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Appalling! Mentuhui Follower in Chifeng Pulled out Entrails of Her Mother

2017-01-25 Source:Kaiwind Author:Wei Yu


Fa Guoxian was born in 1962. She was a farmer in Ningyang County, Chifeng City. Obsessed with Mentuhui, she killed her mother with her own hands.

Fang’s mother had long suffered from mental disease. She was attacked by the disease regularly and the family spent a lot of money trying to help her, yet they failed to find a cure. In 1997, Fang’s father died and her husband consented to live with his mother-in-law in order to look after her.

In August, 1998, Zhang Junbo, a key Mentuhui member heard about her mother’s case and took the chance to seduce her into joining the cult. He came to talk to Fang regularly, telling her that by believing in Mentuhui, the dead can be resurrected, the paralyzed can walk again and the mute can speak. “By believing in Mentuhui, your mother can be cured without taking medicine. God will bless your family.” Fang was suspicious at first, yet after being repeatedly brainwashed by Zhang, she joined the cult with the hope of helping her mother.

To further control Fang, Zhang took her to attend activities organized by Mentuhui and asked old followers to share stories with her of Mentuhui saving people, in a bid to build her confidence in the cult. She was required to read books of Mentuhui to enhance her theoretical levels for the benefit of her mother. Gradually, her suspicion was reduced and she became a devout believer. In the end, she became obsessed with the cult.

To pray for the blessings of God and the recovery of her mother, she took Zhang as God and followed his orders. She neglected family affairs and spent all her time attending the activities organized by Mentuhui, reading books, praying or evangelizing. Her family tried to dissuade her from believing in the cult, yet she refused to accept their advice.

At 7 p.m., Dec.30, 1998, when she was praying for her mother, she suddenly lost her sense and thought that the evil causing the disease was in her mother’s urine. To take the evil out, she forcefully pulled the abdominal organs from her mother’s body through her vagina, ignoring her screams and moaning. She was so totally possessed by the brainwashing of the cult that she was numb to life. To prevent her mother from resisting, she tied her hands and feet and pulled her stomach, intestines, bladder and womb out of her body. At last, her mother died of hemorrhagic shock. Fang Guoxian was punished by the law.

This appalling case makes me shudder at the thought of Mentuhui and other cults.