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Mentuhui’s Blessings Are a Curse

2017-01-18 Source:Kaiwind Author:Li Xinrui

Almost all cults disguise themselves with a modest appearance, claim to save mankind and bring benefits to their followers. In reality, the actually control and do harm to them.   

Mentuhui “Blessing for All” Kills People  

Mentuhui lies about the day when the Lord will come and deify the founder of the religion, saying that Ji Sanbao can see Heaven, Hell and the whole Earth when he prays. According to Mentuhui, Ji can read the minds of people and hear the voice of God. Thus, he is omnipotent and can endow blessings to the people. They fabricate miracles and claim that the reason why people get ill or unhappy with life is because they are not sincere in worshipping God or that they committed sins in a previous life. As a result, they need to pray for the forgiveness of God so that they can get rid of their misery; otherwise, they will be published more severely by God.  

Convinced by the ridiculous preaching of Mentuhui, the followers have lost themselves. They are afraid that God will punish them if they are not sincere enough. As a result, they get possessed by the heresy. On June 27, 2005, a farmer surnamed Bao, who was obsessed with Mentuhui, committed suicide by drinking pesticide. In his suicide letter, he said, “I am leaving. I didn’t fulfill my mission.” (Revealing the Lie of Mentuhui). On March 3, 2014, Liu Zongbao, a Mentuhui follower in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, committed suicide by jumping into the river. His wife stood not far from him, yet she didn’t stop him, nor did she cry. Instead, she said that it was the punishment of God and no one can escape. On March 16, in the same place, she committed suicide. The police found a piece of paper with prayers, which said “I confess before Heavenly Father. I am deeply indebted to my siblings and my Heavenly Father. I beg for your forgiveness.” The couple had been obsessed with Mentuhui for nearly two decades. Brainwashed by the cult, they blamed the misery in their life on offending God and thought that only through committing suicide could they apologize for their crimes (Couple Obsessed with Mentuhui Committed Suicide). The blessing is a curse!     


Eating No More Than 100g of Food, Many Followers Died  

As Ji Sanbao said, according to the Old Testament, life grain refers to “a handful of flour, a bit of oil, five pancakes and two fish”, which is called the Food of Blessing. He claimed that as long as people follow the rule, the grain in their vat will increase by itself. He told the followers that he had fasted for 32 days, cured the blind and the paralyzed, and brought the dead back to life. He required the followers to eat no more than 100g of food, otherwise they would be considered as not sincere enough. The Food of Blessing is the ticket to the Heaven. With it, one can be protected by God; otherwise, he or she will be sinful.  

Is this the truth? Luchaofu’s family of four, from Qianfo Village, Jiangyan County of Leshan City, was deeply trapped in Mentuhui. As they ate 100g of food for a long time and didn’t see the doctor when they became ill, their physical conditions went from bad to worse. On May 20, 2008, Lu Chaofu suffered from cerebral hemorrhage and died suddenly at the age of 58 when he was outside preaching Mentuhui. (Three Died and One Paralyzed in a Mentuhui Obsessed Family). The elderly couple of Wang Changfen were also obsessed with the 100g of food rule. Their son jumped off a building and became paralyzed. The old couple pinned their hopes on Mentuhui to cure their son. They fed him 100g of food a day. As a result, their son suffered from malnutrition and died half a year later in extreme cold. More surprisingly, a 40-year-old villager, named Li Wei, who lived in the Deyin Village, Gaoxian County of Sichuan, had a newly born son. He believed this was thanks to his belief in Mentuhui. As a result, he fed his baby son with 100g of food every day and banned him from sleeping with his mother, who would nurse him otherwise. He would just feed him some water when he cried. It finally led to the death of the baby. Thus we can conclude that the 100g of so-called blessing food cannot even keep people alive.  


 According to the rules of Mentuhui, the followers can only eat no more than 100g food every day.  

People Died While Praying for Cure of Illness  

According to Mentuhui, seeking medical treatment is seen as a sign of insincerity in their belief of God and only praying can cure them. It also claimed that illness is caused by sin and when people’s sins are pardoned, they will be cured.  

Is this factual? First, as the second hierarch of Mentuhui, Wei Shiqiang became ill and sought medical treatment at hospital in Xi’an. Without being cured, he went to Beijing and was diagnosed as having advanced hepatocarcinoma. He spent RMB 400,000 at the hospital in Beijing and died in May, 2005. If Mentuhui advocates praying for a cure for illness, then why did a senior Mentuhui leader seek medical treatment? During that time, many Mentuhui leaders prayed for him and he also prayed for himself, yet he still ended up dying. If you search online, you will find proof betraying the lies of Mentuhui, such as the articles entitled Praying Killed Li Xiufen, Praying Killed My Mother, Praying Killed My Father, Praying Killed 36 Years Old Wife, and Praying Made Me Lost My Son.  


 Wei Shiqiang at Hospital  

People Killed in Order to Drive off Demons from the Body  

Taking advantage of people’s superstitions, Mentuhui claimed that illness is caused by demons affiliated to the body and they could drive off the evil spirits from the body. They would abduct people and force them to fast, or burn them with coal and tongs. Sometimes they would stab people with scissors or burn them with boiling water to ward off the evil spirits.  

It is not hard to imagine that such violence killed many Mentuhui followers. A follower surnamed Hu in Pengyang County, Ningxia Province, claimed that another follower surnamed Wang was possessed by a demon. Together with others, Hu burned Wang’s fingers with tongs, pulled his hair and hit his face with Mentuhui books or hands for 10 days. They forced Wang to fast. Later, Wang died from trauma and hydropenia caused ARF. Another follower, surnamed Sun, in Donghai County, Jiangsu Province, helped drive off evils for the son of Bao, who suffered from mental illness. Sun fastened the boy’s hands and feet for five days without feeding him any water for food. In the end, the son was tortured to death. Wang Chonghua, a follower in Danjiangkou City, Hubei Province, heard that his fellow villager Yan Hongxi suffered from schizophrenia. He called on three other followers to drive off evils from the body of Yan. They hit Yan’s head and back with books and peach twigs. As a result, Yan died on the way to the hospital. The appalling torture by Mentuhui followers caused many miseries tragedies such as these.   

Trying to be Immortal Killed People  

Mentuhui falsely claimed that natural disasters were set to hit mankind and those who did not believe in Mentuhui would be sent to Hell. According to them, when mankind was hit by earthquakes, fire, floods, hail, plagues, or storms, the bad people would be killed and half of the good people would be killed, too. Only the followers of Mentuhui would be free from disasters and enter Heaven to be immortal. “The gate to Hell is wide, yet you cannot go there. The gate to Heaven is narrow and that is for you.” “Believers will go to Heaven and non-believers will go to Hell.”  

The obsessed followers were so highly focused on becoming immortal that they lost their senses and became paranoid, which led to many cases of suicide and murder. On Dec.20, 1996, Yan Lirong, a local villager of Xinxiang, Shuangjiangkou Town of Ningxiang County, covered his coat and bed with gasoline and committed self-immolation for he believed that he could enter Heaven and become immortal in this way. A Mentuhui follower surnamed Li in Xiangfan, from Hubei Province, became insane and attempted to commit suicide by cutting his throat on Nov.1, 2004 on a hillside. Luckily, he was found and taken to hospital. In the evening of June 19, 2005, a Mentuhui follower surnamed Sun in Chengde, Hebei Province, dreamed that he must kill four people to become immortal. That evening, he killed his mother. These people would never enter Heaven but go to Hell instead.  

The so-called blessings touted by Mentuhui can only harm the followers themselves or others. These appalling cases are proof of that. No responsible government should tolerate such cults as they deprive people of their rights to survival and health. Let us join hands in banning Mentuhui and all other cults.