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What is the 'Minghui' website?


What is the Minghui website? It is the stronghold of Li Hongzhi and his cult Falun Gong in North America, as well as a propaganda base, through which Li Hongzhi's "scriptures" and "directives" are spread to Falun Gong disciples. So the Minghui website is a hotbed where disturbances are created and social order is endangered, as well as a machine used to spread lies and confuse public opinion. Whenever an incident occurs, it leaps to the task of stirring up enmity by issuing "truth"-related essays, to mislead the people and incite the Falun Gong disciples unaware of the truth to continue making trouble. It wishes to see the world plunged into chaos.

Now the Minghui website has another opportunity. Seeing that July 22 is approaching, it has hastily organized a special-topic essay solicitation activity in commemoration of the anniversary of the "July 22 Event." This, in the words of "Minghui," is to "give the Chinese people throughout the world a better understanding of the truth about persecution of Falun Gong in China. It also aims to promote the rendering of assistance to the Master from Falun Gong practitioners around the world, by means of the open publication of the special-topic essay series worldwide, and encourage them to receive further distillation during the practice of Falun Gong and the protection of Falun Dafa." Essentially, the Minghui website wants, once again, to take the opportunity to invent lies to deceive world public opinion and those unaware of the truth in a vain attempt to continue to smear the Chinese government, revive the Falun Gong cult and ultimately achieve their ulterior political aims.

But this is really pitiful. They should know that many incidents have occurred around the world since Falun Gong was banned a year ago. Cults are now becoming the target of universal attack, like a rat crossing the street with everybody crying, "Kill it!" A cult endangering society and the people, Falun Gong was outlawed by the responsible Chinese government according to law, which has received recognition and understanding from more and more countries and people world-wide. Governments of all countries are joining hands to crack down on cults. Only by relying on the political protection of a superpower can Minghui and Li Hongzhi drag out their feeble existence. How impudent they are to hold the special-topic essay solicitation activity! I advise Li Hongzhi and his Minghui website to examine themselves on this anniversary of the banning of Falun Gong. During the past year, what have you achieved in your opposition to the Chinese government and the call for justice throughout the world? You should know that the world will not allow itself to be harmed and engulfed by a cult.

In addition, Minghui will achieve nothing in organizing this activity. No one, except the few stubborn Falun Gong supporters, in the world will care about a handful of cult followers who are bent on violating human rights. The so-called facts you procured and published are utter lies aimed at deceiving public opinion, and few people will believe them. In the long run you will end up lifting a rock only to drop it on your own feet.

(Compiled by New Star Publishers, Aug., 2000)