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The “Blessings” Endowed by Mentuhui

2016-11-09 Source:Kaiwind Author:Xu Jianguo (Oral Account) and Li Wanru


Aged 27, Wang Chunhua lives in Guyang County, Baotou City of Inner Mongolia. She looks more aged than her peers, with a melancholy and a dull look in her eyes. It seems that life has nothing to do with her. What has she experienced in life?

Her father passed away when she was very young. In order to supplement the income of the family and help her sick mother to support them, she dropped out of junior high school to learn hairdressing and open up a small hair salon. With her hard work, the hair salon was well operated. At the age of 22, she met Xu Jianguo, a worker at the Baotou Steel Co. Xu is a full time employee of the state owned company, with stable income. Soon, the two got married and one year later, they had a cute baby girl. Life was flat, yet happy.

“Blessing I – loss of family member”

At the age of 24, her mother suffered from liver disease. While taking care of her mother, she still had to look after her little daughter and run the hair salon, which was very hard for her to handle. One day, Hui Ling, a regular customer, came to see her. In the past, Hui always told Wang superstitious stories, such as prayer could bring more rice to the family. Wang just ignored her. Yet that day, Hui Ling saw her out of spirit and knew that her mother was sick. She took the opportunity to persuade her, “Our friendship is predestined and now that you encounter hardship, I have come to save you under the order of the Abba Father of Mentuhui. Seeing that Wang didn’t interrupt her, Hui Ling continued. “The Abba Father of Mentuhui knows that you are lonely and helpless. If you are converted to Mentuhui, He will help you. Without asking for a penny, He will cure your mother.” Wang asked with a grain of salt, “Really?” Hui Ling promised her immediately. The next day, Hui Ling and several other female followers of Mentuhui came to the sickbed of Wang’s mother, with white handkerchiefs around their heads, knelt down and prayed, “The mother in coma, in the name of Abba Father of Mentuhui, Abba Father and the angle in white will grant you good health.” In this way, Wang Chunhua sleepwalked into Mentuhui.

The group of women prayed for the blessing for Wang Chunhua’s family everyday and left her home before her husband returned from work. Seeing that his mother-in-law’s condition went from bad to worse, Xu Jianguo said to his wife many times, “Why not send our mother to the hospital? She will collapse in this way.” Yet her wife believed in the miracle of curing her mother’s disease at no cost. She was even more pious in praying. Being mentally and physically exhausted, Wang Chunhua fainted after praying. It occurred to her that the white angle descended to the world. She believed even firmer in the Abba Father of Mentuhui.

In the weekends, Xu Jianguo sent his daughter to his mother’s home, as he saw his wife in a bad state of mind. His wife went to see her “sisters” of Mentuhui to tell them that she saw the “white angle descend to the world”. Hui Ling thought that time was ripe, so she brought Wang Chunhua’s mother to a follower’s home and prayed to the Abba Father to grant health to her. They knelt down, praying, “In the name of Abba Father, we sing, dance and pray. Trust the Abba Father and White Angel, and they will solve your problems.”

In the evening, when Xu Jianguo returned home, he couldn’t find his mother-in-law, so he asked his wife. Before that, Wang’s husband had criticized her superstitious ideas, so Wang Chunhua dared not tell the truth. She lied, “I found a herbalist doctor to treat my mother. I just picked up my luggage and will move to my mother’s home tomorrow.” Xu approved and agreed to see his mother-in-law the next day. Yet when he woke up the next morning, his wife had gone and left a note saying, “Don’t look for me. When my mother recovers, I will come back and explain to you what I have done.” Seeing this note, Xu was shocked and didn’t know what to do. How could his wife be so strange? In the past, she would consult her husband for everything. Some bad ideas emerged in his mind, so he began looking for his wife here and there, yet couldn’t find her. He was going crazy with worry.

It turned out that while her husband was sleeping heavily, Wang Chunhua came to her “sisters” of Mentuhui to pray to the White Angel to grant health to her mother. Yet three days later, her mother died without a word.

Wang Chunhua returned home in sadness. Entering the door, she saw her husband and sisters and brothers. Her husband asked, “Where have you been? How does mother feel? Why didn’t you tell us when you left?” Wang Chunhua cried as she sank to her husband, “God didn’t save her. She died.” The family was shocked, “What kind of god? You said you found a herbalist doctor?” Wang cried and admitted everything to them. Her sisters and brothers, with a mixture of sorrow and anger, blamed her: “You treated our mother as a laboratory rat?! How could you ask a few wizards to treat her?” From then on, the sisters and brothers broke off with Wang Chunhua.

“Blessing II –deafness”

After losing her mother, Wang Chunhua no longer contacted the “sisters” of Mentuhui. Yet after no more than one month, Hui Ling came to her hair salon again, telling her that the reason her mother died was that she was not sincere and her family discouraged her. Hui Ling told her to give up everything if she wanted her family to be safe. Otherwise, she would receive retribution. Wang Chunhua was angry and pushed her outside the room.

That evening, when she was about to close the hair salon and go home, she received a phone call, saying that her salon had caught fire. She and her husband rushed there. Luckily, the firefighters had arrived and the fire only caused a small amount of damage.

The next day, Hui Ling came to Wang Chunhua and said deliberately, “The fire is a kind of retribution for you abandonning Mentuhui. There will be more horrible punishment later.” She continued as Wang was silent, “I was converted in 2008. Over the past decade, I was discouraged from practicing Mentuhui. As I was not firm enough and gave up my belief halfway, I suffered from cerebral infarction, lumbar vertebrae disease, depression, and fatty liver. I spent tens of thousands of yuan on medical treatment, yet it turned out to be ineffective. This March, Sister Li brought me to the Sabbath, where together with other sisters they exerted supernatural power to help me recover. I was grateful to them. Within 10 days, I converted 23 people into Mentuhui, grasped 1.2 kilo of blessing grain, and brought 20 people from 8 households back to Mentuhui. I fully fulfilled my duty and now I guide 18 households to have “life grain”. My repentance is rewarded, with RMB 30,000 growing in the bank account of my brother. My brothers all support me and they were also converted. Now I am free from any disease and don’t need to take any medicine.” Wang Chunhua was moved by her. Hui Ling praised Wang Chunhua for her filial piety and care for her family. She told Wang, all the loving people are born from god and she came to save her from hardship. Chunhua was convinced that her insincerity resulted in the death of her mother. She was afraid that her family might encounter more sufferings, so this time she prepared to devote herself fully to Mentuhui.

When she returned home in the evening, she shared her idea with her husband, who flew into a rage and shouted, “Don’t you remember that our mother died due to your belief in Mentuhui? If you refuse to come to your senses, then we should just divorce.”Then he left home with his daughter. However, Wang thought that she could explain to her husband after the family gained the blessings of the Abba Father. So she was determined to practice it and started by studying Redemption and other Mentuhui literature. She fasted three days to be a new self and to show her repentance. From then on, she faithfully believed in Mentuhui and together with her new brothers and sisters, they wore white handkerchiefs, sang holy songs, danced and attended the Testimony Meetings. She also bought a scale to buy “life grain” and waited for the Abba Father to grant blessings to her and her family. She even closed her hair salon.

One day, Wang Chunhua received a call from her mother-in-law, telling her that her daughter had caught a fever and she failed to get in contact with Xu Jianguo. Her mother-in-law asked Wang Chunhua to take her daughter to the hospital. On hearing that, Wang and a number of Mentuhui sisters came to her mother-in-law’s home. Seeing that the child had caught a high fever of 40℃,they knelt down to pray and begged the Abba Father to grant safety to the child. Yet the little girl had difficulty breathing and her face turned purple. At this critical moment, Xu Jianguo returned home and took the child to the hospital. The child caught acute laryngitis and if she had arrived a few minutes later at the hospital, the consequence could have been unthinkable. Yet due to the delay in treatment, the child lost her hearing and could only live in a world of silence.

Blessing III – Divorce

Xu Jianguo was so furious with his wife that he returned home and burned all the books, CDs and crosses hidden by his wife. He cried as he recalled the happy times of the past with his wife and his cute daughter, Xu Jia. He could no longer tolerate his wife, who had ruined the family, so he decided to divorce her and never see her again. Wang Chunhua broke down mentally. She begged her husband to forgive her, yet Xu would not change his mind. He left home with his daughter.

Wang Chunhua suffered a mental break-down as she had lost her mother, her child lost her hearing and her husband divorced her. Sometimes she would sit at the doorstep, crying and wondering, were these the “blessings” that she received after she prayed to the Abba Father for safety and the health of her family?