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The police warned against the manipulation of the “evil Master Ching Hai sect”

2021-04-06 Source:newsbeezer.com Author:Tuoitre.vn


Ms. Dang Thi Trinh, self-established Supreme Master Thanh Hai, under the legal name of Thanh Hai – Photo: Bac Giang Province Police Department


Accordingly, “Supreme Master Ching Hai” (also known as “West Lake Taoist School”, “Suma Ching Hai Meditation Association”, “Supreme Master Ching Hai Meditation Association”, “Free Ching Hai International Master Association”, “The Supreme Master Ching”) Hai International Association “) of Ms. Dang Thi Trinh – legal name” Thanh Hai “(born May 12, 1958 by Duc Pho, Quang Ngai) – founded in 1989 in Taiwan.

According to Bac Giang Province Police, Supreme Master Thanh Hai is an illegal, unrecognized organization in Vietnam.

However, this organization continued to deliberately conduct illegal propaganda activities and mislead participants into negatively influencing society and opposing the state.

Lately, Thanh Hai rarely mentioned political issues but mainly focused on meditation practice, social charity, attracting people of position and great influence in society to participate …

Mr. Nguyen Anh Chuc, deputy head of the Government Committee on Religious Affairs, confirmed that “Supreme Master Ching Hai” has no official teachings but accepts Buddhist and Sikh teachings.

The followers of “Supreme Master Ching Hai” must be vegetarians, obey the five forbidden precepts, not worship ancestors …

According to police, “Supreme Master Ching Hai” uses many different forms to function as an activity Social charity activities to promote, encourage activities, vExcited and tempted participants to “retreat”, to broadcast “Thought Initiation”, to participate in Tet holidays and related anniversaries “Supreme Master Ching Hai”.

This organization sUse of satellite television (Supreme Master TV channel – SMTV), social networking sites (Facebook, Zalo …) for information exchange about “Supreme Master Ching Hai”, tOrganize and use cultural events, current issues (environment, climate, natural disasters, epidemics …) to seduce the participants.

According to the police, this organization is using the natural disaster and epidemic COVID-19 to contact the authorities and the Red Cross in some places to sponsor, incorporate propaganda content, request films, take photos and “give a certificate of thanks” , “Thank you letter”, write praise …