she was absolutely and utterly confused. 


  In the fifth stage they have begun to evolve even more.  This stage is brand new and undefined, except for two new developments; 


  They are now sending other members of the cult on follow up visits to people who escape (or are allowed to escape after they withstand the treatment long enough).  They try to convince them that this was for their own good. 


  They are moving into the West.  They have already moved into New York and Toronto, and are producing a great deal of literature now (but, not as much online). 

  Here are some names of their writings: The voice of God in China, and Lightning of the East Members Handbook, which is an insiders document only. 



   Original Text From: http://dedicatedfaith.org/2011/06/13/extreme-threats-lightning-from-the-east-cult/