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My wife died for believing in faith healing instead of medical treatment

2020-08-24 Source:chinafxj.cn Author:Zou Zhaoyang

I am Zou Zhaoyang, born in 1950, and a resident of the Huxi neighborhood, Dongchangfu District, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province. As an old man in my late sixties, I am now living a lonely life, which was caused by the evil cult of Sanshu Jidu (Christ of the Third Redemption, also known as the Society of Disciples). My wife had been obsessed with the heretical fallacies of the Sanshu Jidu evil cult, believing in faith healing instead of medical treatment, which led to her originally minor illness gradually worsening into a serious one. Finally, my wife died due to her belief in the evil cult, leaving me with endless pains in my later years.

Drawn into an evil cult unaware

My wife was called Deng Jing, born in 1955. She was a kind-hearted and good-tempered woman, who worked as a farmer in Weidamiao village before our marriage. For more than 30 years after our marriage, we had always enjoyed a good relationship as a couple. Although our family wasn’t rich, we lived a happy life.

In early 2009, my wife went to the hospital for a medical checkup as she was not feeling well. After the checkup, my wife was diagnosed with a mild form of diabetes. The doctor explained that it was a common chronic disease among the elderly, saying it wouldn’t become a serious problem as long as it was properly controlled and regular checkups are conducted. We were relieved after hearing what the doctor said and then we had some medicines prescribed for my wife to take while staying at home.

Before long, our neighbor Xuejie, who heard about my wife's illness, came to our home and instigated my wife to join the Sanshu Jidu evil cult, saying it could not only cure diseases and improve health but also bless our whole family with safety. My wife didn't believe in his words at first, but Xuejie claimed that her chronic bronchialdisease had been cured after joining Sanshu Jidu, and she said: “Even if you don’t believe in what I said, you can listen to the preaching with me and pray for your son who is studying in the college."

When it came to our son, my wife’s interest was aroused immediately and her attitude began to change. Initially, my wife only listened to the preaching of Sanshu Jidu, but soon after, she went out with Xuejie to “preach the gospel” and “offer prayers” at different places.


 (File photo courtesy of Kaiwind.com)

In the days that followed, my wife gathered and interacted with her fellow church members every day, living a very full life. It seemed that she had regained the vigor she once had while working in the cropland.

However, it wasn’t long before I gradually found that my wife had been completely addicted to Sanshu Jidu, no longer in the mood to take care of the household chores. She was now busy with "preaching the gospel" all day long.

Refusing medical treatment in order to get "blessing"

I knew that my wife had originally intended to cure diseases and improve health by joining Sandu Jidu, but later things changed completely. She blindly believed in and complied with whatever Sanshu Jidu said.


File photo (courtesy of Kaifeng)

To show her devotion to Sanshu Jidu and get more "blessings", my wife threw away all her diabetes medicine in 2010. I urged her to believe in doctors instead of heretical fallacies, telling her it was dangerous to stop taking the medicine. However, she not only refused to listen to me but also urged me to believe in Sanshu Jidu as she did. Besides, she provided me with examples showing some people with critical illness had turned from danger to safety after believing in Sanshu Jidu.

In June 2010, my wife had a fever and a cough from cold. I advised her to take medication or injections, but she refused, saying that medication or injections would only worsen her condition by keeping the "unluckiness" inside her body. Although my wife believed in Sanshu Jidu sincerely, her health condition wasn’t improving; instead, her coughing became worse and worse. I tried several times to force her to see a doctor, but she threatened to divorce me if I took her to the hospital.

More than two months later, my wife's condition went from bad to worse. One day at noon, she suddenly fell unconscious. Seeing that she was in a coma, I rushed her to Dongchangfu District People's Hospital for resuscitation. After the diagnosis, the doctor told us that my wife was suffering from pneumonia caused by the cold and cough. Due to the lack of timely treatment, her condition had worsened, resulting in lung perforation. Also, her diabetes was made worse for going off the medication for too long. Thanks to the doctor's treatment, my wife's condition was effectively controlled and her health gradually improved.

After my wife was discharged from hospital, I repeatedly warned her to stay away from the "Sandu Jidu” evil cult and go on taking her medication. But unfortunately, she still failed to come to her senses. She mistakenly believed that she was not strong-willed and violated "God's taboo" by taking medication and injections, which made her afraid of being punished by "God" and even more afraid that all her previous efforts would go in vain. As a result, she completely ignored my advice, continuing to "pray" behind my back and ask for God's blessing to cure her disease.

Later, my wife's diabetes deteriorated again, her face turning yellow, her eyes becoming increasingly blurry, and her body beginning to swell up. My children and I repeatedly pleaded with her to take medication to cure her illness, but she resolutely refused and even threatened to die if forced to take medication.

So, it dragged on like this until the end of 2011. One day, when I came back from outside, I found my wife fainted under a Red Cross flag, so I immediately called 120 for ambulance service. Unfortunately, my wife hadn’t been resuscitated in the end.

My wife's death has dealt a heavy blow to me and brought me great remorse. I deeply regret that I hadn’t been able to persuade my wife to stop practicing the cult of Sandu Jidu; and I hate the Sandu Jidu cult for pushing my wife to the abyss of death and permanently separating us from each other!